“Primal Memories”

5 Rounds For Time:

  • 10m Bear Crawl to Wall
  • 5 HSPU*
  • 10m Bear Crawl Back
  • 21 KB Swings (53)

*scale HSPU with Abmats, Pike Push-Ups or Seated DB Presses

Post results to comments.

Meet and Greet Ladies

Just some of the ladies from the Meet and Greet last Saturday.  Clockwise from bottom:  Pepper, Aida, HeatherD, G, Kari and Katie "Jack Rabbit".  (photo courtesy of Wheezy)

38 Responses to ““Primal Memories””

  1. Josh P.

    Excellent group of folks at 5:30, I enjoyed it. Hard to keep up with Wingman!
    11:14 (pike)

  2. G

    G2, thanks for uploading all those pix from your camera from Oktoberfest, Dallas ACO and the Sectionals.
    I’ll post the following again from yesterday’s comments.
    I. For those who RSVP’d on Yonder Way Farm Group ordering, we can have them deliver it to our facility every 1st Friday of each month. This will mean that you all will order and prepay on-line via their website at
    and pick up your order at the box every 1st Friday of each month by 7Pm. They can start the order as early as April 9th, next Friday.
    Let me know if you all are able to order for next week’s delivery, April 9th. My email is grace@atomiccrossfit.com.
    II. Attention: April 17th Team WOD Competitors (scaled and standard)
    Get your Team WOD practice in this Saturday morning. We will not do a separate 8:30am as initially planned. Just show up along with the weekend warriors at 7:30am. You will, obviously, be teamed up with your own teammates.

  3. BB2

    15 and change (Rx) Just happy to Rx this one.
    5 min rest
    extra credit 2K row (8:11) ouch.

  4. Red 'Barkley' Byron

    15 and some seconds
    Tried the 1 abmat but began sticking at the bottom so had to move to two after 1st round. 44# KB.
    Wish we would have done the crab walk on the return as that would have looked really cool.
    Thanks to Wingman and Henley for the KB push at the end…otherwise, I would have dragged that last 21 out another 7 or 8 minutes.

  5. Beast (aka JA)

    Hernan, Heather & Jonathan…have you guys thought of a team name?
    G, Dennis has a big bump on the top of his head… ;o)

  6. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    14:47 RX and ran out of 53# kb so had to use the 55# kb. Funny thing is that I felt the extra 2#s.
    Team name suggestion for Beast, Lopez, Barbarian and Heather. “The Hernandez’s”
    That concrete was hard G. Thanks for putting a little padding there 🙂

  7. Heather

    I think hernan submitted our name as The Wrecking Crew

  8. Jason J.

    Stuck at work today. No WOD. As I was reading the comments I realize that I do not know what PR stands for. I guess it means personal best but that would be PB not PR. I am sure that someone will give me the 411 on PR. I am off on the 17th and I am planning on doing the morning WOD and then going to the Team WOD Crawfish Boil as a spectator. I will be taking the Camaro if 1 person and 2 smaller people are want to ride.

  9. Pepper

    Hi Jason,
    I am planning on going on the 17th and would like to ride with someone, so if you have room, that would be great. Thanks.
    P.S. Can’t help you on the PR…don’t know either.

  10. G

    Jason J, PR means personal record and short for best PR.
    Hot looking camaro will be a grand way of showing up for your support. Vic will address availability of parking, church across the street and maybe from Double Daves next door.

  11. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    14:47 RX and ran out of 53# kb so had to use the 55# kb. Funny thing is that I felt the extra 2#s.
    Team name suggestion for Beast, Lopez, Barbarian and Heather. “The Hernandez’s”
    That concrete was hard G. Thanks for putting a little padding there 🙂

  12. Jim

    Fam make sure you team knows not to show up until 8 on sat…we can run your team through the WOD then….

  13. Noel (Wheezy)

    9:22 (Scaled)
    -25lb DB press for R1/R2; then my right arm decided it didn’t want to cooperate so then 20lb DB for rest of the WOD
    -35lb KB swings
    One day I’ll be cool enough for the Pike push-up. But I am starting to leave the inhaler in cubby-hole.

  14. caci

    Gotta work on that bear crawl. Ended up having to do walking lunges instead. Did ok, though….14:35 seated db press with 12# and 26#kb

  15. Jason J.AKA ( Double J, or J Squared maybe? we will see?)

    Sounds good pepper.
    Thanks G

  16. Heather

    11:03 (pike, 35#KB)
    Fun times hanging out with everyone after the WOD today 🙂

  17. Aida

    8:14 (35#KB, 1 ABmat last 3 rds)
    I love short WODs!!!!

  18. chrissy c

    10:21 (pike/35#)
    And Bryan – I did my GHDs!

  19. G

    Great baseline WOD tonight Kim!
    Welcome aboard Ximena!
    Good to see Tank, Ox, Admiral and Teach back in action this week!
    Huge 4pm class!!!
    Gatekeeper, glad the little padding (aka, blue mat) help minimize the bump 🙂
    Hope you shake away that nasty chest congestion soon, 007.
    Rest day …. got an overdue deep tissue massage today.

  20. G

    Ian, Yonder Way is supposed so set up our location as one of the option on their website soon. I’ll keep you posted.

  21. Pepper

    11:00 (15#db, 18#kb)
    I don’t know if I was doing a bear crawl. It was more like slo-mo bear creeping.
    Thanks Grace…you are always right.
    Good job vampires!

  22. Pat

    10:26 (rx) thanks for the extra work Judy, I needed it!Mostly thanks Teach for stopping us before round 6 of KBS!

  23. Janet

    Missing the fun…be back in the box soon!!

  24. ray

    12:30ish Rx (I think this was my time, lost the sticky note)
    4pm today looked like the old Saturday classes, huge group.
    Thanks for counting off my reps at the end 007 and Stacy.
    Welcome Ximena

  25. Hernan The Barbarian

    12:05 (44#Kb)
    Great group today.

  26. Teach

    9:12 (1 blue mat, 40#KB)
    Ginormous group at 4:00 today! It was an honor working out next to He-Man and ‘Dozer. Great push you guys.
    As always fun stuff after the WOD…the conversation is always interesting 🙂
    Team Ramrod – our total domination is inevitable…I’m just sayin’

  27. G

    Quote of the Night:
    There are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous men (and women)!

  28. T.C.

    10.32 I think with 2 abmats and a 53# kb
    Have a nice Easter everyone!!!!!

  29. JUDY

    10:26, 2 ab mats, 35# KB. Trying to keep up with Pat and did 6 rounds! I’ll try 1 ab mat next time. =) Yeah 6pm class, great job!