Benchmark WOD: “Fran”

For Time:

21 – 15 – 9

  • Thrusters (95)(65)
  • Pull-Ups

Compare to 090708 results (some did regular Fran).

Also, compare to 090421 results.


Skill Work of your choice for 20

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FRAN ON FIRE from CrossFit Leiftime Fitness on Vimeo. (referred by Arnold)

Ramrod Daniel Ward

Daniel W, aka "Ramrod" became a part of our ACF community last month.  His maximum pull-ups in one set is 50 reps, which is our box record.

58 Responses to “Benchmark WOD: “Fran””

  1. Noel (Wheezy)

    10:50 (65#, Ring rows)
    I swear, I so close to sticking to the bands. Oh well….soon (twittling fingers). Continued practicing my OHS and now need to add Thrusters to the list.

  2. the "Gris"

    And back at you C-note!
    4:18 (RX) Had not done a Fran with Atomic yet. Thrusters felt good today – thanks for policing my form Lopez (although I still don’t like them.)
    I love Monday morning pacemaker wods. Everyone is motivated and it makes one forget that the entire work week is out there, if only for a moment. Great job everyone.

  3. Stephen

    10:?? (Rx)
    Ben & Gris you guys rocked: Great job
    Great work Pacemakers

  4. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    12:09 RX
    Not a fan of thrusters. When I saw that we were doing Fran, I pictured Teach doing it prego.
    Juan, way to fight through it.
    Jason Luk, thanks for the push and thanks for visiting ACF. See ya next visit!
    Great job Pacemakers!
    Thanks G!

  5. Bobo

    5:24 RX
    Did much better than i thought i would today. Still wish i could get back to my old pull up form… i guess dropping fifteen lbs would help. So maybe i can consider this fran with a 15lb vest? hehe.
    Great group this morning! The pacemakers were flying. Gris and C-note crushed it.
    Thanks for the push G and Jason!

  6. HeMan

    Monday morning WOD: jury duty. This is good preparation for the team competition, I think.

  7. Sarah

    I am already nervous about this one! My stomach is turning!!!

  8. Rosie

    7:22 (35#,RR)
    The guys were on FIRE this morning! Great Job everyone 🙂

  9. Ramrod

    3:57 rx
    thrusters felt slow. Couldn’t seem to get into a good rythm on the butterflies. Thanks fam for the callus cutter thingamajig 🙂
    Summer way to fight through it! Everyone did awesome and welcome Manuel!

  10. Noel (Wheezy)

    Random Exciting News:
    Okay, it should be no surprise by now why I am called “Wheezy”. Lets face it, I should practically invest in the pharmaceutical industry. Before Crossfit, I had asthma since middle school. I got by in orchestra, marching band, lineman in football and goalie in futbol. After junior year, I got less physically active and focused primarily in music, math, and sciences. Yes, I was a nerd with a pocket protector (literally).
    What does this have to do with anything. Well….for 10 years I barely touched a treadmill, dumb bell, or protein shake. From 2000 up to January 2010, I could barely walk up 1 flight of stairs without cramping up or reaching for my inhaler. Now, roughly 2 months into Crossfit, I noticed a shadow over my collar bone…it was casted by superior portion of my trapezius!! I noticed a new muscle forming on my calf and my forearms are looking more trimmed. But that is not the best part. Today, I walked up 4 flights of stairs carrying a full backpack (laptop, two binders, and some books) without getting short of breath, needing the inhaler, or having to stop and lean on the rail. Booyah!
    Point of all this? Heck if I know. I was just excited. I really appreciate what ACF has done to me. You could almost say that I am a tad addicted to it (maybe). In general, I still torture myself and continue to come to Crossfit because it is random, varied, there are no mirrors with a 20-something playboy model telling me that I should be able to flex like the person next to me who is possibly more fit than I will ever be, and all of y’all are super-awesome. But I still hate running, I only do it because all the other cool kids are doing it.
    And yes, this random message was approved by G. =-)

  11. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    Crossfit works! Keep at it Noel. There are no limits. Happy for you brother!

  12. Teach

    Yea Wheezy!!!! That’s a great testimonial 🙂
    Sarah – you should totally get to the box for the 4:00 class!

  13. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    12:09 RX
    Not a fan of thrusters. When I saw that we were doing Fran, I pictured Teach doing it prego.
    Juan, way to fight through it.
    Jason Luk, thanks for the push and thanks for visiting ACF. See ya next visit!
    Great job Pacemakers!
    Thanks G!

  14. Logan

    Just like all the other women in my life (wife, daughter), Fran treated me pretty much like I deserved to be treated…good at first and then she let me know that there is still alot of work to be done…12:24 with bands on pull ups…

  15. mario c

    I was just sitting at my computer sipping on a bottle of Maalox as I watched a couple of trades I put on this morning go to hell in a hand basket, when I started day dreaming, as I often do, about having a full head of hair and lifting refrigerators and cement trucks and telephone poles off of people who were trapped under them. Then I read Noel’s post and realized that the life a Crossfitter saves may very well be his own! Way to go, Noel!

  16. Silverback

    5:15 (Rx)
    If anybody finds a lung in or near the box today pls let me know, I coughed one up during the noon WOD.

  17. sweet potato

    Mario…loved your post!!
    Noel….loved it even more!!
    5:53 RX…..PR for me!!! more than a minute a half better than last time in November.

  18. Beast (aka JA)

    Great job Wheezy…it just keeps getting better and better. You are one of the many athletes whose lives have been made better because of crossfit, our awesome coaches and supportive tribal peeps. Booyah is right!
    Chief, wow…Maalox and Geritol together gives you profound thoughts.

  19. Andrea / Genie

    Noel keep up the great work! Not sure if I have met you b4, but if so I apologize for the brain fart! But I think we all have somewhat the same stories, some better than others. I loved your post and it does work.
    Don’t know if I can make a class tonight, but if not, looks like I will be running at the track with my son!

  20. Noel (Wheezy)

    Thanks everyone for support and comments!
    Does this mean I’m cool enough to weightlifting shoes? Or too soon? 😉

  21. John B

    wheezy!! Well said! First time I met you, you’re wheezing actually! I don’t need props to hear it! Clearly Audible!(joke)
    Next time seeing you, perhaps you’re running like a crazy road runner!

  22. Ian

    Very disappointed in my time, thought for sure I could have done it faster. Thanks for the coaching Billdozer.

  23. Ian

    Silverback that’s it? I was expecting you to come in and crush Ramrods time. Did you not eat your wheaties today?

  24. Teach

    3:55 (rx)
    I love Fran! I edged out Ramrod, my teammate, by 2 seconds 🙂 I also PR’d from the last time I did Fran (without being prego) by more than a minute.
    Great work, as usual, from the 4:00 group! Thanks for the encouragement G!!!

  25. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    Crossfit works! Keep at it Noel. There are no limits. Happy for you brother!

  26. Gina

    9:23 (65#, green band)
    I think this is 1st time to do ‘Fran’, so was pretty happy with the sub-10 min time. Of course, still trying to find my lung somewhere near the rowing machine….
    Noel, that’s awesome – this stuff really works & before you know it, you’ll be doing stuff you never dreamed of – Houston Marathon?

  27. Jen

    10:35 (55#,black band)happy with my time considering back in July I did scaled rep with 40#,2″band – 8:23
    Famelicous you’ve come a long way. July you were doing ring rows and now you are kipping like crazy! Awesome!
    Noel-very motivating testimonial! I bet Caci is so proud of ya!
    CHIEF, you are too funny!

  28. Beast (aka JA, aka Jen's sis, aka Gatekeeper's wife)

    I almost forgot, to the one who started the crossfit fever in St. Lukes Hospital and in my household, HAPPY CROSSFIT ANNIVERSARY JEN!!!
    Thanks for introducing me to ACF! Love ya!

  29. Sarah

    9:23 (RX)
    My shoulders gave me the big SCREW YOU! I was so going for my coveted black beanie today (Jim I did not forget the two ways I can get it) and I missed it by 23 seconds which just pisses me right off. I know that I havent been working out for like 4 months, lifting weights, and a first for me to do kips in Fran…but STILL!!! My mind was SO in it and my body said forget you! I dropped my last thruster at the top because my shoulders refused to push it anymore=redo; I would swing on the bar knowing damn well that my shoulders should be pulling me up, but my body would not do what I wanted it to do! AAAHHHH the frustration!
    Thank you to everyone that tried to make me feel better but my competition side is not happy.
    Thank you Stacy for helping me with DU’s…with a little more practice on timing I will have it!

  30. Beast (aka JA, aka Jen's sis, aka Gatekeeper's wife)

    Never mind, I was excited. It’s not until the 21st! Well advanced happy anniversary!

  31. April

    8:16 RX Oddly enough I have no record of attempting Fran before today.
    Congratulations Wheezy on your milestones!

  32. Silverback

    Ian, my time would’ve been faster, but I was using 155# for my thrusters, and only one arm for the pull-ups…

  33. Billdozer

    4:26(RX) Just can’t keep up with Beth, but glad she is on my team. That round of 15 felt even worse than the last time I did Fran. Great work by everyone who showed up today.
    Post WOD Skill development, holding off Pukie by walking in circles.

  34. Hernan The Barbarian

    After much debate I decided to go with my weight from my last Fran to see and feel the differnce. I had felt Fran before but never like this. Its is special when 2 minutes after the WOD you feel worse than during the WOD. Thanks for the cheers and coaching Billy, Stacy, 007, G and Teach.
    Got 3 RX HSPU today. Very happy about that.

  35. Hernan The Barbarian

    Forgot. Took almost 6 min and a black band off of my last time.

  36. Babs

    6:44 (35#, 2″band)
    cut 2min. off my time and have gone from ring rows to the band.

  37. Ramrod

    beth that is sick! yes thank god she is on my team. good job everyone!

  38. Ian

    I knew there was something that slowed you down Silverback. Any WOD where my time is faster than your’s just not possible unless…155# and one arm pull-ups

  39. Jared

    7:48 (RX) This is was my first time doing Fran. Thanks G and Billy for the encouragement. Looks like crazy fast times all around. Got to love the music selection from the Fran on Fire vid. RATM!

  40. Jason J.AKA ( Double J, or J Squared maybe? we will see?)

    10:51 Rx Good Job T-cats. Way to go Wheezy. I told your story to a friend that has been trying to get in better shape the last 3 years. He has tried all kinds of miracle diets but has not had much luck. I told him Atomic would work wonders but I am not sure if he going to try it or not.

  41. Jolecelle

    7:04rx – about 6 minutes faster than last Fran. I got a lot of help from Billy & Grace..thanks for yelling at me.
    On a happier note, I finally got my 1st DU! Soo happy!! Thanks Grace!
    April- great time, plus rx!
    Sara, you’ll get it next time. Hang in there. That’s a great time, btw.

  42. caci

    Thanks everyone.
    Jason: Ask your friend to just jog, row, or do jumping jacks. Then, give him a straw, tape his nose closed (because I do have a deviated septum), and have him do the same exercise but breathing only thru the straw.
    Chances are your friend will panic for oxygen! Then tell him that is what I go thru at every WOD. If it can work for Wheezy, it can work anyone!!

  43. G

    Good for you Caci! Glad you are hanging in tough at ACF. Your patience and hard work will yield results.
    Manuel – welcome on your first WOD!
    Bobo, glad you shaved your time…and that goes for everyone!
    Logan & Chief – LOL!
    Noel, we can’t call you “Wheezy” anymore 🙂
    Jared, good thing you were able to make up for the same day. Everyone needs to give Fran a try.
    H The Barbarian, good negotiation on weight selection! (as recommended by Spec) Way to go! You got to the border of Phosphagen and Glyogen energy pathway…where Fran should ideally be experienced. So mission accomplished!
    Great to see Mikey, Doug, Ox and Tank back in action.
    Teach….Freakin’ awesome time!!!
    Way to go Ramrod!!….I know your Fran PR is faster than that but since that’s the time you did here at the box, that’s what our Leader Board will reflect.
    Roger = was kipping tonight on some of his reps (2 or 3 consecutive kips)
    Jolecelle = 1 DU
    Babs = 2 consecutive DUs

  44. G

    5:32 (Rx) A little disappointed because I was aiming for sub 5 to get to my TEAM RAMROD’S TURF today. Thrusters felt good but forearms failed me again on pull-ups, especially on the second and last round. On a better note, time was shaved by close to 2 minutes from last FRAN in April. May have done FRAN when CF Main site had it recently and time was around 5:28 (Rx), I think. I still love Fran!

  45. She-Ra

    haha.. nice pic Mr. Ward! Glad u got to join the best box in the world… bout time 🙂

  46. TC

    6.43 (tan band on pull-ups) This was my first time with Fran.

  47. Nicole Disco D

    It only gets better Noel!!!!
    8:05 55#,2 1/2 band