“Low Impedence”

For Time:

500m Row


4 Rounds of:

10 Power Snatch (115)

20 Wall Ball (20)


500m Row

Post results to comments.

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CrossFitters use the rowers for conditioning because it is one of the hardest cardio machines out there!  We don't row casually, either!  A typical CrossFit gym will definitely be outfitted with a bunch of them.

Check out below, Richard Vanmerbeek, a good old CF Mainsite message board buddy, who made it to the European Qualifiers.

Event 1: The Godfather from Richard Vanmeerbeek on Vimeo.

27 Responses to ““Low Impedence””

  1. Josh P.

    Small crowd at 5:30, but Wingman and I made it happen.
    16:28 (95lbs)

  2. heatherd

    Small crowd…I wonder why?!?! Am I the only person with body parts that don’t work this morning:)
    G–I think you told me yesterday that my abs would thank me…that’s not what they said this morning…I know, I know–in the long run!!!
    To follow up with yesterday’s thread, the sumo wrestling would be fun–I’m so in. I’ve done it before and it was a great time.
    Rest day today–see you tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, hopefully at the Bullpen on Saturday!!!!

  3. the "Gris"

    was scheduled but missed it this morning due to power outage; will do burpies in pennance.

  4. Bobo

    Did yesterday’s wod.
    Those lunges are just nasty.

  5. Richard Vanmeerbeek

    Thank you so much Grace! 🙂
    I was in the first heat for that event, and ended up with the best score overall. 6 rounds + 146m, try it out, it’s fun!

  6. G

    The pacemakers cranked it this morning. Josh P kept moving. Btw, good to know that your crossfitting played a good role in getting you through the Precision Rifle Competition. That’s sounds totally fun!
    Wingman, have fun at your three soccer games this weekend!
    Gris, 3 burpees per each minute that Josh and Wingman completed their WOD today. LOL
    HeatherD, stick with it, you’ll see 🙂
    Rich, mijn vriend! Congrats! C&J is your bread and butter. Will be following the European Regionals. Best of Luck to you!
    The 9:30sm crew had a pretty good pace. Just enough number of reps to get dialed on the movement.
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  7. G

    Thanks Arnold
    Yonder Farm Group Ordering Replies so far:
    1. Toe
    2. Doug
    3. JB
    4. Fam
    5. HeatherD
    6. Ian
    7. Spec
    8. Arnold
    9. G

  8. BB2

    Active rest. Untimed 4 mile run. Roughly 8 minute mile pace. Beautiful weather until mile 4…..

  9. Heather

    5K run 27:43(PR)
    Run is getting better. Took 2 min off my last time.

  10. JUDY

    16:28, 45# PS, 15# WB. sanitize those balls cause they taste salty. haha!

  11. Billdozer

    13:36(RX) It was a battle for the ages between Matt and I, I knew I had to get to the rower before he did, and I just didn’t have it in me, I was defeated by 6 seconds. A well earned victory my friend.
    FYI, The future of Crossfit begins in Spring 2010. If you don’t know what i’m talking about, you will soon. POW!

  12. Gina

    16:08 (55#, 10#)
    Guess I don’t need the clock, just Silverback to set a good pace!

  13. G

    16:08 (65# PS, 14# WB)
    Great pace going with the 5pm crew!
    Welcome on your first WOD:
    Richard D
    Stephanie C
    Great to see Princess Leia back in the box!
    The Paleo Treats were delicious Admiral! Thank you!

  14. Beast (aka JA)

    15:59 (55# PS, 10# WB) I think I will go heavier on the PS next time. I tried to position myself away from Bryan but G moved me back . HA!!
    Sorry for giving you bad directions Jupy…that’s why Gatekeeper drives all the time. Nice to see Ray with the Vamps. The Paleo treats were great…is it still considered Paleo if I ate 10 of them at once? Thanks Admiral and Princess Leia.

  15. Jason J.

    16:24(85# PS,20#WB) The Sumo sounds fun. Good work 4pm and 5pm crew.
    See yal in the morning!

  16. ray

    18:00 Rx
    Fun working out with the Vamps. Good to see some new faces.
    Nate – thanks for the paleo treats, the coconut one was good.

  17. HeMan

    13:30 (rx). Quite the battle Billy… Glad I could finally clip you on something with barbells.
    Voting members of the green sunglasses executive committe will be meeting this saturday at the bullpen… Silverback, you will be the CFO, beth is going to head up the IT teaching department and Billy will be the director of product development. Other positions will be established saturday. I think Ray and anthony should sumo wrestle for head of security.

  18. mikey

    Yeah! I like Matt’s thinking- it’ll be epic… FBSO -vs- SLPD. There’s no rivalry between those two depts…
    I’ll be taking action on that match-up. On second thought maybe that’s not the smartest thing to do…

  19. Teach

    15:54 (85#, 14#WB)
    Couldn’t catch ‘Dozer and HeMan today! Great fun with the 4pm crew, as usual 🙂
    Nice to see and meet all the new faces today!
    Matt – I will definitely head up the IT department. Green sunglasses are a must and I also propose that we create a green sunglasses.com bobble head doll to sell. We could also make some awesome videos with this bobble head. I’m just sayin’….