“Slight of Hand”

6 Rounds For Time:

  • 400m Run
  • 2 Rounds of the following:
  • 5 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Push-Ups
  • 15 Squats

Post results to comments.

Governor Schwarzenegger at the 2010 CrossFit Games Ohio Sectionals within the Arnold Classic video [wmv] [mov] (courtesy of CF Mainsite)

Mar5 017
Our firefighter gives his all during each and every WOD.  Keep up the hard work Jason J!

36 Responses to ““Slight of Hand””

  1. Heatherd

    I checked with the Yard House and “they never show fights or wrestling matches in their restaurant”–Boooo!! I will call around to some other places today and see what is available for that night.
    With that said…pencil in Friday, March 26th for a Meet and Greet. Details to come.

  2. Nicole disco d

    32:04 green band
    good wod but tough 🙂

  3. Fredie

    Oops I must have done in incorrectly.
    It only took me 20 min.
    I must only done half!
    I’m in Atlanta so maybe I get brownie points, for trying.

  4. Janet

    20:08 green band…glad to have the ablity to straighten my arms today from Fri. pullups..

  5. todd

    Greetings from san antonio. Missing the box, but working like a whatever works really hard. Looking forward to getting back.

  6. BB2

    21 and change
    Pukie almost made appearance on Round 4. Good push Lopez.

  7. Red 'Barkley' Byron

    36:16 (band)
    WOD’s like this remind me that I am still really out of shape. Looking forward to starting up 3X/week again soon.

  8. BB2

    The Fight (George St. Pierre) is Saturday the 27th are we abandoning the Fight night concept?! thanks for everything.

  9. heatherd

    Yes, I found that out pretty quick-sent Grace a text b/c I don’t have your contact info other than here. Do you still want to stick with the 26th? This date without the UFC fight leaves us with a lot more options including the Yard House.

  10. JDS

    29:50 RX
    It was a nice change to feel some heat. Good WOD today. Good job thunder cats.

  11. mario c

    mario c
    27:00 scaled to 1 round and 400m rows

  12. Silverback

    25:29 (Rx)
    The runs and squats were a little challenging after completing yesterday’s WOD 2x.

  13. Jared

    20:09 (rx) nice day. Felt good hitting this wod with the citizens of Thunders.

  14. BB2

    Silverback. I hate to break it to you, but the second time at 135# doesn’t count considering your epic strength and let’s just not talk about the first go round shall we?

  15. Silverback

    I already forgot about that first round, including the tantrum.

  16. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    31:38 (R1&2 Static Pull ups; R3-6 Jumping Pull Ups)
    Rounds 4 & 5 were brutal! My mind constantly screaming, “Quit you insane fool!” Thanks for the kick in the rear Jim!

  17. Hernan The Barbarian

    29:05 RX
    Rough WOD. Runs were tougher than I expected.

  18. Andrea aka: Genie

    32:37 RX!!! Loved the beating!!

  19. Billdozer

    Tough WOD, G wanted me to scale in preparation for sectionals, should have taken her up on that offer.

  20. HeMan

    I was trying to blast this one and my early pace caught up to me quick. A little pukie pukie for me after I tried to get some water down in the 4th or 5th round.
    Nice job 5pm. Fun trying to stay ahead of you sugahara, G, and 007…..less fun trying to catch you 😉

  21. sunshine

    somebody shoot me. 35 minutes. I win for longest time I think. Man, I love the sunshine though.

  22. sean

    21:36 (rx)
    I was dead on the runs after the 3rd rd, and actually thought I paced myself a little. 6rds is just evil.

  23. G

    25:50 (Rx)
    Good pacing with the 5pm crew. Thanks Jim.
    Way to grind through this Byron and Sunshine!
    Byron, keep the consistency and it’ll pay off.
    Stephen A, good to see you kipping nowadays.
    Jen – make it a regular weekly maintenance on rolling with the lacrosse ball on the specific areas we covered today, especially when you are learning how to kip.
    Ok, all those names on the board and we only have 35 posts so far! Hmmm…..

  24. G

    Fredie, good to see you post your traveling WOD.
    Todsky, hope you are visiting a CF affiliate while you are in S.A.

  25. Rick

    34 min and change… it was getting humid at 9am starting to feel the heat…

  26. Andrea aka: Genie

    32:37 RX!!! Loved the beating!!

  27. sharon

    Sunshine I am sorry to steal your thunder but I think I take the cake on the longest time of the day
    44:30 – R1-3 reg pull ups R4-6 jumping pull ups
    Those damn push ups slow me down and the freaking runs get me winded.

  28. Regina

    No Sunshine, I won the longest 36:??. It was a good endurance WOD. Thanks for the encouragement Jim.