Meet and Greet

Grace's bar from Vargas at St Croix Meet and Greet-Saturday, March 27th
Bullpen Pizza and Sports Bar
UFC Fight Night–6PM 'til ??

14019 Southwest Freeway
Suite 204
Sugar Land, TX 77478

(photo courtesy of Hernan The Barbarian)

We have a room in the back of the bar reserved for our get-together
with our own TV to watch the fight. If we end up with more people than
the room will accommodate, it opens up onto a huge outdoor, covered
patio overlooking Oyster Creek (I think OC). The patio has a lot of TVs
and a separate bar. Not sure when the fight starts, but we can get into
the room at 6PM.

The bar is located on the south/east side of US 59 at the
intersection of US 59 and Sugar Creek Blvd. Take the Sugar Creek
Blvd/Dairy Ashford exit, head south/east on Sugar Creek Blvd. and take
an immediate right on Parkway Blvd. There is a strip center to your
left and the Bullpen is at the second driveway.

Can't wait to see everyone there!!!
Call or email me if you have any questions-I'm in the Google book.  The contact information will also be right by the main door entrance of the box.


6 Responses to “Meet and Greet”

  1. Jack Rabbit

    Love the sign! I also LOVE that the monkey is wearing a Dallas Cowboy jersey! NICE!
    Thanks for putting this together Heather.

  2. Noel G (Wheezy)

    Count me in. Barring that school gives me more crap to be busy with, I should be able to show up.

  3. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    23:42 (145# / 20)

  4. Andrea / Genie

    My hubby and I may come after the Mike Epps Show Saturday. We will try to get there to see everyone!

  5. Alberto Tomba (J. Dolenga)

    I don’t trust any establishment that spells it “Capresi” Salad, however, I will probably be there nonetheless.

  6. Crazy Carl

    I’m In…and bringin some friends with me. See everyone there.