“Mystery Team WOD”

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Robert Hammond

Happy Birthday Robert (Easy Rider)!

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  1. Heatherd

    Happy Birthday, Robert.
    BTW, I’m pretty sure I saw you jogging the other day with your baby which means me, you, Steph and Bob all live nearby–If y’all ever want to meet up for a run, let me know.

  2. Jim

    Great work today by all teams. I really had a good time coaching today! Huge Saturday crowds ROCK!

  3. April

    Happy Birthday Robert!
    Great job today everyone–great crowd this morning!

  4. Beast (aka JA)

    Famelicious, Gatekeeper said his index finger and his shoulders are sore from the cameras.
    Great job everybody. Jim, I forgot how good a coach you are. Thanks!

  5. Teach

    Happy Birthday Robert! Do we all live in Quail Valley??
    Great fun this morning! Way to push hard Team Ramrod (meow…). Thanks Jim for the push and the coaching and the great WOD design!
    Daniel and Aida – Great finally meeting you guys!
    She-ra – Thank for gracing us with your presence this morning 🙂

  6. Beast (aka JA)

    Happy Bday Robert!
    It’s nice to see you again She-ra!

  7. She-Ra

    What a great WOD! Fun to be back at home and very good to see some familiar faces! Thanks for letting me work out with you guys! I will def be back down in a few weeks. Great job by everyone today 🙂

  8. Jackrabbit

    Happy Birthday Easy Rider!
    She-ra it was so GREAT to see you sweets!
    Daniel it was nice to meet you.
    Great job this morning everyone!

  9. T to the O to the Double-D

    hbd, easy rider!
    what was the wod today??

  10. Aida

    Great WOD! Great team!!!!
    Thanks Grace for the push!!
    Thanks Jim for making me stay for the second beating! Really loved it!!
    Nice to meet you Beth…

  11. G

    Call me Todd; I’ll give you the details. Your team can do next Saturday’s WOD for practice.

  12. HeMan

    Good Job team BADASS!! Had a ton of fun this morning with the workout. Awesome having my twin sis back, even if it’s only temporary :/.
    Steph, I’m definately in for Team Badass T-Shirts and I think we need to go with “Team Badass” on the front and nick-names on the back. And we need to make sure Silverback’s is two sizes too small to distract all the ladies on the other teams!!

  13. T to the O to the Double-D

    how many teams will be representing ACF? What are the team names? Who all are on each respective team? Who’s making the boutonnieres and bouquets??

  14. G

    You’re welcome Deborah! You did well on the cleans.
    Todsky, we have a total of 7 teams. Don’t remember all the teamnames and members off hand….Final Four has my attention 🙂 (Sorry about your team Vlad) Shooting for Blue Devils. Todd, the list is written on the side white board in the WOD room #1.
    Are you back in town? See if you can round up some, if not, all your teammates to the box at the open gym tomorrow to try the WOD.

  15. G

    Just wanted to give Coach Jim a big shout out. First class Superb coaching to an exceptionally huge class and fantastic group of like-minded people! GREAT WOD!!
    Team Ramrod, let it ROCK! —- Meow!

  16. G

    Team Ramrod: 596 (Rx)
    Billdozer, Daniel “Ramrod”, Teach & G
    Skull Crushers: 405 (Rx 3 members, w/o Stacy)
    BB4, Aida & Jack Rabbit
    ACF BadAss: 534 (Scale)
    Silverback, Arnold, HeMan & Famelicious
    Wrecking Crew: 513 (Scale)
    Lopez, The Barbarian, Heather & Beast
    Atomic Scrubs: 502 (Scale)
    Ian, Bobo, April & Summer
    Oklahoma: 595 (Scale-3 members)
    Drew H (rx), She-Ra & Jennifer
    Sameer & The Girls: 412 (Scale, 3 members)
    Sameer, Gina & Octavia