“Dirty Word”

2000m ROW Time Trial


5 Rounds For Time:

  • 5 Dead Lifts (275)(185)
  • 10 Burpees

Post results to comments.

Jan31 117
Nisha (left) and Genie (right) during a barbell techniques class.

38 Responses to ““Dirty Word””

  1. Billdozer

    2K Row
    4:01(RX) Enjoyed today very much, great to see all the hard work goin on.

  2. Josh P.

    Row: 8:14.2
    6:22-ish with 185 deadlifts.
    I liked it, especially with Jim screaming at me to “GO!”. Good job early morning crew.

  3. Jim

    Josh….you found the gear to get you to the end !!! Great job brother! Nice work early crew.

  4. Genie

    Jim, Now I can see how hard I am gripping that bar! Not good!

  5. Teach

    I will see everyone next week! This ACF girl will be doing hotel WODs this week in Austin 🙂

  6. Silverback

    2k Row: 7:33.0
    Metcon: 8:06 (Rx)
    We all know that DLs are not my strength. 275# caught up with me in the 4th round.

  7. mario c

    mario c
    Row – 9:56
    Metcon – 7:32 (#105; most burpees were passable but a few were pretty squirrely).

  8. Katie

    2K Row 8:33.7
    6:04 (145#)
    Thanks Arnold! Great Job going RX girl!
    With 145# I was still hurtin…gotta not use my back so much. I have very weak hamstrings! EEKKK!
    Thanks G and JB for the corrections…keepin coming…one day I will get it. 😉

  9. Beast (aka JA)

    Man…I want to do this WOD so bad! Bronchitis is going keeping me away from the box tonight (although I worked out last week while it was at its worst!). I’ll be back soon. :o(

  10. famela urcia

    2k Row 9:12.8
    5:56 165#
    Can I say rowing is not my thing!!!
    Thanks Coach Billy for your push:-)
    Also, I am loving the DO Win shoes, thanks Grace!!!!

  11. Heatherd

    7:18 (115#)
    I think I have the worst deadlift EVER!!!I really need to work on this.
    April, you are a deadlift maniac–
    Anyway, it’s been two hours and Mr. Pukie is still teasing me!!!!

  12. Jen

    2K meter row 9:45 (just happy I finished! have been dreading this all day)
    5:44 (115)
    Love working out with strrong chicks!
    Good decision BEAST! your lungs will thank you:)

  13. the "Gris"

    7:29? 2k row. 4:39 (225). Matt L – sick row time. Dozer and Juan Timberlake – no idea how you cranked those times. Good work to the 1800 crew this evening. Had a good time.

  14. Jason J

    Well I am stuck at work and we don’t have a row machine. So it was 10 minuets on the elliptical and then it was 6:02 (225) but I miss read the WOD and only did 5 burpees per round. I guess I O 25 tomorrow.

  15. Hernan The Barbarian

    2k row 7:44.4
    5:26 (205)
    Thanks for the weight suggestion G and Stacy. Fun trying to keep pace with Stacy and Johnathan on the row. Great job to everyone on that 2k row. Its a cruel sort of pain after that one.

  16. ray

    9:14.8 row / 6:27 135# – sharon
    7:32.0 row / 5:38 225# ray

  17. Andrew J.

    8:04.5 row / 7:15 (115)
    Still concentrating on lift technique instead of speed.

  18. Jason

    2000m Row 9:35 / 7:58? (95#)
    25 Deadlifts is 24 more than I’ve ever done before, so I guess it’s a good day.

  19. G

    Welcome Mark (visitor from CrossFit XLR8)!
    Good job on your 1st WOD, Pepper, Chrissy N and Jason!
    Awesome to see Tank, Holly L, David Neely and Toe back in action.
    Congrats Matt L, you hold the box record on 2,000 meter row.
    Teach, those hotel WODs are always fun. Do a handstand push up 🙂

  20. Pete

    2000m row- 8:24
    5 rounds of 5 deadlift (275) n 5 burpee pullups
    100 pushups n 100 situps- 6something

  21. Steve

    2000 m row: 8:08 minutes
    Dead lift – 65# (first lift since hurting my back). Time: 5:24
    Good conversation with Nate about stretches and breathing during the row.
    Also did 100 pushups since I will miss the Tuesday class.