“Five Rounds with a Battle Buddy”

Partner WOD

Complete each Round one at a time (one person works; one counts then switch)

Round I

In 3 minutes, Row 500 and complete as many Burpees as possible.  Score is cumulative Burpees completed.

Wait for Round II to start (approximately 1 minute)

Round II

In 3 minutes, complete 2 rounds of 4 line Wind Sprints followed by as many air squats as possible.  Score is cumulative squats completed.

Wait for Round II to start (approximately 1 minute)

Round III

In 3 minutes, complete 10 Clean and Jerks (135)(95) followed by as many Ball slams Get-Ups (BSGU).  Score is cumulative BSGUs completed.

Wait for Round IV to start (approximately 2 minutes)

Round IV

In 3 minutes carry a sandbag (70)(40) 100m followed by as many push-ups as possible.  Score is cumulative push-ups completed.

Wait for Round V to start (approximately 2 minutes)

Round V

Every minute, on the minute, one team member must accomplish the following:

  • 10 Pull-ups
  • 10 Sit-Ups (anchored partner holding the feet)

Score is cumulative reps performed.  The team is out of the competition if one team member fails to meet the time limit for the couplet.

New Expansion by Gatekeeper 

Above is a portion of our newly expanded area.  (photo courtesy of Gatekeeper)

16 Responses to ““Five Rounds with a Battle Buddy””

  1. April

    Jolecelle: 11/50/16/46/90=213
    April: 11/36/10/60/75=192
    Team Total=405
    The change of 15 reps on the density round caught up to us quick! Thank you for being my partner Jolecelle way to work hard–as always!

  2. Jocellr

    Wow, that was tough. My partner was awesome. Way to tackle 75lb c&j. Great job, April! Had a blast!!

  3. todd

    can someone supply hotel arrangements for the warrior dash? i imagine we should make those reservations now. I haven’t done mine yet…

  4. Heatherd

    Warrior Dash Hotel Accommodations:
    Phone: (972) 286-1010
    (Only a few miles away from the course near the intersection of I20 and I635)
    There is a block of rooms under group: Heather Dusek
    7 rooms available each with 2 double beds. Depending on how you want to bunk up, these will fit 2-4 people. I have them booked for two nights (Friday and Saturday) at $110.74/room/2 nights.

  5. ray

    Total = 531
    Great WOD, Juan – you are a machine. Was fun going up against C-Note and Ian.

  6. jason

    Quarter Kelly. No idea on time, as it was the last thing on my mind at the finish. Thanks to Mad Money for the coaching on fundamentals.
    Weazy, not sure I agree with the assessment that a WOD is like middle school gym class. In fact, I completely disagree.

  7. Wheezy

    Jason: Well, obviously a WOD is way more intense than middle school gym class and I am WAY out of shape for the WOD. But, to me it is still fun. Just like in life, I am only doing because it is fun. Thats the same reason why I build computers, do photography, work on my cars, and watch my daschund battle it out with the house cat.
    I can also say this, all those squats I’ve been doing have made my clutch feel much lighter and rotating my tires much, MUCH faster since I only have one 2-ton floor jack.
    Why did you join?

  8. Heatherd

    I noticed the Memorial Park 5K announcement is off the website-is there still a group getting together for this?

  9. jason

    Wheezy, I apologize. I meant that not in a jerk way, but rather in a “This 1/4 of a WOD is damn hard” sort of way.

  10. Noel G (Wheezy)

    Jason: Ah, that’s my bad. I should have read your comment out loud to get the tone of conversation. I jumped the gun on that one. But then again, I was in the garage with the car and so it would’ve looked creepy “talking to myself” with a tire iron in hand.
    Today was my worst ever. I managed the Thursday WOD and barely got by during my baseline, but today…….sheesh! Next time I am coming with a paper bag handy.
    But you and the other guys will be my pacers, eventually I’ll reach your times, of course, by then you’ll have faster times to which I’ll have another goal to reach too!

  11. G

    Great job newbies! Way to push hard! It’s the way to be to get quality coaching from us in a non-WOD environment.
    Wheezy and Jason D, nice blogging going on a Saturday night! Jason, not sure about Mad Money but that’s sounds like a good additional alter ego for BB2.
    HeatherD, April will be there at 8am. Btw, thanks for the hotel info. We’ve made a room reservation with one of those blocked rooms.
    Pix N Vids has been recently updated, thanks to Gatekeeper. Nice shots, Dennis! Tonight, I am uploading quite a bit more from January.

  12. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    Sorry for the late post but Beast and I are planning on running at 8.

  13. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    Sorry for the late post but Beast and I are planning on running at 8.

  14. jason

    There are parts of Jim’s delivery that are dead on Jim Cramer-esque (the Host of Mad Money). It’s uncanny.

  15. Noel G (Wheezy)

    Hmmm…..after watching a couple of Youtube videos, Jason is right.