Happy Birthday Stephanie, aka "Arnold"!

21 Responses to “Greetings”

  1. John B

    Happy Birthday Steph!! You’re one of the crossfitters never to be fritter! Good Luck on your BCCF! Make us proud!

  2. ray

    HBD Steph!
    Friday’s WOD: 29:34 Rx
    200m run
    30 DU
    10 OHS
    100m farmer carry
    Being off for a week sucks. Good work JB and Noel. Silverback, thanks for the DU advice… go faster. Wish I would have thought of that.

  3. Beast (aka JA)

    Happy Bday Arnold! I don’t speak for Gatekeeper, but I want to be just like you, you strong crossfit chick!!! God bless always!
    Gatekeeper and Beast

  4. Nicole Disco D

    Happy Birthday Steph, you are a great friend and keep me motivated to keep pushing forward. You are a strong crossfit chick!!!!
    2000m row 10:06
    practice DU
    ghd 20/20

  5. Jason J.AKA ( Double J, or J Squared maybe? we will see?)

    Happy Birthday Steph!

  6. Jackrabbit and C-Note

    Happy Birthday Steph!!!
    You’re one strong hot chick!!

  7. Noel (Wheezy)

    Happy B-day Steph!!
    First time going to the open gym today. Did a re-match for Friday’s WOD. Did it 30:?? minutes but was able to go up to 65lb. The guys were there to correct my OHS form. Its starting to come around.

  8. She-Ra

    Happy Birthday hot mama!!! Ur are my inspiration 🙂
    Keep on makn the t-cats proud!!