In honor of Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, 27, of Virginia Beach, VA who was killed in Iraq 11 December 2007.  First posted 19 December 2007.  (WOD and photo courtesy of CF Mainsite). 

3 Rounds For Time:

  • 95 pound Squat clean, 30 reps
  • 30 Pull-ups
  • Run 800 meters

Post results to comments.

29 Responses to “BADGER”

  1. BB2

    36 and change….not a good day. no sir. back issues…i’ll do burpees for whining…
    RIP Mark.

  2. the "Gris"

    been sick for three days. bummed about missing these hero wods. will do burpees for being sick.
    On a serious note – A special thanks to these warriors who made the ultimate sacrifice.

  3. Josh P.

    First workout back from being sick since Sunday. It would have been funny if it weren’t so terrible. I’ll do burpees for my poor performance and mindset.
    I blame Gris for getting me sick. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!
    RIP Mark, true hero.

  4. Juan (bb4)

    31:14 (RX)
    and I Will do burpees just for the hell of it

  5. Jolecelle

    Famelicious, are you running the 5K or 10K? Let me know. We can run together :)!

  6. Jen

    43:07 (65#,black band) still so sore from wed. wod.
    Get well to all that are sick 🙁
    GoodLuck Fam, Jolecelle and the rest who are running tomorrow.

  7. Billdozer

    30:48(RX) That was a good WOD, just tried to keep moving so I could catch Huan. Great group at 8:30!

  8. sharon

    I haven’t felt this bad after a WOD (Hanson yesterday) since I started crossfitting.
    thinking of doing this one on Sunday.

  9. Matt

    37:21?? (or whatever hernan did) (RX)
    Barbarian – Nice job dude. I though I had you run down right there at the end.
    Glad hero week is over, I made a few extra trips to the drain this week..

  10. Stacy

    36:52 Rx
    Difficult today since I backsquatted and did the weighted box jumps yesterday. However, the fatigue from yesterday diminished my ability to compensate with my quads on the front squats and my hamstrings got the proper stress today.

  11. She-Ra

    mmmm drain trips.. i can picture the awesomeness now!! 🙂 This week did seem pretty brutal. Good thing u ACFers are crazy enough to do them. I especially liked that MU wod, that looks excitingly painful! Good luck Fam and Jolecelle on the race tomorrow!
    Hugs and kisses everyone!
    I run in the mountains 😛
    Time- till I’m tired!!
    P.S. .. I loved ur VM Grace.. “I Own Those Moves!!” 😀

  12. mario c

    mario c
    38:58 scaled to 3 rds of 15/15/row 1000
    #55 squat cleans
    tan belt assisted pull ups

  13. sean

    24:20 (rx)
    that was an extrememly tough last 800 m, but I’m glad it was at the end of the rd this time. Tough work everyone at noon.
    P.s. Keep putting these runs in, it’s the only time I can keep up with Silverback.

  14. Andrew J.

    43:05 (65#, Green band)
    Stiff legs from Wed (nothing a 800m run doesn’t cure!); most intense workout to date, ending the most intense week!
    Many thanks to G for coaching squat cleans (still needs a bit of work); many thanks to Jim for the coaching and helping me “find third gear”, which was the last round 800m run!

  15. Silverback

    26:05 (Rx)
    Happy with my performance today. It was 100% due to 3 things:
    1 – Took yesterday off as a rest day;
    2 – Sean S. set a hell of a pace. I just tried to keep him in sight on the runs (he beat me by more than a minute I think);
    3 – Took my shirt off before the WOD even started.

  16. Easy Rider (Robert Hammond)

    54:53 (rd 1 95#/rd 2 & 3 75#)
    No one can touch this mark of pure slowness. I am at another level than all others.
    I was scanning the area for pain drain alternatives mid way thru the 1st round and never really stopped.
    Up till 3 am with baby last night, undernourished, over-caffeinated, ego issues(wanting to do RX). I was humbled to say the least. Surprising and remarkable positive attitude from G, when I would expect her to give up on me. Thanks for not giving up on me.

  17. Silverback

    Easy Rider,
    Ease up on yourself. You’ve got a lot going on in your life right now. You shouldn’t be able to keep up with folks that have been coming to the box consistently over the past few months. I saw you work today. You were working hard & you weren’t sacrificing form for time. You’ll get back to where you were in no time once your schedule eases up a little. Hang in there bro!

  18. Aida

    Finally….I’m posting….
    This week was hard!!!
    65# cleans and kipping pull-ups…..kicked my butt once again…

  19. April

    37:47 (65#/black band) I think the soreness is setting in already!
    Great work at 6pm everyone–nice big group tonight.
    Have a great run tomorrow Jolcelle.

  20. JUDY

    36:26, 65#, 1/2 inch band PUs. Way to go 6:00 class for running against that cold wind!

  21. G

    34:45 (65#) Thanks for the push Silverback, JB and Jim. The cold head wind was a good challenge on the runs.

  22. G

    Awesome…Aida is finally posting!
    Welcome aboard Janet. You rocked the Baseline WOD today…and you posted. Nice!
    Josh P, Summer, Holly L, Sara and Josh K are back in action!
    Jelani did his first WOD ever today!
    Welcome Meredith, our out of town visitor!
    Very big noon and 6pm class today. We will be opening a 5pm Friday class starting next week. It will be a regular WOD and not the PLC.

  23. Easy Rider (Robert Hammond)

    Scott, thanks a bunch for the perspective and suggestion..very good point.

  24. G

    Thanks for sharing the article, Jason D.
    Good to see Easy Rider back in the box. Hang in there.
    HeatherD, I sent you a message regarding the Meet and Greet.

  25. G

    One more….good luck to our runners:
    Jolecelle and Aida
    Fam and everyone under the weather, get well soon!

  26. Jolecelle

    Fam, rest up and feel better soon! There’s always next year!
    38:02- I actually enjoyed this WOD. Nice group at 6pm. April, you make it too difficult for me to catch you on those runs…you did great on that last lap.
    Aida- good luck tomorrow!
    007- it was so nice to see you tonight. Glad to know you’re all better now :)!

  27. 007

    35:32 (RX)
    That was the first real grinder for me since I’ve been back. Felt like slow motion.