Local Team Competition

Bayou City CrossFit (location) is hosting a Team Competition (Craw Fish Mega Fest) on Saturday, April 17 at 12:30pm.  First WOD will start promptly at 1:00pm and second WOD will be around 3pm.  Tie breaker will be immediately after.  Each team is required to have 4 members (2 females and 2 males).  Team fee is $100.  They will also have a "SCALED" version of the WODs for those who are interested.

There is no spectator fee but there is a $10 fee for the crawfish broil and turkey package.

More details to follow.

10 Responses to “Local Team Competition”

  1. T.C.

    8.59 to do Jackie pull-ups assit. with tan band.
    Good job today Billy, Sharon, Hernan, and Matt!!!

  2. sharon

    1000 m row
    50 thruster 45#
    30 pull ups
    Billdozer, barbarian, heman, and TC good working out with you guys this morning.

  3. Hernan The Barbarian

    Thats 3 min better than my last time.
    Great work Dozer, He-Man, Sharon, and TC.

  4. HeMan

    Jackie – 9:50 (RX)
    I thought I hadn’t done that workout before, but turns out I did it last summer and beat my time by 5mins. Nice job Barbarian, TC, Sharon and Billy. Billy, I can’t waste you on the rower like I used too.
    Fun watching the Filthy Fifty crew. Fam, way to be a badd ass with the RX!!!!

  5. Billdozer

    7:38(rx) that felt a lot better than the first time I did jackie. Good work by all on a cold sunday morning.

  6. Aida

    Filthy 50….with 14# WB’s…everything else Rx
    28:41….great way to start my Sunday!

  7. todd

    I think Jason and I are gonna do the wuss-version of the BCCF team-wod. Famelicious is gonna be one of our girl team-mates (surprise, Fam!). If any other girl wants to join and who wants to compete and WIN, let me know!

  8. G

    WOD today Sunday.
    1000m Row
    50 alternating arm squat snatch (40# DB)
    750m Row
    35 alt. arm sq snatch (40#)
    500m Row
    20 alt. arm sq snatch (40#)
    = 18:41 (25# DB)

  9. Beast (aka JA)

    I’ll be there for the crawfish…and for my fellow ACF’ers! :o)