3 Rounds For Time:

  • 400m Run
  • 15 Pull-ups
  • 10 Push Presses (95)
  • 5 Man-makers (25)

Post results to comments.

Mar10 006
Happy Birthday Anthony "Sarge"! 

Sectionals March 14 089

More photos from the Central Southern Texas Sectional.

46 Responses to ““Stillwater””

  1. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Anthony!
    Hey Sarge, In a few more years I expect we will be calling you Inspector!

  2. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    Happy bday and God bless you Sarge.

  3. todd

    happy birthday, sheriff (sorry, I still go by old nicknames…)
    Man, that is one good-lookin group! Was that a couples retreat or something??

  4. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Anthony!
    Hey Sarge, In a few more years I expect we will be calling you Inspector!

  5. Josh P.

    17:15, green band and 20#. Gris and Wingman are fast.
    Happy B-day sarge.

  6. Bobo

    Happy Birfday Sarge!
    12:32. Tough one.
    Peetered out on round 3.
    Thanks for the push Gris and G.

  7. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    Happy bday and God bless you Sarge.

  8. the "Gris"

    Happy Birthday Sarge!
    12:16 RX. Deceptively tough. G – Thanks for keeping your boot on my neck to push through.
    Great work to the Pacemakers…we won’t talk about the late start due to SOMEBODY’s clock being behind and hour 😉

  9. shawn

    Happy Bday, Anthony.
    1/2″ band, 75#, 20#

  10. Bravo

    Great wod nooners 10:47
    check out Kyle Maynard’s video on main site fro
    yesterday to say it’s inspirational won’t even come close

  11. Silverback

    11:10 (Rx)
    Thanks for the push Bravo. Gave it everything I had, but I couldn’t keep up with you. Next year is your year to take on the CrossFit Games.

  12. Crazy Carl

    Happy Birthday Anthony..
    lost my steam on the 3rd 400m run… i couldn’t breathe man!!!

  13. Schubert

    Some Kip and some jumping pull-ups
    75# bar, 25# DBs
    My slow pull up reps killed my time, but at this point I am just working on getting them done without a band.

  14. Teach

    happy birthday Sarge!
    23:28 (800m runs, 65#PP, 25#DB)
    Had to do the WOD in my garage today. Pushed Ansley around on the 800m runs, she counted reps on my exercises 🙂
    Congrats to Spec, Juan Timberlake, and ‘Dozer for competing hard this weekend!!

  15. Heather

    17:54 (1/2″, 55#, 15#DB)
    Nice to do a WOD with you on your B-Day Sarge!
    Thank you for getting me through those last manmakers G

  16. Hernan The Barbarian

    16:01 RX
    Good to workout with Sarge on his B-Day. Great push from Dozer and Aaron. Good to see Tris back from injury.

  17. Billdozer

    12:18(RX) Went to the drain afterwards, but managed to hold it back. Great job pushing me Aaron.
    Happy Birthday Original Thundercat Sarge, it was nice to have a beer with you on your birthday.

  18. T.C.

    9:50 but I only got two rounds in before twisting my ankle. Thanks for pushing me guys sorry I couldnt finish!!! I hate that.

  19. Beast (aka JA)

    18:46 (white band, 65# PP, 20# man makers). Have I mentioned I hate to run? I gave up trying to keep up with Tim and Jackrabbit after the first 100m.

  20. Jack Rabbit

    16:59 (65#,20#)
    Great to be back home! It was so wonderful to see all of your faces again. I’ve missed you all. Great job everyone!
    Sarge…good to see you and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your night. Happy Birthday.

  21. Jack Rabbit

    Hit the button too fast…
    Grace…thanks for the push tonight, I needed it. Billy good coaching man.
    Great job to Spec, Billy and Juan way to represent last weekend.

  22. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    Happy B-day Sarge!
    19:02 (Jumping Pull-ups; 65#, 20# DB)
    At Jim’s request, I’m leaving the pull up bands behind. Yup, losing the band is a challenge!
    Many thanks Billy for the push!

  23. Steve

    Happy BIRTHDAY Sarge!
    17:00 minutes
    65# push press
    20# db on man makers
    1/2 inch band on pullups

  24. ray

    17:30 Rx
    Thought I was going to die on the last run. Think I would have done better if I could have just thrown up.
    Enjoyed having a couple bday beers with Sarge after the WOD, happy bday again!
    Welcome back Katie

  25. G

    13:48 (65#PP, 20#DBMM), Awesome coaching Billdozer. Thanks for the push, Hernan
    Gris, LOL! Nice going on cranking those presses!
    Great to see OX, JasonJ, Aaron, Tristan, JackRabbit, Tim, Admiral, Princess Leia, Darth Patty, Mikey and JasonD back in the box.
    Let’s post our results here guys. Lots of names on the white baord today!! Awesome hard work by all…you guys pushed yourselves ready hard today!

  26. G

    One more: TC, hang in there! R – I – c – E your right ankle.

  27. Patty S

    24:01 (35# PP, Ring PU, 12# DBMM)
    Thanks for all the encouragement, Grace & Vampires! It’s been a while since I’ve been in The Box, & it really showed. Your encouragement made me stronger. CrossFit helps me to complete goals in other areas of my life…Each one of you inspires me!

  28. Princess Leia

    17:07 (400m row, 65#, jumping pu, 20#)
    Good to be back.

  29. She-Ra

    Just because I’m in CO doesn’t mean I will forget to wish a fellow T-cat happy birthdayyyyy! 🙂
    Have a great day Anthony!
    15 Back extensions
    15 K2E
    15 OHS (65)
    RX: 5 Rds, 15 OHS, 15 K2E, 4 BE!! Felt gooooodddddd!
    MIss everyone, trying to stay in touch.
    Miss you G-unit. I should be coming down soon, and you bet ur sweet face I’ll be coming down for a check-up WOD! <3

  30. G

    She-Ra, get your lovely tush back in the box as soon as you are back home! Everyone can’t wait to see you! Miss ya!
    Bob, your kipping pullups are definitely looking better each time.
    Hang in there Ray!
    MadMax!!! Way to go rx and where did those consecutive kips come from all of a sudden?
    Toe….. Where art thou “might midget”? Did you get lost in the state of Louisiana?

  31. mikey

    19:58 (75#, 25#)
    Great to be back. It was a relief to get a WoD under my belt after a month. I ain’t gonna lie- I was really scared and timid coming back from injury. Knee held up so I’m happy. Need to get back into fighting form- at least MY fighting form!
    Thanks G for the encouragement and helping me get back into the mix. It was good seeing everyone again.

  32. Biggs Darklighter (J. Dolenga)

    21:20 (75#PP, FatBand Pull Ups, 25#MMs)
    First time doing man-makers. Feel less like a man and more like a whinybabygirl after those.
    Thanks to Nate for letting me smoke him on the first 400m

  33. Jolecelle

    17:59 (65#, 20#)
    Too much time on pullup bar.
    Tristan, nice to see your name on the board. Welcome back!