Meet and Greet Recap


"Arnold" puts her arm wrestling skills to a test.  More pictures and videos to come.  Many thanks to Noel G (Wheezy) for taking the time to capture all the action.


"Beast" and "Wheezy" charmed the camera.

"Bravo" above is proving the theory that it is possible to touch both elbows from behind with "HeatherD".

We would like to thank everyone who made it last night.  You ALL are a big part of our community and the reason why our box is so special.  We are proud of the accomplishments that each and everyone of you have made and are continuing to achieve!  Special thanks to HeatherD for everything!

21 Responses to “Meet and Greet Recap”

  1. Noel (Wheezy)

    Finally woke up, ate a taco, re-heated some coffee that was already sitting in the pot; now I am ready to study!
    It was an insanely awesome gathering! Definitely going if y’all do this again in the future.

  2. Billdozer

    I’m working on getting enough sunglasses for everyone. Things escalated quickly last night. Good times hangin out with everyone, Thanks for all the effort you put into this HeatherD.

  3. todd

    Good time had by all. The sunglasses is an entire ACF staple item for the BCCF WOD.
    This just in, The ATOMIC DREAM-KILLERS are officially registered for the Bayou City Crossfit Team WOD.
    Our team is comprised of Sarah Nash, Nicole Zapoli, Jason Desantis and Todd Crosswhite.
    “Not only will we kill your dreams, we will enhance your nightmares.”

  4. Sarah

    Oh Todd! What a team name that is for us! Are you sure its fitting?! Just sayin…
    Sorry I stepped out so quickly last night, but it was a great catching up with everyone! Thanks Heather D. for putting the event together!

  5. Teach

    Sorry we missed this last night! After spending all day at a track meet, something didn’t agree with me and I ended up on the couch and in the bathroom most of the evening…and for once, it wasn’t from drinking! 🙂

  6. Pepper

    Thank you HeatherD for getting everyone together. It was a lot of fun and the Bullpen was the perfect venue. Looking forward to the next one and hope more of the Vampires will show. Can’t wait to see all the pics Wheezy!

  7. sunshine

    for the record, sunshine went on a bike ride at 8am.
    good times.
    hair of the dog today 🙂

  8. heatherd

    Geeezuuuss!!!Just got off of the couch…was the shot WOD actually my idea–it should be more appropriately called the shot WOD marathon because it just kept going, and going, and going. I am paying for it dearly. I don’t know if I would rather have a Rewind or Fastforward button at this point. I had a lot of fun last night though.
    Aren’t I just a photogenic little thang?!?!? Noel, remember who your friends are now…
    Aida, I’ve been scrubbing all day and still can’t get this hookerlicious lipstick off–
    Thanks again for coming out last night! We will do something again soon and I can assure you I WILL NOT, NOT, NOT be drinking shots at the next one (or chugging a beer, etc., etc.)!!

  9. Silverback

    last night was a blast. Thanks Heather who coordinated this event, and everyone who came out to support the social WODs…

  10. T.C.

    Heather D. thanks for setting last night up I had an great time.
    Billy I really enjoyed Matt’s take on what you actually do for a living!!!!LMAO!!!

  11. Billdozer

    TC, don’t get me started on matt’s take on what I do. I don’t know who decided we need to have shot races but when I find them there’s gonna be hell to pay. I wandered around HEB for an hour today because my brain couldn’t figure out where to find the 6 items on my list.

  12. Katie

    Thanks Heather for setting this up. It was fun to see everyone.
    I love the team names!!

  13. G

    The pictures should be under Pix N Vids. The videos, however, are too big taking too long to upload on all Vimeo, smugmug and flikr. I will upgrade one of the accounts sometime this week to see if that will resolve it. They are too hilarious!
    Thanks again everyone! HeatherD has a few events developing as we speak. Can’t wait!

  14. JUDY

    This was cool, looks like the real maddness happened after I left, but glad to make it out for this social wod. thanks Heather “Buttafly” D!

  15. Ian

    Thanks Heather D it was awesome.
    I dont have a Headache of course I just woke up 5min ago