“Fraggle Rock”

5 Rounds For Time

  • 15 Push-Press (95)(65)
  • 15 Box Jumps (24")
  • 15 Hang Power Cleans (95)(65)
  • 15 Wall Ball (20)(14)

Post results to comments.

Summers Skull socks
We knew Summer had her game on when she showed up at the competition sportin' her Skull and Crossbone high socks!

40 Responses to ““Fraggle Rock””

  1. Sharon

    23:30 45#/20″/10#wb
    good to be back with the pacemakers

  2. Heatherd

    Something about yesterday’s WOD–I ripped my hands too-I guess that means a lot of tape and whimpering today;P I’m just excited about finally lifting some weight again!!!
    On another note-do any of our nurses work at St. Luke’s in the MC?

  3. Josh P.

    21:40 95#/14wb
    Big group this morning, everyone did great!

  4. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Clarify MC?
    25:09? 65#/24″ (jump/step-up)/14# WB
    Pretty good day. Somehow walked in with a confidence that I could do 95lb push press at 15 times/round. Good thing Grace caught me and told me to go down just a tad, whew!!
    Well, time to take a very quick nap. Got a clinical rotation, meeting with the Dean and other higher authority for our pinning ceremony, and still have 4 hours of lecture. Nap time!!

  5. Jen

    Today marked my 1st Year Anniversary with Atomic. A special thanks to our wonderful coaches for all your help in reaching my goal and more. You all have changed so many lives in different ways. Not only I’ve achieved my goal, I also gained awesome friends. Thanks Atomic! I’m so proud I belong to the ACF TRIBE <3!!!

  6. Jen

    btw, Yes HeatherD. the nurses that work at St. Luke’s are all from the Med Center 🙂

  7. chrissy c

    chrissy c 29:00 (#55; #20; #14)
    kicked my butt!

  8. Taz

    Happy Anniv Jen! Thanks for influencing me to be part of this family. ‘always enjoy partnering with you.

  9. heatherd

    Happy Anniversary, Jen–time flies when you’re having “fun” doesn’t it.
    I may need some moral support in the morning if any of you are at St. Luke’s–I’ll be on the 9th floor at 6AM:( My son is getting some routine surgery done, but my anxiety level is through the roof!!
    So, I need to hold myself accountable for some of my goals, or I may never reach them. I figured I would take Arnold’s approach and put them out there for everyone to see–feel free to yell at me to stay focused.
    June- OHS 100#
    July-kipping pullups (I see you laughing)
    August-box assisted ring dips BEHIND me
    oh, yeah….and NO MORE INJURIES EVER!!!!

  10. Bobo

    15:27? (75#,20″,14#)
    Wanted all sets unbroken, but didn’t make it. Dropped once on each exercise on round 4 and twice on each on round 5.
    Did some bench last night.
    Happy 1 yr Jen!
    Kick ass socks Summer!

  11. Jackrabbit

    Heather D-You have our love and prayers. Gideon just had surgery a couple weeks ago so I know what you’re going through. Please let me know if you need ANYTHING!!!
    Jen- Happy Anniversary!!!

  12. Ramrod

    20:50 rx
    Let my frustration get the best of me today. my shoulders like to fatigue quick. Fam your almost there just keep at it 🙂
    Great job thundercats.

  13. She-Ra

    This wod looks pretty fun. Happy Anniversary Jen:) You’ve come so far and just think, this time next year.. you’ll be twice as bad ass!! WHOOP
    Todays WOD:
    1 squat clean <-(my least favorite) every min for 15 min.. adding weight each time. lowest/highest 65/130 Kept getting stuck at 135.. my wiener legs just aren't having it. The cleaning part was no problem though.. 😛 and I love the socks summer!

  14. Stephen

    22:27 1st round RX w/ last four @ 75#
    Feeling really slugish yesterday and today. I think I need to put some effort into what I eat. I’ve been eating like crap since Friday and I really feel it.

  15. Noel (SKIPPY)

    HeatherD: Good luck with your son. 9T is a pretty good unit from what I remember. I just never called the Tx Med Center “MC”? Maybe I am old fashion; I still call it TMC.
    Also, you’ll achieve your goals! We’ll be behind cheering you on! Heck, if pass the board exam, I’ll let you do your first HSPU on my beer keg!

  16. mario c

    mario c 15:58 scaled to 10 reps each round. (#55; 17″ step ups; #10 WB).

  17. Taz

    HeatherD: I don’t start my shift ’til 7P tomorrow but will drop by 9T as soon as I get a chance. I’m with you in believing that everything is going to be alright and remember,you’re stronger than you can imagine and even braver than you know.

  18. Gab

    17:03 (95#, 24″, 25#)
    I had to sit and rest a few seconds between the 3rd and the 4th and also before the final round. I think I did a good time for someone who didn’t do nothing for a whole month.

  19. Kari

    Thanks for the bday wishes 4/17. I’ve been on vacation. Visited CrossFit Amelia Island, Fl for a mod Badger 4/19. 3 rounds 39:00 15 65# Squat cleans, 15-20-15 RR, 1000m Row. Long WOD. Vaca catching up!
    Happy anniversary, congrats to all on competition, go HeatherD! Looking forward to getting back to ACF!!!

  20. Sarah

    25:09 (55#, 20″, 14# Round 1, 10# 2-5)
    This was awful. Not a single part of me liked anything that was happening for 25:09…at 25:10, I was much happier 🙂 Unfortunately, I know these are the wods I need to go to, to get back in it. I guess I will have to take the good with the bad and know one day, I will feel much better…well, maybe, its never easy!
    Thanks for the encouragement Jim, my head wasn’t in it. Thanks TC for helping me put my weights away and clean up

  21. Gina

    20:19 (55#, 20″, 14#)
    Great WOD, really liked the push. Can’t believe it was only 4 months ago that I couldn’t even bring myself to jump the 17″ box!
    Happy anniversary Jen!!

  22. sweet potato

    19:59 (Rx, except on the wall balls I was only hitting the 9 ft. target….damn those wall balls!!!)
    This WOD almost killed me today…I was just tired!
    Resting tomorrow and ready for Thursday!!!

  23. Jen

    Thanks everyone for the anniversary greetings:-D
    HeatherD – I’m not going to work (Luke’s)until Thurs. I will be praying for your son’s smooth procedure and fast recovery. Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.

  24. 007

    Had beer and wings for dinner last night. Showed up this afternoon in my time. Couldn’t get a good rhythm going.
    Hang in there Heather. Don’t get too stressed. Everything will seem like it takes longer than it should but its normal.

  25. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    23:30 (55#, 14WB)
    Flew through the first 2 rounds; hit the wall *hard* in Round 4 (ugh)!

  26. Pat

    22:35 rx felt sluggish and unfocused today. I will hit it harder tomorrow!

  27. Nicole Disco D

    Happy Anniversry Jen

  28. Nisha

    27:32 (55#, 18″, 10#WB)
    That was rough…my mind kept telling me that I needed to keep going but my body wasn’t cooperating….
    Awesome way to push it at the end TC..you did amazing on controlling that last round whereas I let the last round control me..
    Great to see you back April and Doug!!!

  29. Heatherd

    Strength training with Spec today–loved it!!
    Box squats-75#
    Bench press85-# (Spec had to help with 90#)
    Taz–thank you for thinking of me, but hopefully we will be gone by 7PM!!
    JA–you’re the best–thanks!
    thank you everyone else for the well wishes!
    Kari–glad to hear you checked out a box on vacation!!!

  30. Andrea aka: Genie

    22:39 (55# (2 Rnds, then 50#, 20″, 10# wb)
    R1&R2 (55#) then my bar broke on the 11th Power Clean, so while Coach G was switching out my bar I went straight into my wall balls and finished the rest of that sets Power Cleans on Round 5. Coach G cut me short on my weights to 50#’s, but its all good and I was just fine with that! LOL! Thanks for the push Coach G!!!

  31. Plex (J. Dolenga)

    27:58 (75#, 20″, 14#WB)
    Jet Lag, lack of sleep, not enough Crossfit, loss of musical equilibrium due to watching Die Antwoord at Coachella, etc. etc. The workout made me want to go back to Palm Springs, but G wouldn’t let me go. Felt good to get through it though.
    Ai. Ai. Ai. I am a Butterfly…

  32. Princess Slaya (tammi j)

    13:27 (55#, step up, 10# wb)

  33. G

    21:05 (Rx) – Jim, I will be dreaming about doing Wall-Less WallBalls 🙂 That hole in the wall is a killer each time I’m there! Thanks for the push towards the end.
    Admiral, thanks for helping on putting up our new set of Olympic Rings.
    It was great to see C-Note, Manuel, Christine, April M, D-Mena, Kim, Ben C, Sarah, Fredie, Slaya and Vlad (Plex) back in action. Who else did I miss?
    Vlad, vacation is over…time to go to work!
    Happy Anniversary Jen!
    HeatherD, stay strong, Texas Med Center is one of the best in the country.
    Genie, you kept moving after that little fiasco. Good job!
    Skippy, 65 was a manageable load for 5 rounds for you. That’s we run through a few practice reps right before the clock starts.

  34. Andrea aka: Genie

    22:39 (55# (2 Rnds, then 50#, 20″, 10# wb)
    R1&R2 (55#) then my bar broke on the 11th Power Clean, so while Coach G was switching out my bar I went straight into my wall balls and finished the rest of that sets Power Cleans on Round 5. Coach G cut me short on my weights to 50#’s, but its all good and I was just fine with that! LOL! Thanks for the push Coach G!!!

  35. TC

    17.58 Rx I think this was only my 2nd Rx thanks for the push at the end Jim I needed it.

  36. Andrea / Genie

    Happy 1 year Jen!! Isn’t it a great feeling?