Daily Archives: June 6, 2009


We call him "Mr. Spectacular".  Stacy's new personal record on 1Rep Max Dead Lift is 405lbs.  That would make it 2.5 x his body weight. Quick review of our prior post on CrossFit TOTAL We would like to thank everyone who made it to our first "CrossFit Total Social".  We find that holding the CFT […]

Last of the Mohicans

Team Relay* Each team must complete 20 rounds (cumulative) of the following: 5 Heavy KettleBell Swings (70)(53) 6 Sandbag Get-Ups (50)(25) 12 KB Floor Press (36)(18) 5 Heavy Goblet Squats (70)(53) 20m Bear Crawl Buy-in:  1 Rope Climb (Scale plank dumbbell rows at 20lbs) Only one team member can be on the course at a […]