“Atom Bomb”

5 Rounds For Time

(Each round add 10lbs to the bar for Rx, starting at 95# (M) and 65#(W)

5 "Atomic Bear Complex" (95#)(65#)

  •     Power Clean
  •     Front Squat
  •     Push Press
  •     Back Squat
  •     OHS

400m Run

Post results to comments.


Firebreather – Fie-r-bre’-th-er: (n) 1. One who faces the trials and
tribulations of great physical opposition with an indomitable spirit. 2.
An optimistic energy associated with the heart of an athlete.

Everyone has an "inner" firebreather.  You have to dig deep to tap into it.  You gotta' want it bad!

Here's an excerpt taken from CrossFit Alexandria's Firebreather Manifesto.

"When the 95lb bar is sitting on top of your
chest, cutting off your ability to upload oxygen, & you make the
decision to keep doing Thrusters – even though you almost passed out 10
seconds ago – you are a Firebreather.

When you jump on the pullup
bar – without taking a “recovery drink” – after running 400m &
doing 21 KB swings, even though your heart feels like it’s going to
explode, your knees are shaking, & you’ve lost your peripheral
vision – you are a Firebreather.

When it’s 99 degrees
outside, & you sprint through the door after a set of burpees –
because you may have a shot at beating your own PR by 10 seconds – you are a Firebreather.

There is no difference
between normal humans, & Firebreathers. They don’t have extra-large
lungs, or more “Type 1” muscle fibers than the next person. They may not
be very athletic, & they may not have  played any sports while
growing up. Hell, a lot of them haven’t even run a marathon or competed
in a “Ironman”. But they do have something – something that any normal
person can have, but most don’t want.

Firebreathers have the
ability to step across that mysterious line, & never look back. They
know what’s coming & how much its gonna hurt, but they run head
first into it – “no matter what”. When (or if) you get there, you’ll
know what I’m talking about."

37 Responses to ““Atom Bomb””

  1. Stephen

    27:28 (65) for all sets.
    As Jim said the OH squats were the limiting factor.
    I would like to try this again for weight w/o the time.
    Great work by all at the 5:30 group this am.

  2. the "Gris"

    75-85-95-105-115; Great workout; OHS were the nasty dynamic on this one.
    Good work 0530 crew.

  3. Josh P.

    29:25 (65/75/85/85/95)
    I should have started at 75 and ended at 105 in hindsight. Squats are feeling much better, and I am digging the running aspect of the WOD’s.
    Good job pacemakers, Juan and Gris sure set a mean pace.

  4. Billdozer

    25:14(RX) Felt pretty good today after I got going. Matthew, good job, there I said it. Way to work 8:30, great RX Aida.

  5. Aida

    Kicked my butt all the way!!!
    65, 75, 85, 90, 95
    36: something….all I know is that I was the last one to be done….

  6. She-Ra

    good to see the t-cats still in full kick as motion!!

  7. She-Ra

    and.. i love the manifesto!! I am gonna post it on PPCF

  8. Red 'Barkley' Byron

    34 something.
    65-75-85-95-95. The running broke me down as much as the weights today–definitely need to start running again (and eating better). I liked this WOD though….

  9. sean

    24:54 I think. (65, 75, 85, 95, 90)
    Only 2nd time doing ohs, but they felt much better than the first. The 400’s felt pretty good after the 800’s from last week.

  10. sean

    like the manifesto as well.
    I don’t think I breathed fire yet, but I’ve definitely felt like passing out a few times.

  11. BB2

    Sean. After watching you do “Badger”…I’ve seen you Breathe Fire.

  12. mario c

    mario c
    35:27 (35/40/45/45/45; rowed 5 X 400 instead of the runs.)

  13. J. Dolenga

    29:41 (65/70/75/75/75) Replaced OHS with 5 second overhead press. Loved every moment – it helps to imagine that I am Anatoly Pisarenko on the O-Lifts.

  14. Rick

    29:01 (55/55/65/85/90) 4:00pm crew did a hell of a job today…

  15. Silverback

    23:34 (Rx)
    Chased Teach & Spec the whole way. Spec stopped on the last run for a few dry heaves & I passed him. Sorry Spec! Great time Teach.
    A lot of hard work being performed at 4pm today!

  16. todd

    good job, rx’ers!! tough rx wod.
    95-105-115-115-115 D back tightened up on me.
    Thanks for the info on the trigger point massage, 007 and Spec!

  17. Teach

    I love this WOD…. That is all….

  18. Nicole Disco D

    29:57 #35
    felt good and my chest did not hurt during the 400m run. My extra side work is paying off.

  19. G

    39:27 (65,75,85,95, 100[1] 95[2] 75[2])
    4th round ran 500m (both bldgs, just for the heck of it)
    5th round was a hodge podge of weights to get moving
    Thank you for being there every rep Jim and Spec!
    Welcome on your first WOD, Tom W!
    Great to see Kate back in the box and it was good working out with you at 5pm today.
    Teach = you are the chosen one 🙂 The 4pm crew were movers and shakers today! Nice time Silverback; if it wasn’t for Pukie, Stacy would have passed you.
    Todd, it was great to see you get back into it after the 3rd round.

  20. sharon

    35:28 45-55-65-75-80(pr)
    Great work 6 pm class. I am thoroughly tired after that workout but it felt good.

  21. D-Mena

    31:00 (75-85-95-105-115) Rx accept for the last set of OHS. Those are going to take some getting used to… Good workout tonight 6:00 pmers…

  22. April-M

    22:10 (35-35-35-35-35) scaled with 200 m rows instead of the run and modified OHS.
    Exhausted but great workout. Thanks for the pep talk Coach Jim!!!

  23. J. Dolenga

    Bryan, weren’t you supposed to be eating a bucket of fried chicken instead of the WOD today?
    And, on the “Firebreather” post. Agreed on the point that despite being an Ironman, I am clearly not a Firebreather. This stuff is much more painful than an Ironman. Great essay.

  24. G

    JasonD, I like your mental zoning on pretending to be a well-known Olympic WeightLifter. Very funny and effective! Whatever it takes!
    And yes, I did hear Playboy last night mention about not coming in due to the SL council meeting tonight. Played hooky to do Atom Bomb? Don’t blame you at all, great WOD!
    SheRa, good to hear that you are getting stronger at PPCF. Are you coming home for Spring break?

  25. She-Ra

    I dont know if it is going to be for spring break, but I know I am coming home for a few days here soon!! 🙂

  26. Regina

    Great workout. Loved the flow of the lifts. Hit a lot of muscle groups. I feel it all over this morning! [28:45] 35-35-35-40-45

  27. Chrissy C

    OHS killed me! I’ll catch you next time BRYAN!!!!!

  28. Silverback

    Welcome Tom! You’ll get the hang of this in no time.