“Spectral Distortion”

3 Rounds For Time:

  • Run 500 Meters
  • 15 Box Jumps (24")
  • 10 KB Clean and Press (53)(Right Arm)
  • 10 KB Clean and Press (53)(Left Arm)
  • 15 Ring Dips*
  • Row 500 Meters

*Scale: Ring with parallets

Post results to comments.

David Neely Box Jump 

David "Neely" flies during his 24 inch box jump.

Charlie TWC

Charlie Lima of College Station CrossFit was in the neighborhood and decided to catch a WOD with us yesterday.

54 Responses to ““Spectral Distortion””

  1. JUDY

    Which hotel is everyone staying for warrior dash?

  2. BB2

    Good Work Morning Crew. Nice to have Jared join us…
    22.39 (44# KB)

  3. Janet

    Still not feeling well…missing some good workouts, hope to be back in the box tomorrow..

  4. Stephen

    Around 30 min give or take a minute. (55#KB,Box Assist RD)

  5. heatherd

    Judy and April-
    We’ve got rooms booked at the La Quinta in Balch Springs which is right down the road from the Warrior Dash site. I just spoke to them and they still have a few rooms left. Not sure if you want to stay there or not, but if so, here is their number:

  6. heatherd

    Unless anyone has the details already, I will check into 2010 CrossFit Games and let you know what I find out as far as spectator registration, hotels, etc.

  7. the "the Gris"

    Does any one else’s middle back hurt after yesterday? I have no idea what muscles they are but they are sore as hell.

  8. Billdozer

    25:29(RX) The row/run combo was quite vicious, ring dips felt decent though. I’m still no C-Note.

  9. Red 'Barkley' Byron

    36 almost 37 (35#, box RD)
    Didn’t think I was going to finish this one…

  10. Daniel

    26:5?(rx)..Sooooooo glad to be back in the box today i was starting to have with withdrawals! And thanks G and famelicious for being able to read my hand signals cuz clearly i couldnt talk lol..Good to see everyone again!

  11. mario c

    mario c
    27:02 modified (3 rds of 500 row; 24″ step ups; #30 Cleans; box assisted ring dips; 500 row.)

  12. sugahara

    30:48 limited ROM on my ring dips, i guess i need a box.
    It was great working out with the nooners. Thanks for sharing the beautiful afternoon.

  13. heatherd

    No sir, not for me..I think I just puked a little in my mouth just thinking about AMRAP drinking!!!

  14. BB2

    Be prepared for the the CrossFit Century. IF we can find a pull-up bar. and enough beer.
    every minute on the minute….
    1 Shot of beer
    1 Pull-up

  15. Beast (aka JA)

    Dropped by to watch the nooners. It was such a pretty day that I decided to run with those doing the WOD. WOW, THE PARKING LOT LOOKS DIFFERENT DURING THE DAY! I tripped over the speed bump and flew several feet. I haven’t done that since 3rd grade!

  16. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    Beast, all I can say is….. hehehehe….

  17. Ian

    BB2 how about we bring the beers to the box and do it in there? Im in for that one

  18. Billdozer

    I am ready for the Crossfit Century, and i’m available this friday. As long as we stay away from jager and whatever else you crazy ladies tried to force on us last saturday.
    We can profile the event on Greensunglasses.com, as soon as we are up and running.

  19. Heather

    30:11 (26#KB, 20″, box asst RD)
    Jen, thank you for the motivation! You were right there with me the whole time and it made me keep moving 🙂

  20. Jen

    30:58 (20″,26KB,box asst RD)
    couldn’t catch you Heather! Good Job! thanks for keeping me going!
    Way to push it Natalie:) Wingman – you flew through this WOD.
    Hernan – get well soon!
    Beast – attend to your scrapes and bruises 🙂

  21. G

    28:55 (35#KB)
    As usual last 2 rounds of ring dips slowed me down but pretty happy with first round. Eight (8) consecutive ring dips is a milestone for the old lady 🙂
    Thanks for the push Jim. JB, pacing with you kept me going until you started to crank it on the ring dips on Round 2.

  22. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    31:33 (53/35/53)

  23. G

    Welcome back Jenny S!
    Daniel, your sign language was pretty clear and glad to be able to help you out.
    Sugahara, good to see you post! Yes you are right on, range of motion is what we strive for as crossfitters. It’s like a medal of honor. We’ll set you up with the box behind you next time. Great effort today at noon.
    Beast, you truly are a vampire. Glad you didn’t melt under the hot noon sun today. You must be a “LYCAN HYBRID”. Thanks for coming by and showing your support. Jupe worked hard!
    Crossfit Century? I’ll just watch unless it’s paleo beer?
    Wingman, congrats on your 10th day! Way to be disciplined! That is so cool!!!!
    Red Byron, your running and rowing are definitely getting better. Hang in there.

  24. G

    Toe, you already know that I want in on that. I need me some badass oakleys for the competition and warrior dash.
    Thanks for extending the offer to everyone in our community.

  25. Silverback

    23:45 (Rx)
    Would’ve gone slower but BB2 let me know what pace I needed on the last row to beat JB. Sorry Bobo 😉
    Good push Aaron & Pat!

  26. T.C.

    As my first month draws to a close I feel the need to send a special thanks to G, Jim, JB, Billy as well as the many others who have worked with me over the past few weeks. Without all of you I dont thinks that I would have dropped 22 lbs and a pant sizes in just one month!!! I can not wait to see what the future holds!!! I hope I can continue the progess, and hit Rx on a daily basis. So thank you to all!!
    Good work out today I would like to drop my time a little more but I was under 30 min so I will take it!!
    29.21 (box assist on ring dips, 53 # KB, 24″ box jumps)
    Running kills me but we will keep at it!!

  27. Jim

    When I look at you, I see pure determination…to quote the imortal Carpenters, “We’ve only just begun”
    Great work this evening everyone! It was great to see sunshine and nisha leaving it all on the rower at the end!!!

  28. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    27:03 (26KB, parallet dips)

  29. Beast (aka JA)

    You an old lady G? Hardly!
    I reminded Jupy to post, she hung out with Pukie for most of the afternoon! I told her that Pukie just wants to welcome her.
    BTW, Dennis is still laughing about my fall. It was epic! You should have seen it.

  30. Katie

    (35KB, Assisted Ring Dips)
    I’ve got some nice big bruises on my arms from throwing the kettlebell around! Gotta work on that!
    T.C….you the man! Nice job!

  31. Jason J.

    (35#KB,24″box jump,box assist on ring dips)
    I should of went heavyier! But it was nice for a change not to be last. Thanks for the coaching and not letting me forget my ringdips.Good work everyone!

  32. Nisha

    31:32 (20″, 20KB, parallet dips)
    Need to figure out how to gradually speed up my running versus slowing down…runs are killing my times…but, all in all, felt pretty good with this WOD

  33. Pat

    25:13(rx) fast runners in 6:00 group
    highs and lows of crossfit, yesterday felt horrible today felt much better!

  34. mikey

    31:05 (24″,40#,box assited ring dips)
    Running immediately after rowing is just WRONG! On the last run, I could not get one foot in front of the other to get my ass outside to run.
    Thanks to Silverback’s and Katie’s tips with the KB, I have minimal bruising on my forearms!
    Good job tonight everyone! Thanks for the coaching Jim!!!

  35. Steve

    24:58. box steps, 35# kb, box rings. Felt good today; must be the barbell clinic kicking in!

  36. Kari

    25:12 2 rounds 18″box jumps and 18#KB and para dips
    First WOD with Coach Jim. Thanks for working with me! BTW, the barbell clinic was super!
    Special thanks to JB on box jump practice and big thanks to TC and Jason pushing me in on the 2nd run. That was super sweet!

  37. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    Beast, all I can say is….. hehehehe….

  38. G

    Great job TC!
    Btw, another team has registered with BCCF Team competition on April 17th. We will be competing in the standard division.
    Team Name: Will be announced soon.

  39. Billdozer

    T.C., great post, you have been workin hard ever since you came here, so you deserve all the credit. You remind me of myself when I started except I would get pissed when I couldn’t get my 165# 1 rep and u are pissed that you cant get 315#. Keep up the good work.

  40. ray

    30:17 Rx
    Fun WOD. Great progress T.C.
    Correction on Sharon’s time, it was actually 37:06

  41. Octavia

    30:23, 18″ box jumps, 18 lb kettle bell, box/parallet dips…I feel the summer-weather crossfit season coming!

  42. Aida

    30:30 (35# KB) Rx ring dips.
    The ring dips slowed me down too!!

  43. Heatherd

    Alt WOD –the bicep curls were a first:)
    Katie, 35# KB…you the woman!!
    Kari,way to hang in there!!
    G, I don’t want to hear anything about old…you run circles around most of us!!!

  44. G

    I’m so frexcited about that team name, Billy! Can’t get any worse than that! LOL!!
    Good to see Kate and Octavia getting regular on posting in our blog! Rock on ladies!
    HeatherD, bicep curls last night was a classic. Just think, you could be Arnold, Jr. and will be able to arm wrestle on the next meet and greet!

  45. Bobo

    snuck in a wod with G and Kari.
    23:51 RX.
    That last set of clean and press was pretty tough.
    T.C. you bring it strong every day! Keep it up.
    Way to push hard Silverback. I’m just happy to be close to your time.
    C-Note, you are a cyborg.