The Girls, Benchmark WOD: “Diane”

7 x 50m Sprints



For Time

21 – 15 – 9 Reps

  • Dead Lift (225)(155)
  • Handstand Push-Ups

Compare to 090928 results.

Post results to comments.

April K HSPU 

Tank HSPU abmats

April K and Tank set milestones the other week with their first Handstand Push-ups with abmat(s) in a WOD!

49 Responses to “The Girls, Benchmark WOD: “Diane””

  1. Sarah

    My least favorite lift and my favorite exercise! BOOOO Deadlifts, YAAAAY HSPU’s…but then I realized how many I have to do! Hopefully my shoulders don’t let me down 🙂

  2. Bobo

    10 and change. RX.
    was hoping to do better on this one. took about four minutes to do the last round of HSPU. got sloppy only thinking about time instead of form. focus on form and time will take care of itself, and probably will be better.

  3. Janet

    6:03 (1ABMAT)…HSPU are feeling better, still not my favorite.

  4. Noel (Wheezy)

    7:52 (155#, 25# sitting press)
    Was so close to doing a pike push-up until I couldn’t get back up. Darn gravity!! But, at least I am increasing my deadlifts.

  5. Noel (Wheezy)

    Oh…..and where are all the new guys at?

  6. Crazy Carl

    12:27 (1 abmat)
    beautiful morning for a WOD.. lots of new faces i have never seen… but welcome all the newbies…stick it out and ur gonna love the results.. remember.. WE DO CROSSFIT, THEREFORE WE ARE @*!%ing ELITE!

  7. josh p.

    8:24 scaled to 205#, and pike w/30 inch box.
    Thanks, C-note, for the quick form lesson. It helped.

  8. Red 'Barkley' Byron

    12:30 (1.5 Abmat/ 185# DL)
    Just being consistent…saw JB struggling with those last few HSPU’s so I purposely slowed down last round of DL’s to ensure a last place finish.

  9. Lowell Amparan

    I freaking love you guys!!! Your the reason i got Certified and am starting whats soon to be crossfit tyler with emily!!!
    P.S. posted my best diane time today 5:45 rx

  10. Andi

    1 ab mat 1st round the added the 1/2 mat.
    Lovin being a part of the Thundercats!

  11. mario c

    Chrissy C — 8:38 (#110; Pike)
    Mario C — Modified to 1 round of 21; (#105; 2 abmats + 1 blue thing.) Rowed instead of sprints.

  12. G

    Lowell, congrats! Please say HI to Emily! Last time I saw her was at Rippetoe’s Barbell Cert over a year ago. Come by our box whenever you both are in town.

  13. Gina

    9:20 (155# and finally upgraded to pike pu!! (with 1.5 mats))

  14. Billdozer

    5:03(225#,Pike PU’s) Decided to check my ego at the door and listen to SpecTaco today so I could get a more effective workout in besides flailing against a wall for 13 minutes. I gotta say, for those of you who struggle with HSPU’s like me and feel like Pike’s are too easy, they are not, and those Deadlifts were painful after the 1st round.
    Thanks Taco, and thanks Hernan for just being you.

  15. Blueberry B Monster (J. Dolenga)

    5:25 165#, Pike PU. Thanks to Mad Money for all the yelling. I think it helped
    G – I pulled it off in less than the 10 minutes, but now I’m a bit sorry I did. Could have used a 2 minute rest after each round 🙂

  16. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    11:03 (205/2 abs mats)

  17. Hernan The Barbarian

    8:09 (185#, 1 abmat)
    Took 1 abmat and 5 minutes off my last time. Thanks G for the coaching. Taco and Billy as always I would have added time to my workout if you guys weren’t there, and of course Silverback your energy is what wakes me up in the morning thanks for stopping by.
    PS: Teach you’re a rock star. If only I had half your strength I would be… well double my current strength.

  18. Sarah

    10:39 (115#, 1.5 abmats)
    Tough wod even with my fav HSPU’s! That many was very overwhelming with my sore body! I have finally come to the conclusion or rather acceptance that I just need to conquer those DL’s! If there’s a wod with them than I need to be there and thats that. Working on them with a manageable weight has really helped out instead of discouraging myself with heavy weights that I either can’t lift yet or I just can’t get over the mental block.
    Goals for this year: DL’s that dont suck, DU’s, 10 kips in a row, and HSPU’s with no abmat…I can do it 🙂

  19. Genie (Andrea)

    6:22 (I think)
    (155# 1st round,133# the rest, Pike, Then knee Pike) It was crazy heavy!! I def need to shed a few pounds or harden the gut!! Thanks Stacy for your help, you Rock! Jim you hurt my feelings not pushing me like you normally do. Must be a lil relaxed after the hair cut and feeling the breeze around the neck line! LOL!
    I almost got ths HSPU! Did a few with 2 abmats, then a few with 1 abmat. Getting hyped up for Saturday.
    Since my son missed his track practice due to my needs, we came home and him and I ran 800m making his little tail run in front of me to keep him sprinting. It felt great! I think I am almost getting to where I want to be, but need to get the eating down. Almost there though! Thanks to my extended family at the “Box” cause we all couldn’t have done it with out each other!

  20. JohnB

    12:02 (1&2 Abmats); 185#
    My first time doing this WOD & Killed me! LOL
    Thanks G!

  21. Heather

    8:11 (125#, pike)
    3 minutes faster than last time with 10 more pounds on the bar so that’s progress!

  22. Pat

    8:43rx Thanks for watching my form G it helped!Thanks Johnny B for counting and last round support.Way to pound through those last hspu Hernan

  23. JDS

    12:00 (225) 1ab r1-2, 2ab r3)
    Those HAPU killed me.

  24. Jack Rabbit

    9:46 (135#, 2abmats)
    Was frustrated with using 2 abmats but that’s the way it goes. I was happy with my form on the deadlifts…next step, move the weight up.
    Aida awesome time today girl!!
    Thanks Jim for the help!

  25. G

    Arnold, nothing wrong with doing 2.25 abmats today. The goal is to keep moving to sprint it out! If you are crossfitting (whether you are on top of the hill or not), any other ordinary day is nothing compared to it.
    The Tcats were leapin all over the place!
    Tammi M and Melissa O did their baseline tonight! Glad you guys finally came by to check this CrossFit thing that your household and neighborhood have been talking about!
    Welcome back Efren!!!!
    Good to see Ingrid, Janet, Sharon T, Slaya (fka Princess Leia/Tammi J) and Nick A. back in action!
    Gina and Kate moved to the Pike push-ups tonight. Kate, so when are you going to post again 🙂
    Manuel and Fasil came back for their second WOD. Manuel can sprint!
    Good time Sweet Potato!

  26. G

    7:40 (rx on HSPU on 11 reps/rest with 1 abmat but kept feet on the wall on all reps) and all DLs were unbroken.
    Btw, Aida and Teach did all their sets unbroken, too 🙂
    Teach….I don’t know what we were thinking back in Sep09 but we were doing 185# on the DLs. So, I literally shaved time by just under 9 minutes but went down on the weight and only did 6 rx HSPU!
    J Delonga, you crack me up with your varied aliases. Yes, after Jim challenged me by giving the whole class a number of burpees penalty for each minute that I go over 10minutes on this WOD….the burden set in and I quickly switched to 1 abmat after 11 reps. Your time was super fast; now…the 2minute breaks are only for Strength days 🙂

  27. Ian

    Im recruiting now, want Crossfit mama(s) this time.

  28. G

    Almost forgot, thank you Sarah for pushing and counting for me tonight. You inspired me to do all DLs unbroken since you took on your kryptonite or most challenging movement today!

  29. mikey

    8:22 (185#,pike)
    Dozer- feel your pain when it comes to the HSPU. I just can’t get onto the wall. We all know how bad it went the first time I attempted it… I finally did tonight with the Admiral’s guidance AND assistance. Then my ass was puckered to the wall out of fear! Need to work on HSPU’s desperately but being inverted just doesn’t come naturally to me.
    Ian- LMAO, recruiting CF baby mommas… that’s a new one! Good luck with that!

  30. Genie (Andrea)

    Almost forgot to thank Nate for helping me on my HSPU!

  31. Beast (aka JA)

    8:14 145# DL and 2 abmats HSPU with my feet against the wall even after full extension in all reps, even if I had to repeat some of them!
    I kinda like Diane…I think we’ll be friends.
    Jim, sorry about my false-starts during the sprints. I always misread your cues and end up shuffling at the starting point. Thanks for the coaching.

  32. Mimi Tadesse

    7:14 (135#, pike pu)
    Pike PU was very hard for me before but now i think i am getting the hang of it. I know i could have done more on deadlift but we had to go fast and i know if i added more i wouldn’t be able to make it. Thanks Jim

  33. Nisha

    9:15 (135#, 2.5 abmat)
    almost didn’t post because I wasn’t happy with my form on either exercise (shoulders were rounding forward on DLs and wasnt getting full ROM on HSPUs)but figured that posting keeps me accountable and will force me to improve