Crawfish Megafest Team Competition at BCCF

ACF at BCCF CrawFish MegaFest

ACF came out to play!  We had 7 teams participate in the competition and looks like we had also had a big crowd of spectators.  Congratulations to Team BadAss for your second place finish in the Scaled Division.  We are proud of all the teams and their team members for giving it all they had and for representing ACF.  Once again, our box won the spirit award for best showing!  Thanks everyone!

Left to Right:

On the ground are Silverback (Scott P) and BB4 (Juan)

Second Row:  Sarah, Lopez (Jonathan L), Ian, Teach (Coach Beth), Famelicious, Genie  (Andrea), April, Coach Jim, Sweet Potato (Aida), G (Coach Grace), Toddzilla, JDS (Jason D), Ray

Third Row:  Z (Nicole), Sean S, Bravo, 007 (Brandon L), Summer, Jenny S, Taz (Tess), Beast (Jeremy), Jolecelle, G2 (Gracie), Jen M, Jack Rabbit (Katie)

Fourth Row:   Brandon W, Ramrod (Daniel), Pepper (Sharon P), Nicole DiscoD, Arnold (Stephanie), Sharon, Heather, Ximena, Bobo (Coach JB), Billdozer (Coach Billy), Admiral (Nate J)

Back Row:  Double J (Jason J), Aaron, He-Man (Matt L), Spec/Taco (Coach Stacy), Hernan The Barbarian

Not pictured:  HeatherD (our team mom), Midget 1 (Toe), Mimi, Bob, Tristan, Samantha, Elissa, Judy, Noel (Wheezy) and Gatekeeper (Dennis)

CrawFish MegaFest Picasa Album, courtesy of Gatekeeper. 

Additional CrawFish MegaFest Photos, courtesy of Noel “Skippy” (fka Wheezy).

More team group photos and results to come.

HeMan (Matt L) Tie Breaker @ the CrawFish MegaFest Apr2010 from ATOMIC CROSSFIT on Vimeo.

Teach Pull-Up Tie Breaker at the Crawfish MegaFest Apr2010 from ATOMIC CROSSFIT on Vimeo.

16 Responses to “Crawfish Megafest Team Competition at BCCF”

  1. Beast (aka JA)

    Great job to my team mates and all the other ACF competitors. Congratulations to Team BA for placing. I’m proud of my ACF tribe who travel well together! We took over the facility with our showing. Thanks for all who came and cheered for us. Thanks to Gatekeeper who took all the pics. He does have one pic with his green sunglasses on!

  2. Silverback

    Yesterday was a blast! It was very cool to see so many of our tribe members at the competition. We had the more teams and spectators than any other box. Way to go ACF!

  3. HeMan

    Way to represent yesterday, ACF!! Literally had everyone in the place stop and watch in amazemnt at the amount of people in our group picture. That was sooo cool. Thanks for all the yelling in the pull up tiebreaker. That was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Great job by everyone who competed and cheered yesterday. Love to see the green sunglasses squad in full effect!

  4. Noel (Wheezy or SKIPPY)

    Had a huge blast yesterday. Hope y’all enjoy the video of the pull-up challenge. Arnold, I think you’ll appreciate seeing the family coming together for Beth and Matt.
    And….today, a good friend came for his baseline and told Grace my old, OLD nickname….SKIPPY. So, I guess now I have two nicknames now. LoL!

  5. Pepper

    Matt, I am so glad you mentioned that about people stopping. It was obvious throughout the event that there were a lot of us there, but when we gathered for the group photo, it became apparent to everyone, as half of those who attended the event were under the trees taking a picture. People stopped talking just to watch. That was so cool. I think it is a reflection of Grace and all of the coaches who successfully promote that family (tribe) spirit.
    It was great to see all of you be such fierce competitors…like Billy exploding into a sprint with the sandbag at the end of the heat. That was amazing. I was inspired by all of you and proud (especially as a newbie) to be part of this thing.
    My big goal has been to graduate to pushups on my toes and not my knees. Mostly because it is shorts season and that ‘cheap hooker’ look is not attractive (thank you Nate for that description). Yesterday’s event however, has given me a whole new perspective and motivation.
    Lastly, I would like to thank HeatherD for keeping the spirit by being the number one beerleader and overall team mom. Between the beer, the lipbalm, chewing gum or whatever someone needed, she made sure everyone was covered.
    Thanks all…that was an awesome experience!

  6. Teach

    Yesterday was a testament to the family that is ACF! All 7 teams that represented did AWESOME! I am always in awe of the support we have from coaches, teammates, and spectators…it’s truly special. I second Matt’s sentiment that it was very cool to see everyone stop and watch us take our box picture.
    Thanks for all the cheers on the pull up tie breaker..I could definitely feel the power!
    A special thanks to Heather D for being “team mom”…she was quick to run to her car to get me some lip balm and gum before the 2nd WOD…that was worth AT LEAST 30 seconds off my time 🙂

  7. heatherd

    I diddo all the inspiring remarks; however, yesterday’s competition lit a little fire under me, so I can’t promise that I’ll be team mom at the next competition…if you catch my drift!!
    I will make sure we have beer though:)

  8. G

    Glad everyone had a great time!
    Thanks for posting your pix on-line Gatekeeper (nice pose with the green sunglasses, btw). Also, thanks to Noel Skippy for burning his pix and videos on the CD this morning. A million thanks to both of you for the efforts you put on to capture the action on film.
    Good job on your baseline Julia M and Michael Breeden and David Morris!
    HeatherD, Fitness is your sport 🙂
    Thank you all!!

  9. Jack Rabbit

    What a fun experience! ACF you all did an awesome job Saturday. Gatekeeper and Noel, thanks for all the pics!

  10. Andrea / Genie

    I have to say that was the best time ever even with out my family! I raved about it so much, I can’t wait til the next! It was an awesome experience and glad to have shared it with many of you that have become family. Way to represent wether you were in the competition, taking pics, or just there to cheer us on. Billy, I can still picture you being like “Speedy Gonzalez” at the last turn. That was amazing! Then at the end with the tie breaking pull-ups was fun to listen to everyone who didn’t know Teach to say “Wow, a female is gonna TRY to beat a guy” and then she dominated. Then to look at their faces was priceless! I guess Juan has to start putting shelves for the Team Picks and trophies!!!

  11. Janet

    Congratulations to all..what a group!! Can’t wait for the next one….love the video clips and celebration..what competition is all about!

  12. D-Mena

    All I can say is that video where Beth kicked that guys ass in pullups gave me chills… lol. Congrats guys! Wish I could have been there cheering ya’ll on!

  13. JUDY

    Congrats everyone, this was great to watch and be a part of even as a spectator. Next time I have to leave the kiddos at home because they were just too restless. Maybe next time they wont be complaining if I get to partake – I feel ya on that HeatherD 😉
    I hate that I missed the tribe pic, and the pull-up challenge. I’m suprised that Bravo didn’t pour his beer on Teach after she won, but taking a sip is just as much a tribute! Cheers!

  14. Teach

    Judy – I don’t think Bravo would waste beer (or food for that matter)!!! LOL 🙂

  15. April

    I love being a part of this tribe. Special thanks to my team –being in heat 1 sucks but we worked hard and well together. I think we complimented each other and overall the presence of our box was awesome.
    Thank you.