“Harvard Law”

21 – 15 – 9 Reps For Time

  • Ring Dips
  • Thrusters (95)
  • Box Jumps (24")

Post results to comments.


Billy & Spec Sectionals 2k Row and 275lb DL WOD from ATOMIC CROSSFIT on Vimeo.

Installment on a few video coverage from the Sectional last weekend.  The rest will be uploaded onto our vimeo account by this weekend.

20 Responses to ““Harvard Law””

  1. the "Gris"

    7:37 RX. Same to you C-note. Glad to have you back! Good work as well to Juan Timberlake, Wingman and Bobo.

  2. Bobo

    9:08. RX.
    Thrusters were painful. didn’t warm up my shoulders enough before i started. had to take lots of breaks on them.
    the surprise warm down was ‘fun’.

  3. BB2

    Good hard work at the box guys! Looking forward to getting back to it. See you Saturday!

  4. Nicole Disco D

    Thanks Steph, I am really glad that you and G had the honor of seeing me get sick and no one else. It was not pretty!!
    Hey Fam I will be there on Sunday at 8:30.
    r1 55, r2 55, r3 45
    20 box jumb step ups
    ring dips assist box frt

  5. Janet

    10:34, 65#, box ring dips, R1 front, R2&3 behind…nice “cool down” with the sled…felt great to be back…as always, look forward to more!

  6. BB2

    Disco D, make sure you are staying hydrated. the most common cause of Pukie showing up is dehydration. Quite a milestone though. Like the t-shirt says…
    “Puking. It’s not just for supermodels anymore”

  7. heatherd

    Meet and Greet-Saturday, March 27th
    Bullpen Pizza and Sports Bar
    UFC Fight Night–6PM ’til ??
    14019 Southwest Freeway
    Suite 204
    Sugar Land, TX 77478
    We have a room in the back of the bar reserved for our get-together with our own TV to watch the fight. If we end up with more people than the room will accommodate, it opens up onto a huge outdoor, covered patio overlooking Oyster Creek (I think OC). The patio has a lot of TVs and a separate bar. Not sure when the fight starts, but we can get into the room at 6PM.
    The bar is located on the south/east side of US 59 at the intersection of US 59 and Sugar Creek Blvd. Take the Sugar Creek Blvd/Dairy Ashford exit, head south/east on Sugar Creek Blvd. and take an immediate right on Parkway Blvd. There is a strip center to your left and the Bullpen is at the second driveway.
    Can’t wait to see everyone there!!!
    Call or email me if you have any questions-I’m in the Google book.

  8. todd

    thanks for setting that up, heather. I dint RSVP to the deal, but I hope I’ll be able to make it…

  9. 007

    I was going for sub 9 but sub 10 works too.

  10. Sean

    9:50 something (rx)
    still struggle with the ring dips during wod’s.

  11. G

    Disco D, Jim is right about dehydration and pukie and I know that you are good with making sure you drink enough. You pushed yourself hard and stayed being uncomfortable longer than you have in the past. Proud of you for kicking it up a notch on the intensity.
    Welcome back Racing Ray!

  12. Beast (aka JA)

    10:31 Box-assist ring dips, 20″ box jumps, thrusters: round 1: 45#X12,50#X9, 55# for the last two rounds.
    Thanks G for pushing me to go heavier and heavier on those thrusters. The sled pull made me see stars. My quads are still feeling it.

  13. Racing Ray

    Thanks G! I liked the work out, but oh how tough it is to come back from a layoff 🙂
    13’10” paralletes and 85lbs

  14. Kari

    scaled wod 18-12-6
    9:40 para dips, 25#, step ups
    then 500 m 500 m row

  15. JUDY

    scaled for my back pains. 13:04, box assit ring dips, and rowing machine instead of thrusters. Thanks Grace!