5 Rounds For Time

Rest exactly 2 minutes between each round.

  • 20 Burpees
  • 30 Pull-Ups

Post results to comments.

John Belaya

Check out John B's burpee!

21 Responses to ““Left4Dead””

  1. the "Gris"

    25:47 RX. tough one this monring. Juan Timberlake was setting a blazing pace. Well done to all present – Juan, Tank, Henley, Josh, Bobo, and Lopez.

  2. BB2

    Mainsite WOD
    21-15-9 DL and OHS
    12.06 (185#DL 75#OHS)
    Not very fast…but it did wipe me out. Good Work Pacemakers.

  3. Bobo

    29 and change. RX.
    Holding back pukie on every rep after round 1.
    Great work everybody.

  4. Billdozer

    25:26(RX) That was a heck of a workout, Todd and I were in a steel cage death match. Taco took a minute and a half puke break and still got us by 2 minutes, well done sir. Great job everyone at 8:30…Matt, Sarge, Regina, Freddie, Fam and Jason and Johnny B.

  5. BB4

    OOPs i posted as G2 that was my time G2 has been sick.

  6. todd

    25:16 RX. tough WOD. I got the shredded hands to prove it.

  7. G

    Ok Thundercat boys, I’m starting to like Spec’s new last name even if you guys won’t share the story behind it!

  8. Ian

    Las Vegas Crossfit WOD
    12:52 RX
    4 rds: 400m, 95#Push Press, 25squats

  9. Ian

    Got in town room was ready change clothes and went straigt to workout. Now it’s time to drink drink and then eat

  10. todd

    Stacy “SpecTACOlar” Profitt.
    Well done, famelicious.
    Izzy, have fun in Lost Wages!

  11. Jared

    fun. This one got me fot the double whammy. Because after I was sealing blisters at the house with a clogged tube of super glue, and got it sprayed all on my face.

  12. Chrissy C

    mario c
    I did yesterday’s workout.
    5 X 3 front squats 70-80-90-95-110
    2000M row 8:49

  13. the "Gris"

    Jared – try newskin. It is just as fun as superglue and feels like you are painting your hands with molten metal.

  14. G

    27:20 (rx) – thank you Jim.
    We love Burpees!
    The Die Hard Friday Fight Night Crew showed up tonight! Great WOD!
    Gris is right Jared; Nuskin is good stuff. It all comes in a spray bottle. Just make sure it faces the right direction before you actually spray it 🙂
    Can’t wait for Saturday’s WOD.
    Get some Tribe !!!

  15. G

    Almost forgot…from a few days post:
    See you soon Dustin and Tina !!!

  16. sharon

    26:47 rx – 3 rounds only – bad tears on both hands kept me from doing all 5 🙁

  17. David "Chalkman" Henley

    27:00 RX. Still sore going on three days later…