Marine Staff Sgt Daniel Hansen died February 14th in Farah Providence,
Afghanistan when an IED he was working on detonated. Daniel is survived
by his mother Sheryll, his father Delbert, his younger sister Katie,
and his twin brother Matthew (also a Marine).

First posted 2 May 2009. (WOD and photo courtesy of CF Mainsite).  

5 Rounds For Time:

  • 30 reps, 2 pood Kettlebell swing
  • 30 Burpees
  • 30 Glute-ham sit-ups

Post results to comments.

20 Responses to “HANSEN”

  1. sharon

    that was a long workout. 46:02 (40# kb). Great work Byron, wingman and chalkman.
    thanks G for all the encouragement.
    ben, juan, jim and all the other pacemakers – i was banking on you guys being there so i would get to do the anchored sit ups – way to mess things up for me 🙂

  2. BB2

    Nice job Sharon. Sorry for giving up my GHD spot but Karen followed by Griff; followed by by JT; followed by Jason; left me pretty messed up. I will get back to it tomorrow… but for now I need some sleep!

  3. heatherd

    Posting for yesterday because I couldn’t move much last night when I got home–JASON crept up to the third hardest WOD I’ve done since I started Crossfit 6 1/2 months ago–preceded by none only than Angie (BIATCH–2nd) and Atomic’s infamous psycho Christmas Eve WOD (1st). Nonetheless, I finished with 2 seconds to spare (44:58)—little white band (until the last 20 I had to move to green to beat the clock) and box asst dips (which got a little sloppy at the end)—thanks JB for being a “little” forgiving on those.
    Have fun with Hansen everyone–I’ll have to tango with him another day.
    On another note, I’m pulling some ideas together for a Meet and Greet, so if any of you have suggestions post them or shoot me an email at hldusek@pbsj.com! Peace out!

  4. Red 'Barkley' Byron

    This one was tough. 46 something. Weighted sit-ups and 44# kb. This one defintiely proved to me how out of shape I am…but, in round 2 I was pretty certain I wouldn’t make it past round 3 so I was–at the very least–pleased to finish.
    Nice work pacemakers–albeit a small gathering!

  5. todd

    4 days off, a lingering cough and a HERO’s WOD is a tough way to get “back” into it, but blessed to have been able to do it nonetheless.
    Famelicious, was ridiculously famelicious. She loves burpees and its apparent. JDS and John did great. Good group albeit small.

  6. Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    41:56 (53# / 4 rds ghd) + 30 ghd before 46:00.

  7. David "Chalkman" Henley

    46:59 (RX fist 3 rds, 40# KB rd 4&5) GHD.
    something pulled in my right tricept during round 2 KB swings. Nursed it through rd 3 then dropped to 40# left hand swing rds 4&5.

  8. Stacy

    12×2 BW back squat/30sec rest btw sets
    3 x 15 wtd Box Jumps (30# DBs, 30″ box)

  9. Shawn

    35#- 2 rds, 44#- 3 rds
    anchored situps
    tough WoD.
    Thank you Hansen for your sacrafice.

  10. Teach

    34:14 (53# GHD)
    Thanks for working out with me G and keeping me going!!
    Thank you Hansen for your service and sacrifice.

  11. Beast (aka JA)

    32:10 35# KB and anchored sit-ups. Pukie came during round 3 to welcome me back. He stayed for awhile. Nice to meet you Pepper.
    Thanks for the article Princess Leia. It’s very educational. HA! ;o) Rowr back at ya!
    I’m glad to be back. Thanks for the welcome back WOD Hansen, and for your service and sacrifice. This was tough, but it wouldn’t be a hero WOD if it was easy. Besides, this is Crossfit.

  12. G

    34:34 (53# aka 1.5 pood, GHD) Just like old times Teach 🙂 It was like a cat and mouse chase. You cranked it on the last round as usual. I’m just happy to be 20 seconds right behind you.
    Now, all those names on the board and only 19 posts at 11:06pm. D-Mena, nice to see you regularly posting now….Kudos to you!
    Awesome to see the following off our WANTED & MIA LIST and back working hard at the box:
    Rick G
    Todd = 30 consecutive 70# KB Swings (2 sets)
    Teach = 30 consecutive 53# KB Swings
    Gina = 40# KB
    Wingman = 1st all GHDs in a WOD

  13. JUDY

    30:34, 35#, alternated GHD and anchored sit-ups. splitting headache from the GHD! Next time I’ll do 40-44# KB. I’ll be sending a suggested playlist so we can get “Bust a Move” out of rotation =) Thanks 5:00 class!!!

  14. Kari

    4 Rounds/15 Reps anchored situps 17:41
    1000m ROW
    This is hard, but fun! Feels good. Thx for the encouragement!

  15. Janet

    Enjoyed my first experience with Grace…ready to get started! 5:40 on intro (I am sure it has a name) See you Monday.

  16. Steve

    Time: 43:21 or 29. Used 35# kb, anchored situps. I hate burpees!