“Southern Hospitality”

Front Squat 1 – 10 – 1 – 20 – 1 – 30


5 Rounds For Time (15 Minute Cut-off):

  • 10 KB Swings
  • 10 Push-Ups
  • 10 Ball Slams

Post results to comments.

Jan22 025
Today is Ian's birthday.   Ian is one strong athlete!  He competed at the Oktoberfest last year and placed 1st under the scaled division.  Happy Birthday Ian!

Feb9 014

Clockwise starting from Right:  Mark from our friend's (Molly G) affiliate box in Portland, TX, CrossFit XLR8, Cheri, Famelicious, Disco D, Jenny S, Arnold, Summer, Ox, JasonD and JohnB

43 Responses to ““Southern Hospitality””

  1. Juan (BB4)

    Happy B-day Ian!
    Front Squat 185-155-205-135-215-105
    WOD 4:28 (53#KB 20#BS)

  2. Bobo

    Happy birfday Ian. You are a machine!
    FS: 185-155-205-125-215-100
    WOD: 5:28 (53#kb, 10#SB)

  3. JUDY

    happy birthday Ian, sorry for calling you Juan all this time

  4. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Happy bday and God bless you Ian!
    Ilang taon na PO kayo? 🙂

  5. Nicole Disco D

    Happy Birthday Ian!!!! Have a great day:)
    I did much better today on the front squat. I was a little worried(OK freaked out!!)when I saw the front squat for wod.
    When I get to 30 holding the bar against my collar bone becomes painful.
    6:10 30kb, 10sb

  6. Jen

    5:57 35#KB,10#
    Luv my Midget Crew! That’s okay Toe, you’ll get it next time! It’s really hard to fight off frustration once it sets in.
    I’ll see y’all Monday morning:)
    Famelicious – what can i say – you’re Fast Fam!
    MAligayang Kaarawan Ian! Inuman na!

  7. Billdozer

    I was not feeling it going into the workout this am, but we had a great group at 8:30
    Front Squat
    245-205-250-155-255*-115…Great working on the same bar as The Gris and Silverback, hard work by all.
    Way to move Todd, good job and Happy Birthday Ian.

  8. Silverback

    FS: 175-135-185-125-225*-105
    Big strategic error. Should’ve listened to Gris and Dozer & started at 205. Wasted too much energy with light weights. Will know for next time.
    WOD: 4:00(53#KB,12#SB)
    Heat 2 was smokin’. Tried as I did, I couldn’t keep up with Todzilla. Dozer, get some rest. You completed 3 killer Wods in the past 24 hours…

  9. todd

    I’m in charge of posting for my crew.
    Sheriff: 95-95-115-95-135(PR)-75
    Barbarian: 135-115-155(PR)-105-175(F)-95
    Toddzilla: 155-135-175-115-205(PR)-115(PR)
    Sheriff: 6:03 (44#, 10#)
    Barbarian: 5:19 (53#, 12#)
    Toddzilla: 3:55 (53#, 12#)
    What a great group of guys! Thanks for the push. We are only as great as the company we keep. Lots of PR’s and fast times.
    I wish the Bill-cat had used a 12#, but then again he prob woulda smoked Silverback and me….

  10. Anthony

    It was great to be back with the Thundercats today. Happy Birthday Ian. See Todd’s post for my times.

  11. todd

    Fam, Ian, Gatekeeper and Grace, all I can say is IKAW AY HANGAL!!! 🙂

  12. Jen

    Famelicious here’s your wt.
    Toe – i’ll teach you Flip linggo as long as you feed me Flip Spaghetti–hehehehe

  13. Stacy

    HBD, Ian!!
    007 can’t stay away from the hospitals…
    Congrats, brother! Post a pic for us to admire when you get a chance

  14. the "Gris"

    Happy Birthday Ian – way to slay that Metcon this morning.
    Had the day so slept in and joined the 0830 crew. Big, motivated, fun group. Was squating with Dozer and Silverback – had a good time. 245-205-260-155-275(miss)-115. Had to taper off on the end as my lower back and legs were still smoked from yesterday.
    4:32 Metcon (53lbs, 12 sb) – chasing Ian. Felt like I was chasing Juan Timberlake and C-note. Then Todd, Dozer and Silverback killed the metcon after Ian in heat II.

  15. sean

    Happy B-Day Ian
    The 30 reps scared me. I probably went to light.
    4:32 (rx)

  16. mario c

    mario c
    Front Squat scaled to 1-5-1-10-1-15
    Met Con: 6:33 – didn’t do any ball slams.
    Congrats 007!

  17. ian

    Thank you everybody.
    Metcon 4:11 I thought I was going fast, then Toddskie and Silverback killed it.

  18. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Happy bday and God bless you Ian!
    Ilang taon na PO kayo? 🙂

  19. HeMan

    4:07 (53#KB, 20#SB)
    Happy Birthday Ian.
    Congrats on little agent 008.

  20. ray

    4:13 (53#KB,12#SB)
    Big crowd tonight…Fun going up against Matt on the metcon, he was too fast for me tonight

  21. G

    Congrats to 007, his wife Katie and older son Colton!
    Welcome Baby Cade Aleck, 7lbs and 9oz, 20 inches tall.
    Ian…go lite on the cerveza…San Miguel Beer!

  22. G

    Toddsky, impressive tagalog!
    Awesome work today…wow, everyone really cranked hard on the MetCon! The box was packed all day!
    Great job on the Front Squats as well. The 30 rep set is hard and great efforts by all especially on maintaining form.
    Toe, you form looked good. We’ll find the best hand placement for you soon.