“Double Black Diamond”

21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3 Rep Rounds of:

  • Summo DeadLift High Pulls (135)
  • Double Unders
  • Weighted Walking Lunge Steps (45)

Post results to comments.

Jan31 107
  The photo above shows HeatherD, Andi and Crazy Carl performing HSPUs (Handstand Push-Ups).

28 Responses to ““Double Black Diamond””

  1. the "Gris"

    Good work to the 0530 crew.
    The force was not with me this morning. This workout was a new kind of pain. 21:20 RX.

  2. the "Gris"

    C-note – was good trying to catch you. You burned it up.

  3. Josh P.

    Completing this at all, *for me at least*, wasn’t a small task. First WOD with DUs = pain. Good job this morning guys.

  4. the "Gris"

    Josh, way to power through the DU’s. They always add fun to any WOD.

  5. Billdozer

    15:11(RX) Grace told me I could get it to around 15 min. but I didn’t believe her, and I had the pressure of performing in front of Silverback. Thank god for double unders, thats the only way I caught Bravo. Great group at 830, see you for round 2 at 5.

  6. Silverback

    I had the oppty to watch the 8:30 class before heading off to the airport to pickup guests. A lot of hard work and fast times! Way to kill this WOD Billy and Bravo (the Killer B’s).

  7. Bravo

    Awesome 8:30 class Billy way to kill the wod need to improve my double unders to even compete with you round 2 should be fun can’t wait
    15;48 Rx

  8. the "Gris"

    Wow. Dozer and Bravo – I need whatever you guys have been eating lately.

  9. Billdozer

    I credit my success to working out right in front of Silverback, as intimidating as it might be, it is also motivating. Everyone should try it.

  10. todd

    have taken off too many days to rx this one. see ya’ll at 5!

  11. Katie

    65# Summo
    35# OHL
    This was my first WOD doing DU’S!!!! Even though most were one at a time…it felt good to get them done!
    Way to go 930 crew!!

  12. Bravo

    I agree with BillDozer Silverback is intimidatting and motivational at same time I once heard he did a SDHP and DU at the same time

  13. todd

    14 something at 105#. felt good.
    I want to do a scaled version of the chipper that those brutes did today.

  14. Billdozer

    Could not finish the Chipper, just had nothing left for the muscle-ups at the end. Great work Bravo and Stacy, that was fun in a brutal painful sort of way.

  15. J. Dolenga

    19:30 (65#, 15%) Started at 18 reps instead of 21.
    G, thanks for the scaling. I think it might have been just about right. Glad I tried the double unders. Looking forward to stringing a bunch together soon.

  16. G

    1st time DUs and 1st time to use them in a WOD for: Josh P, Jason Delonga and Max
    Billy, ha! I was right 🙂
    Lots of hard work on getting and striving for full ROM! Almost everyone is getting DUs today. Keep working hard for those who are still learning them and learning to string a few together!
    Jim, try not to snowboard on the double black diamond.

  17. Heather

    20:55 (55#, 25#)
    Congrats Katie! Thanks Bravo and Lopez for keeping me going – especially on the oh so frustrating DU’s

  18. J. Dolenga

    Good work Max. I told you the double under was just minutes away for you.

  19. Hernan The Barbarian

    19:45(95 SDHP, 45# lunge)
    Great crowd @ 5 today. Been out for 2 days and feels like a month.
    Good job on that chipper guys that looked brutal.

  20. Bravo

    Good working out with Bdozer and Spec on the chipper Damn Double Unders got me back to the box to work on them asap

  21. Gab

    Cannot complete WOD. I drank too much in the last few days and my body reminds it to me. Shame on me…
    But i swear i will do it later.

  22. JUDY

    18:59 (65# SDHP, 35# OHL). First time doing DUs, one at a time – that’s what slowed me down!