“Estate Tax”

10 Rounds For Time:

  • 5 Power Cleans (135)
  • 10 Wall Ball (20)
  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 KB Swings (53)

Post results to comments.

Below are some of our new athletes and the not so new athletes.

Feb1 002 

Front Row (Left to Right):  Christian Blair, V-Lo, Rosie, Gatekeeper

Back Row (Left to Right):  Chalkman, Michael C, Hollywood, C-Note, BB4, Coach JB, Josh P

Feb1 006 

Front Row (Left to Right):  Regina, Gina, Nisha, Cheeseball's Wife-Shonda, Sharon

Middle Row (Left to Right): Bob, Josh K, Drago, Jeremy K, April M, Sara H

Back row (Left to Right):  Toddzilla, Coach Billy, Silverback, Doug M, Aaron, Ray

25 Responses to ““Estate Tax””

  1. Billdozer

    21:41(RX) Jim, I think you’re on to something with that rest thing, I’m in need of some. Juan was too much to handle today, great job.

  2. Hollywood

    Great workout today. It’s actually what I needed before the weekend starts. Thanks Grace!!!!

  3. Josh P.

    26-ish with 40lb KB and 115 lb cleans. Juan and Billdozer are like freaking rabbits. Good job.

  4. BB2

    24 and change. (14#ball)
    Started out too fast…it came back with a vengeance.

  5. Nicole Disco D

    Maybe if my dog had not kept me up all night my numbers would have been closer to Juans…lol
    Great job Juan and 5:30 crew!!!!
    26:56 55″,26″kb,10#wb

  6. sean

    25:47 (rx)
    the 135 power cleans were tough for me…When I did what Grace and Bravo were telling me to do, I could feel the difference, but i spent alot of time getting thru them.

  7. Teach

    After last night’s WOD, I will be absent today, due to the fact that my legs still feel like jello. Walking, sitting, standing, driving, and pretty much anything else that requires legs is difficult.
    That’s what I get for doing somewhere in the neighborhood of 750 squats last night 🙂
    Looks like a fun one!!

  8. sunshine

    65#, 10#, 30# – no idea of the time.. around 30 min
    this week has been my week of advancement and i wanted to share.
    i moved off ring rows to green band
    i moved off my knees for pushups
    i moved up to 30#kb rather than 26#
    i moved off the hobbit short bar to do KTE’s
    i showed up 5 times this week for the first time ever
    my clothes don’t fit. they seem to have gotten bigger.
    these seem small to most, i’m sure, but for me, i couldn’t be happier. hope this helps anyone looking for small success…

  9. sharon

    Sunshine congrats on all thos milestones that you have accomplished, none of those are small successes. We all start somewhere and anytime we advance it is great.
    Now you just gotta use those successes to motivate you to do more!!!!!

  10. Beast (aka JA)

    Congratulations Sunshine! I’m happy for you! That’s a whole lot of accomplishments.

  11. Hernan The Barbarian

    The whole thing sucked. Silverback went to the water fountain 32 times and still waxed me. Happy about not having to put the kettle bell down on any rounds. Those cleans were tough. Thanks for the weight recommendation Coach Jim. Gatekeeper thanks for keeping me moving.
    Sunshine congrats on your progress. Stronger than yesterday.

  12. HeMan

    22:4? (RX)
    Love me some 5:30 workouts. It’s 4:30 PM and I can barely keep my eyes open. I dont know how you guys do that every day.

  13. Bravo

    8:30 crew way to fight thru it 12 o’clock was intresting started wod early burpees due to mischievous Silverback it’s all good tho had to come in today gave it all I had No sandbagging No Fear Just pushing thru the pain it felt good to have evryone leaving it all out there n pushing to their limits with me
    19:07 Rx

  14. Teach

    Sunshine you’re awesome! Those are great accomplishments 🙂 You are making fantastic progress!!!!
    So, I decided to go for a little run after work to try and flush out some of the lactic acid that is residing in my legs. Ran 3 miles, it was a combination of an old man shuffle, butt kicks and some jogging mixed in.
    Needless to say it was NOT very fast. But I did throw in 10x20m acclerations at the end to really try and move the acid out of my legs. We’ll see if it worked…

  15. Billdozer

    C-note, I will be there fiddlin around Sunday.
    Sunshine, great job. I know you’ve been workin hard at it.

  16. Easy Rider (Robert Hammond)

    31:29 rx yeah tough but I finished.
    Had the thought, “oh shit,.. is this the WOD I’m going to quit in the middle of??”
    Some how kept going and to be on my 8th round and see Todd still going encouraged me.
    Yeah.. I feel those 4 months off. Even if I was working out 1.7 times a week.

  17. G

    Sunshine, you earned it..all the milestones and results!
    Great times on your baseline, Craig R, Ryan H and Pepper!
    Way to push through HeatherD, Summer and Drago!

  18. G

    3 Rounds:
    10 Clean & Jerk (95)
    30 GHD Sit-Ups
    Thanks for the coaching and push Jim! Last set of GHD felt like half the workout time!