Fundamentals Class

Feb5 019Feb5 024
                   Chrissy N.                                        Lyvia

Feb5 013Feb5 023

              Jason D                                                Ben C

Feb5 044Feb5 042
           Noel (aka, Wheezy)                                          Max

9 Responses to “Fundamentals Class”

  1. Noel G (Wheezy)

    Not too shabby. You didn’t get my neon-green shoe laces! So comfortable, they are.

  2. April

    Good job on the run this morning everyone. Way to run two laps Juan!

  3. Jim

    Great job all open gym attendees.
    Black beanies go to:
    Bravo for a 15:and change Linda (Rx) BW= 183 Work out at (185)(270) and (135)
    Arnold (Stephanie) for 10 consecutive kips!!!
    Great work today!

  4. jason

    Thanks for posting the pull up pic, and not one of me walking during a 200 in the WOD!

  5. BB2

    “Stephen” from the mainsite (75# stiff leg deadlift) Which after reviewing a video I was doing wrong….oh well, it sucked plenty.
    23.32 I think. pretty misrable. thanks BB1 for doing this one with me. next time don’t loose count on you round of 10 GHD and do 15. It sucks less when you don’t do extra.
    I apologize to Grace for barking at her when I coudln’t keep my knees perfectly straight on the deadlifts. I figured that was just a an ROM issue I wasn’t going to solve today….

  6. Billdozer

    9:52(RX) Took off a couple minutes from my last time, felt good on the ring dips for the most part.

  7. todd

    sorry i missed open gym today. sucks. had to prep the wingstops this morning for sb business… Go COLTS!

  8. Hernan The Barbarian

    Weight day @ Globo 70% of max
    12×2 105 Bench
    12×2 95 FS

  9. G

    Wheezy, not to worry. Your neon laced shoes will be on Pix N Vids (flickr) soon.
    Congrats on earning the black beanie, Arnold and Bravo!
    BB2, we all have our moments. “Tout est oublie” Way to tackle this Hero WOD!
    BP 1-10-1-20-1-30
    OHS 5-5-5-5-5