Dead Lift 1 – 10 – 1 – 20 – 1 – 30


AMRAP in 5 minutes:

  • 5 Wall Ball (20)(14)
  • 10 Push-Ups
  • 5 KB Summo Dead Lift High Pull (70)(53)

Post results to comments.

Feb3 024

Aaron is adjusting quite well into the CrossFit groove!

Mikko Salo CF Games 2009

We think there is a resemblance between Aaron and the CF Games 2009 champion, Mikko Salo!  Groovy!

21 Responses to ““Vinegar””

  1. Bobo

    Wingman and I messed up and went too light on the set of 10.
    Lots of staggering going on in the box this morning. Gotta love that light headed feeling after leaving it all out there on a deadlift!
    Juan, Wingman and C-Note were on a mission to set new PRs today. Great stuff guys!
    AMRAP: 6 Rounds + 11 reps. (53#KB) all of the 70s were taken.

  2. Billdozer

    Love me some deadlifts, great working out with Thomas again, he really pushed me on those deadlifts.
    7rds +5 reps(RX)
    Great to see new faces along with my usual Thundercats. Good hard work by all today!

  3. Josh P.

    I forget my weight, but my last two were 285 (1)and 155 (30). The 285 could have been heavier, and the 155s could have been a little heavier. The next goal is to find out my true “one rep max” for deadlifts.
    AMRAP – 5 rds + 5.
    Thanks to Chalkman for keeping count!

  4. sean

    AMRAP- 7rds + 10 reps (rx)
    Never done max on dead lifts, so I was pretty pleased with 335, and I think I could have done a little more. Maybe next time.
    Good job nooners! Even a little blood shed today.

  5. Juan (BB4)

    AMRAP- 6rds + 15reps (RX)
    C-note Thank you for the push

  6. mario c

    mario c
    Scaled to 1-5 1-10 1-15
    205-155(5) – 210-135(10) – 215-115(15)

  7. Teach

    6+10 reps (14)(53)
    Yea for a BIG PR!!! It was mighty ugly, but worked. Thanks for all the coaching Jim and the encouragement 5pm group!

  8. Hernan The Barbarian

    Amrap 5 rds+12 RX
    Enjoyed the deadlifts till the last round. Back was tight and I think I had not recovered properly from the last rep. Thanks for the help Jim and always a pleasure working with you Teach.

  9. Heather

    AMRAP 5 rds + 3 reps (35#, 10#)
    It felt so good to get 195 today! Thank you for all the encouragement Heather D and Kate. And thanks for the coaching coach Jim

  10. Teach

    Hernan – it’s always a pleasure working out with you my friend!
    It was great to see Toddzilla and Spec today as well!!

  11. G

    WOD: BS 2 x 10, 60 seconds break per set
    145 x 4, then 155 x 6, worked on rep speed/bounce at proper depth. Will definitely go much higher next time.
    Today’s DL WOD will have to wait until this coming Sunday (with Famelicious).

  12. todd

    Spec punk’d me today and loaded my second 1 rep with 425. I hope I recover okay from my dislodged vertebrae. JK!
    I forgot all reps already, but did 355 PR and 7 rounds of met-con.
    Hernan and Chris did awesome as did the girls on the “girl” side. And Spec & Beth were, well, Spec and Beth.

  13. sharon

    metcon: 3 rounds + 5 reps RX
    great workout 6 pm class. thanks for the encouragement “peanut gallery”