“Johnny Dangerously”

2 Person Teams

Row 2k (total)


50 "Curtis P" (total, 1 bar, 95M & 65W)


3 Rounds of:

  • 10 Pull-Ups
  • Buy in:  15 Push-Ups


200m Double Dynamax Ball Carry (total, 20M & 14W)

Post results to comments.


Jimmy finishes the Dead Lift at full extension.

7 Responses to ““Johnny Dangerously””

  1. BB2

    Good Work Today guys! Don’t remember the time 24?. Worked out with 80s girl and she dragged me along with her. Great work Jen.
    Nice to meet Janet and Daniel. You both are going killing it!
    Have a good weekend. See you Fithy 50ers tomorrow!!!!

  2. Janet

    Enjoyed the workout…thanks Jim for the Kipping pointers – soon enough. Good job team everyone!

  3. Carl Melendez

    26:5? worked out with an old high school buddy, who got introduced to the Atomic Box today. He actually did better than me. My damn body doesn’t like to cooperate early in the morning…i was fighting my damn body all morning. Good work Daniel. And awesome work everybody put in this morning.
    God Bless ‘Curtis P’s’… u hold a special place in our hearts.HAAA

  4. Daniel

    So this was my first wod at the atomic box today and I loved it! Great workout, great energy, and great people. Good job Carl and everyone else. I can already tell I’m gonna love it here. Big difference from doing it on my own and look forward to the next one!

  5. sharon

    38:15 – Sharon (rx) and Octavia (45#)
    Octavia those curtis p’s will get you every time. They are will provoke puckie real quick 🙂

  6. 80s Girl

    OK Jim…
    Our actual time was 26:05. You were RX and I did 45 on the CP.
    I had fun working out with you, too. 🙂

  7. Aida

    24:53…with Janet!!! I’m sooooooo sore!!! haha. That’s what I get for taking off a week. Will be ready for April 17th…