“Heavy Rowing Grace”

3 Rounds For Time

  • 500m Row
  • 10 Squat Clean and Jerk (155)

Post results to comments.

Sectionals March 13 002

Billdozer and Spec "Taco" during the 2nd WOD at the Sectional.

Juan "BB4" during the 2nd WOD at the Sectional.

34 Responses to ““Heavy Rowing Grace””

  1. Stephen

    17:58 (115#) Guys good work this morning, thanks Grace.

  2. Bobo

    16:18? RX.
    ugly technique on my jerks.
    Been wanting to do this wod for a long time. lots o fun.
    Great work pacemakers!

  3. Red 'Barkley' Byron

    Man I sucked at this workout…just couldn’t make anything happen today. 95#/ 21 and change. While others were apparently doing ‘active rest’ on the rower I was about to pass out.
    Thanks G for calling me out on my stalling methods–guess they weren’t nearly as stealth as I had thought!

  4. shawn

    couldn’t make it today.
    I did my own couplet today.
    4 rounds:
    500 meter row
    10 jumping pullups
    Hopefully see you on Thursday

  5. Sean

    17:36 (135)
    Almost took my nose off in the 2nd rd with the jerk, and couldn’t see from the watery eyes for a minute. I think I finally found a way to rest in the middle of a WOD.

  6. Rick

    18:42 95#
    Took awhile to warm up… but finally got it going… see you tomorrow….rg

  7. Ian

    19:56 155#1-5, the rest 135#
    wanted to do 155# badly but was too heavy for me.

  8. todd

    18:12 I think. RX
    Although I still loathing anything resembling a heavy front squat, I am pretty happy with today’s performance.
    John B, good job at that weight, bro!
    Hernan, good job forging through about 4 warm-downs! haha

  9. HeMan

    26:?? (RX)
    Pretty good considering I was whiffing on 135lb squat cleans a few weeks ago.

  10. Billdozer

    14:56(RX) That one was tough, thanks for keepin me going Taco! great push from the gents at 6pm.

  11. Silverback

    12:23 (135#)
    I listened to Spec on the weight. It would’ve been a different story with the 155#. Maybe I should have used a weight between those two numbers.
    Great push from Dozer, 007 and Gris.

  12. Carl Melendez

    Man I wish i could have done this one today…gonna try this one definitely. Those squat clean and jerks kick my puny ass everytime!

  13. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    21:00 (95# R1-2, 75# R3; FS/SQ)

  14. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    18:39 (115#)

  15. Noel G (Wheezy)

    23:21 (75#) My squat is getting better. Now gotta work on “exploding” from there. Maybe I need more frijoles?

  16. chrissy

    mario c:
    22:48 – 65#
    chrissy c:
    22:46 – 75#

  17. chrissy

    mario c:
    22:48 – 65#
    chrissy c:
    22:46 – 75#

  18. the "Gris"

    15:0something. (155×8 reps, 135 remainder)
    Not a good day. Need to work on my form.

  19. T.C.

    16:49 135 lbs
    I think I am getting the squat clean and jerks down!!!!

  20. Hernan The Barbarian

    20:50 115#
    Great job 4PM. Todd and Spec thanks for the warm down and MU training help. I promise everyone who has helped that I will get a MU soon.

  21. G

    15:58 (105#)
    Welcome to our out-of-towners today:
    Shane at noon and Julie with the 6pm crew.
    Good to see Jared, Z and Lyvia back in action.
    “Red” Byron – almost stealth
    TC bounced right back from yesterday’s running fiasco!
    Big crowd again today! Saw lots of hard work! Awesome!

  22. 007

    Yes, its light for a WOD that has the word heavy in it. Fatigue and malnutrition are a bitch.

  23. Jack Rabbit

    19:12 (85)
    Tough WOD for me hated it but…what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger!
    Thanks for the weight choice Nate!

  24. She-Ra

    alright Hernan.. I see u workn on those MUs 🙂 woo weeee, good work friends!!!
    Mountain sectionals WOD:
    12 minutes to max snatch and 2# added for everyone MU.
    Snatch 100#, 20 Mu = 140! Lets see how that holds up against these crazy women that are gonna compete this weekend!

  25. Kari

    14:30 300m 35# 3rd workout
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  26. Vlad the Impaler (J. Dolenga)

    75# Squat Clean and Jerk on all reps except for 3, when I forgot and turned them into PC, Squat and Jerk. Still enjoying lower weights due to poor technique 🙂
    New PR on 500m row at 1:49, but the form needs to be reworked on that as well. Back to the drawing board.
    Good work vampires!

  27. Lyv"

    I was ordered to post, so this is my first post:-)I couldn’t post last nite, web didn’t upload the WOD for 03/16/10…so…19:11, 55lbs…need to work on my form.
    Thanks Grace for the encouragement!

  28. Stacy

    12:02 115#
    Checked the results from 2009 regional…9:44 @ 155# won the men, many were in the 10 minute range

  29. Nicole Disco D

    26:04 (r1 75, r2 75, r3 70) some PC/FS