Billdozer’s Dirty 500

For Time:

  • 200m Tire Flips (275)(185)
  • 100 DUs
  • 200m Farmer's Carry (53s)(35s)

Scale:  Teams of 2 or 3 athletes on the Tire Flips only
            or use 100lb Punching Bag for the Flips

Scale:  100 Parallet Hop-Overs or 300 Single Jump Ropes

Post results to comments.

Mike P.'s first WOD required for him to perform squats.  He executed them with good depth and strong upright torso.

44 Responses to “Billdozer’s Dirty 500”

  1. Andrea (Aka: Genie)

    OMG I forgot Jims birthday! Happy Birthday Jimmy Boy!!! Hope you had a great day yesterday. I am hoping to make it in today after a rough week of a neck injury. Not sure what I did but I miss the Box and the Peeps in it. Hopefully I can make it tonight!

  2. Silverback

    Nice going Billy, you got a WOD named after you! I’m married to the head coach and I can’t get a WOD named after me…
    Silverback: He counted to infinity, twice. He sleeps with a pillow under his gun…

  3. Teach

    I will be taking today off!
    Since I can’t pick up my 9lb baby and I’m nursing 10 (yes 10…) rips on my hands. I look like a walking band aid!!
    Rob – I managed to switch my grip yesterday for most of the WOD and i ended up ripping my fingers to shreds 🙂

  4. Billdozer

    Silverback, there could never be a wod named after you because nobody would be able to finish it, except for you.

  5. t o double d

    I thought you had to either have a chick’s name or, worse, be a fallen soldier to get a WOD named after you.
    Billdozer, you’re neither of the two. What, dare I ask, IS your secret??
    12:44 w/285# tire. Fun wod until the “HOA” director of the complex came out and buzz-killed the fun.

  6. Jim

    For Time:
    4 Rounds
    10 Burpees
    15 Deadlifts (225)
    20 Wall Ball (20)
    25 Push-ups
    30 Pull-ups
    400m run

  7. Sarah N.

    18:25 (265# tire, parallet jumps, 35s)
    Tiffaney and I did the tire flips together but we alternated the whole time (except that last flip we did together, teamwork)…so I think we can safely say we each flipped the tire 100m…it was fun to change things up today! Today was my 6th workout in a row and tomorrow I am RESTING! Grip was tough to maintain on that farmers carry! I think I maintained good form on the tire flips but I utilized my left wrist/forearm too much, pretty sure I’ll get a bruise there!
    And yes it was a total buzz kill just as our heat was about to start and we had to go back and forth 8 times instead of to M2 and back…I don’t care if your trying write on your shaking desk! I’m trying to get my crossfit on!!!

  8. G

    Hubby dear, be careful what you wish for 🙂
    Jim’s made up WOD above for Silverback looks painful!
    200m tire flips were causing a lady’s office desk to vibrate! So, the last heat did 4 laps of tire flips to the other short end. Our good neighbor, Davis Co. , did not feel a thing while working on his desk and his bay door open 🙂 hmmm.

  9. Billdozer

    That sounds pretty good Jim, definitely worthy of the title “Silverback”.
    Todd, I don’t know for sure but I think Grace could think i’m a little on the feminine side due to my large collection of hair care products and my array of colorful golf belts.

  10. Silverback

    Billy, it’s definitely the wide, white belt you wear with your plaid golfing shorts.

  11. Roberto Garza

    I’m sorry teach. I suggest you not follow my advice anymore 🙂
    The only thing I can think of is that my hands remain static on the bar when I do my pull ups. My hands don’t come up or slide when I kip. Although I’ve yet to do 166 kipping pull ups in two days like the rest of you just did. I might rip if I did. The other thing to consider is that volume of pull ups may have been too much for your hands since you have only just returned to CrossFit after a long layoff. Your body has just forced you into a rest day or two. Ease into it teach. You’ve got a year and a month to get ready for Aromas 2010.
    I don’t use these, but I am considering buying them to use on high rep pull up workouts.
    Rips are dumb. They are an injury. They negatively impact training. If wearing some kind of glove helps prevent the hands from ripping, then wear it. The newgrip gloves still work on grip strength. The grip can also be worked with low volume kipping pull ups. Hold on tight to the bar and make sure not to let the hand move off or around the bar. Deadhang pull ups, farmer’s walks and of course deadlifts are also an option if one requires extra grip work.

  12. Roberto Garza

    I forgot. A simpler solution would be to try taping as seen in the video posted on Monday.
    Also, congrats to Jim. Your birthday WOD had one of the highest posting counts I’ve seen on this site. Good luck to Billdozer’s Dirty 500.

  13. Tiffaney

    20:16 (265# tire/100 parallet hops/35s
    Fun workout today! Alternated tire flips with sarah. So yeah seemed like we kept getting complained on first with the parking and then the “HOA” lady LOL! Agree complete buzz kill. Still it was fun had great a time. Nice work everybody.

  14. Mike

    The warmdown should have been sledge hammering her desk… then she’d have a legit complaint! Just a suggestion.

  15. ian

    12:39 (265lb tire/100 hops? 56lb farmers walk)
    All I got to say is Billy you better kill this WOD. I’m thinking under 10min for something named after you.

  16. Michele

    19:01 (I think) (265#tire flip with LA/100 parallet hops/35s)
    Tire flip with LeAnn seemed a little easy…I think she did most of the flipping. She is strong. Next time I’ll do 100lb bag. Thundercats did great!

  17. Jim

    Easy? hmmmmmm…
    If you are scaling and the WOD seems easy, then speak up! Coaches are always trying to balance the challenge of the WOD with your ability level. Some of these movements may be easier than others, but if loaded correctly you should never walk away from a WOD thinking it was easy….

  18. G

    Michele, it wasn’t 265lbs. But being a little hesitant on th 185# tractor tire, you could have easily handled it in retrospect. You guys should have alternated the flip like Sarah and Tiffaney did. You are stronger than the flipping just the 100lb punching bag, so that would have been a lot easier. Let me know during the WOD next time, I’ll be more than happy to load you up 🙂 🙂 🙂 Strong Chicks Rock in the CrossFit World and outside of it!!

  19. Mike

    G- you wanna good laugh, wait till I get there and attempt this WOD. You along w/ everyone else will be laughing your asses off!
    Jim- you will never hear me say anything in that box on your watch (or anyone else’s for that matter) was “easy”.

  20. Jen

    17:47 (100lb punching bag, 100 parallet hops, 26lbs KB) Fun WOD!!!! had a great time. Good job Billdozer!
    …BTW, sooo proud of Paula for finishing 8 rounds!

  21. kathy

    10:28(shared 265#/DU/ 35# )
    Way to go Jeremy on that 185# tire ALL by yourself! you kicked butt!

  22. Paula

    Can’t believe I did 200m (100lb punching bag flips), thx Grace for that push. So SOB (short of breath – for those who aren’t nurses) after the flips I did 100 parallet step overs- instead of hops, and finally 18lb farmers. Whoohoo…fun WOD

  23. Billdozer

    11:22(285#,DU’s,53#kb’s) Felt the pressure to deliver on the “Billdozer” wod, Everybody was workin hard today, good job CrossFitters.
    And for the record, I only suggested 400 meter tire flips for time, Grace made all the modifications, so don’t hate me too much…I think it was a nice change of pace from the last two days.

  24. sharon

    33:20(185;100 hops;26#)
    Good workout – didn’t think I could finish but I did. Thx Ray and the rest of the group for the support!!!

  25. Silverback

    14:48 (285#, 100 hops & 53# KBs)
    Billdozer – What a workout. You had to deliver big on a WOD that was your namesake, and you did. Good job! All you folks with times in the low teens, amazing performance today.
    BTW, The Silverback picks his teeth with other people’s teeth.

  26. Andrea (Genie)

    20:37 (185)(100 Hop Overs)(35s)
    I was on my own and after being off 1 week 1/2, It was tough but well worth it! Thanks for all the push Grace! Looking for Saturday.

  27. Mike

    17:51 (265#)(100 Hop-overs)(53# KBs)
    True to his BB lineage, Juan was in my ear throughout the hops and the farmer’s carry. It was to great to workout with him again. Reminded me of waking up at the ass crack of dawn and working out w/ the BB’s back in the day… If it weren’t for Juan’s coaching and “encouragement”, I would have been easily over 20 mins.
    That was tough but it was definitely a nice change to be outside and no bar work or pull-ups.
    Billdozer- dude, you earned your namesake WOD. Good job.
    I’ve thought long and hard to come up with a namesake “Mikey WOD”. Here it is:
    Rest Day

  28. Jeremy

    21:40 (185 # X 200 M, 100 paralette jumps and 35# Farmer’s carry)
    Thanks for the push Billdozer and Kathy. Great job on your very own WOD Billdozer- you blazed through it. Kathy, you are one strong woman–truly a Strong Chick!
    JA :o)

  29. G

    Going heavy, hard and fast is the goal for power output at CF. Awesome job guys! Wish I got to do this one. Next time 🙂

  30. Mogi

    18:32 (265#, DUs, 53#) with a wet tire
    Thanks, Billdozer!

  31. richard

    11:45 (265#x200m shared, 100 paralette jumps and 53# farmer’s carry). Thanks to my partner for the engouragement.Thanks Kathy!

  32. Gracie

    Time 14:54 185 (100 meters) 50 step overs and 35s

  33. ray

    16:47 (285, hops, 53)
    Great WOD, my forearms are still screaming at me from the farmer’s carry

  34. kham

    20:46(185 # X 200 M, 100 paralette jumps and 35# Farmer’s carry)
    This is my favorite wod. I had so much fun, especially flipping tire.