UFC Fight Night Meet & Greet

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From HeatherD:

We are back to the idea of trying to get the Meet and Greet together
for UFC fight night on Saturday March 27th; however, it's a popular
night and I am going to need an approximate head count to make any
reservations that night (if I can make them at all). Can you please me
let me know by THIS FRIDAY if you could make it that night? –location
still to be determined.

So why am I making a big deal out of this you might be
asking…myself, like many others, don't get the opportunity to meet
the whole ACF family because my workout schedule is limited due to
work, life, 2-year old, hobbies, etc. More so for our newbies, I would
like for us to get the chance to meet those people behind nicknames,
hilarious posts, and the pictures we see daily on the website. These
people bring me back to the box each day as much as the workouts do!!!!


From Heather:

created a google doc so we can have each others contact info.  If you want
to be included just go in and add your info and it will automatically
save and update.
(link is on the icon).

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