“Formidable Fuel”

5 Rounds For Time:

  • 15 KB Swings (53)(35)
  • 10 HSPU

Post results to comments.

HandStand G2 Babs Beast
The Formidable Vampire Trio:  G2, Babs and Beast

Just wanted to give a shout out to Dennis "Gatekeeper" Aganon for his time and gifted talent in photography.  Thanks for all you do!

33 Responses to ““Formidable Fuel””

  1. the "Gris"

    10:somethingish. (70#, 1 abmat-1 rd, 2 ambats-4 rds)
    Jim and JB called me out on going heavy on the KB. Great crowd and props to the 1 and no abmatters.

  2. Bobo

    14:13? 70#, no abmat. All the 53kb were taken.
    That was a dirty trick Gris, but we needed someone else to join in on the pain. hehe.
    Rounds 1 and 2… not so bad. Round 3… getting pretty tough. Rounds 4 and 5 were almost impossible.
    all swings unbroken.

  3. BB2

    13 and change I think….
    (1 abmat 70#)
    Good work pacemakers! Sorry Gris but a big dude like you should always reach for the “seven-oh”

  4. Red 'Barkley' Byron

    12 something I think.
    44# (too light) and 2 abmats. tried going 1 abmat afterward and realized I still have a long way to go.
    Good crew this morning!

  5. G2

    great pic Gatekeeper how do you come up with yuor ideas??? 🙂

  6. Janet

    13 plus..1 ABMAT 2reps, plus pad 3reps..defeated by the HSPU..can only get better…

  7. shawn

    Great picture! Barbara is that you. I’m so proud of you.
    This will be my first WOD with HSPU’s. I hope I’m ready.
    I have signed up for the Crossfit Cert in Allen TX on June 5 and 6. I’m looking for others who might want to go.

  8. Beast (aka JA)

    Babs is not only known for her amazing push ups, but also for her earth-flipping HSPU!

  9. sharon

    Crossfit Deep Ellum WOD:
    7 rounds:
    max HSPU attempts
    10 supine ring rows
    total 35 pike push ups

  10. 80s Girl

    (#35 KB, First 2 rounds HSPU with 2 abmats)
    Thank God for Texas Hair! 🙂

  11. Chrissy

    Still at work – need to cancel for 7:00 PM.
    Dennis – love the pic!!! See ya’s tomorrow!

  12. bryan g.

    chris, how the hell are you going to do GHDs at work? also, missing makes you a FDB.

  13. T.C.

    Good one today!!!
    53 lb KB swings
    2 rounds with 1 abmat 3 rounds with 2 abmats!!!
    Good Luck this weekend to every one competing!!!

  14. 007

    10:12(1 abmat)
    Good luck to everyone competing this weekend!

  15. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    17:36 (2 abs mats)
    and a crossfit scalping to boot. Dennis has the pics.

  16. bryan g.

    so to clarify my crossfit scalping comment:
    i rubbed the back of my head raw from handstand pushups. both the wall and the back of my head looked like the st. valentine’s day massacre. when my crossfit membership expires sometime in late 2013, i’m switching to curves. i’ll bet the ladies there don’t end up looking like massive headwound harry after a WOD.
    and no, even after all that, my hair STILL wasn’t messed up. there were witnesses.

  17. G

    Bry…must have been quite a circus. And your Clark Kent hair was still intact! I’ll be darn!

  18. Bravo

    Main site WOD
    10 rounds
    135 dealdift 15 reps
    15 push ups
    good job ACF great wod hate to miss it I’ll see you guys tommorow

  19. Beast (aka JA)

    7:43 35# KBS (all unbroken) and pike PU.
    I WITNESSED IT! Bloody head and not a hair out of place!
    Good push men! Nice meeting you Jimmy!

  20. G

    80s girl, from now on you’re going to use the 1 abmat and blue pad. Two abmats looked way too easy! Good job!
    Awesome to see Emily C back in the box for her first WOD!
    Fredie is back from Atlanta!
    Summer, Sunshine, Nicole Disco did Pike Push-ups for the first time.
    Jimmy has joined Teach’s company with the walking handstands club.

  21. G

    10:28 (1 abmat)(35# except for last rounds at 53# when Jim called me out for not going heavy)
    Finally got rid of the blue floor pad, next plan is to get rid of the abmat entirely.

  22. Jimmy

    14:47 I feel myself getting stronger. Still a long way to go.

  23. Teach

    Fun stuff last night! Between the handstand “walk off” and Bryan’s spectacular display hair and blood, it was an interesting evening.
    Hard work by all!!
    8:24 (35#, 1 ab mat for 2 rounds)