Benchmark WOD: “Helen”

(Girl Named WOD courtesy of CF Mainsite)

3 Rounds For Time:

  • 400m Run
  • 21 KB Swings (53)
  • 12 Pull-Ups

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Jan20 041

Brendan with fully locked out arms at the bottom of a pull-up.  Going all the way down and all the way up with the chin over the bar during a pull-up meets CrossFit's standard of full range of motion.  The distance covered in each movement drives the intensity up, therefore, increasing the athlete's power output.   Simply put, it's a lot harder and more intense when the athlete performs with full extension.  We expect our athletes to strive for that every single movement in a WOD.  That's how we roll as CrossFitters.

17 Responses to “Benchmark WOD: “Helen””

  1. Christian Blair

    Grace is right “Our warm-up is another person’s workout!” Didn’t even check my time, but Juan lead the group…as usual! Fell in LOVE w/Helen after, but not during.

  2. Nicole Disco D

    I have been working on my 400m and I still felt like I was going to cough up a lung.
    13:35 kb 26, 2″
    Great job Billy and thanks for the motivation!!
    Fun as always with the pacemakers:)

  3. Stacy

    8:50 Rx
    gotta get the 2nd and 3rd runs faster
    Thanks for the support T-cats!!

  4. Hernan The Barbarian

    Great working out with T-Cats today. Wanted under 10. Next time for sure. Thanks Dozer for the push and all the Thundercates for working hard.

  5. todd

    great RX time, Hernan! I did a supposed 9:30 time at RX.
    We need more running wod’s.
    yeah, i said it.
    I can’t WAIT for summer!

  6. Billdozer

    9:04(RX) Love this WOD, Great working out with Spec after the T-cats, thank you Arnold, Hernan for clock control and Toe for just being you as well as yelling at me on the runs.
    Great work by all so far today on this Benchmark WOD!

  7. Gab

    11:21 It’s the second time I hit Helen and I reduce my time by one minute.

  8. Heather

    12:50 (35#, 1/2″)
    It was fun joining the T-cats today!
    I was about 15 seconds slower than my last Helen time but I was on the green band then so I’m still pretty happy 🙂

  9. HeMan

    9:28 (RX) Had to add some time for Billdozer’s inability to start the clock on time, but still faster than my last time and at the end of a long week.
    Love me some Helen!!

  10. Billdozer

    Matthew, sorry i’m not as good as Grace, the clock can be tricky sometimes.
    Great work today everyone. For all our newbies, you can look forward to the next time this one comes around and you can crush your times, and trust me, you will.

  11. G

    CrossFit FilFest 2010 Miami Partner WOD
    BB2 and G = 18:50
    3 Rounds:
    Mountain climbers/Elbow plank hold
    Buddy Carry
    OHS/OHS bottom hold
    Lateral Hops
    Wheel Barrow
    Burpees/Static Plank Hold
    Back Pedal
    Priceless moments:
    1. G getting big hugs from Coach Glassman, Zach Evan Esh and Lisbeth
    2. BB2, BB1 and G getting a free pass to one of the hottest South Beach Miami Club and passing the opportunity to catch some zzzz’s instead!
    See you guys soon!

  12. v-lo

    after being out with bronchitis i am not sure this was the best wod for me to come back to with all the running. only made it two rounds, so i totally sucked it today! there is always next time!

  13. JUDY

    11:22, 35#, green band. Im ready to move to the next band, I will just have to sacrifice my time but it’s all good. Kipping PUs here I come!
    Great job Billy on leading the 5:00 class! I missed u Jocelle! glad we got to catch up 🙂