Mainsite Masterpiece



1 – 10 – 1 – 20 – 1 – 30



For Time:

500m Row

150 Double-Unders

50 Burpees

Post results to comments.

Red Byron OHS

"Red" Byron has one of the most rigid bodies in the box when it comes to Overhead Squats!  Notice where the bar sits on his palms and how the angle of his hands are set in relation to his wrist.

23 Responses to “Mainsite Masterpiece”

  1. Noel (Wheezy)

    Oh crap, this is what will await for me when I get out of class??
    Better add more books to my backpack!

  2. Stephen

    No idea on time 13 – 15:?? Recovering from the Burpees wiped my memory immediately.
    Ben I enjoyed sharing the bar as well. Thanks for the suggestion going heavier on the 30R set and help with my form.
    Blessings everyone competing in the Team WODS this weekend. Ya’ll will do great.

  3. Pepper

    Andrea/Genie and Mimi,
    Started looking for green sunglasses at some less expensive places and found some at Party City. They’re not so bad. Will take them to the box right now.
    Also checked Target, Academy, Big Lots, Dollar store, TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, Michaels and some place called Ritzees. Surprisingly, they had no green sunglasses.
    Still going to the Galleria this afternoon (prom dress shopping with daughter) so will check out Nordstrom’s mens department.

  4. Jen

    90-80-100-70-110PR-60 back squat
    12:20 (450 singles)
    fun partnering with you Toe! Way to go heavier on the last 1RM!
    So excited and pumped for everyone competing tomorrow!
    I will be there to witness our VICTORY!

  5. ingrid

    my head hurts.
    12:00 300 skipping rope
    I know now why it’s called burpees – coz u can’t help but burp both ways when your done

  6. Pepper

    Found more green sunglasses! I bought several pairs so if anyone needs one for tomorrow, let me know right away.
    Good luck ACF athletes. You guys are going to kick butt!

  7. JUDY

    BS (135-115-145-105-150(PR)-100). 10:52. Jaime you are one strong chica! Welcome to the box! Tess, way to push through the last 30. Great job at the nooner class =) GO ACF!

  8. Crazy Carl

    BS (245-215-275-195-285-165)
    Metcon 15:22(Rx)
    that metcon killed me!

  9. Neal

    Nooner class, awesome stuff. I am really enjoying coming by and working out with you guys once a week. Grace, Oh My, I am already so super sore from that back squat rep scheme. Thanks for the push today guys.
    BS 265-225-295-205-310(FAIL)-190
    ROW, DU, Burpees 10:52 RX

  10. Hernan The Barbarian

    metcon 13:08? i think
    great job ladies and Ian.

  11. mario c

    mario c
    BS scaled: 90(1) – 65(5) – 100(1) – 70(5) – 110(1) – 65(7)
    Did not do the metcon

  12. Nicole Disco D

    Great wod and good times today t-cats!!
    300 singles
    BS (105)-85-(105)-70-(115pr)65
    thanks jen for the support

  13. Noel (Wheezy)

    Total FAIL today
    BS: 175-135-175-135(17)-185-115(23)
    -Single jumps
    -Cutoff at 18 burpees.
    That’s ok…
    “In the fell clutch of circumstance
    I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeonings of chance
    My head is bloody, but unbowed.”
    I’ll conquer this WOD next time.

  14. Billdozer

    8:10(RX) I almost got beat by Grace who never slowed down on the Burpees, she’s sneaky.
    Tomorrow, The Green Sunglasses Revolution begins! POW!

  15. G

    MetCon 8:29(Rx)
    Almost got ya Billy!
    Thanks for securing the jump rope Jim!

  16. G

    Awesome baseline today Jili (pronounced Hili)!
    Welcome Jamie, who is visiting from Fort Hood.
    Noel, great attitude!
    Neal CFK, always fun seeing you do your ME time with us!
    Arnold, the DUs will make the WOD so much different from now on.
    Bravo, hope your back this weekend to watch your tribe.
    Good job and effort on the back squat guys!

  17. She-Ra

    Good luck this weekend everyone!!!! I know ACF will come home with golds in both scaled and rx divisions!! Get er done..

  18. Bobo

    I’ll take a pair of those sunglasses Pepper.

  19. pepper

    Hi Bobo. The sunglasses are at the box on the table. I left a message with Grace to see if anyone was going over there to pick them up. I hope so.

  20. pepper

    Bobo,I heard that all of the eight pairs were taken. Try Hot Topic. Sorry about that.

  21. tim

    500 m row
    450 single
    50 burpee