Sectionals Update


We are proud of our very own Spec, Billdozer and BB4, who have poured their hearts and dug deep in their guts on performing today's WODs.  Here's the link to the live update on results.

11 Responses to “Sectionals Update”

  1. the "Gris"

    Great job Dozer, Juan Timberlake and Spec.

  2. G

    Ladies Final Results:
    1st place = Body Armor (Whitney)
    2nd & 3rd place = CFC (Jessica and someone)
    CFH Adrian, BCCF Katie, CFK Leah made it to top 30, they are also going to Regionals in May 29th.

  3. G

    BCCF Charlie 3rd
    CF Mission 2nd
    CFC 1st
    CFH mike 8th, CF in Common Officer Crockett 4th

  4. todd

    great job! Double unders on grass?? How was that?