“Brush Fire”

3 Rounds of:

  • 800m Run
  • 10 Thrusters (95)
  • 10 Back Squats (95)
  • 10 OHS (95)

Post results to comments.


Happy Birthday Contra (Reagan)!!

45 Responses to ““Brush Fire””

  1. Jack Rabbit

    18:40 (65#)
    Those OHS getcha at the end!
    Happy Birthday Reagan.

  2. Stephen

    21:4? (75#)Great job by everyone this morning @ 5:30.

  3. Billdozer

    15:48(65#) Rehabing the shoulder, Matt and I decided to have a ladies RX battle, and it was intense, doing all sets unbroken and going into the runs is quite a treat. Nice group of Thundercats as always today, I love it when you talk mean to me Toe!

  4. Ramrod

    18:?? Rx
    1st set of ohs 3-4-3 then the last 2 sets unbroken. Seems kinda backwards but all in all I was satisfied. Carl, heman, and dozer crushed it this morning. That goes for the lady tcats as well. Fam keep your head up! Arnold your closer than you think to the muscleups. Oh yea and thanks for not letting me kill myself on the ring handstand pushups 🙂

  5. Beast (aka JA)

    Happy Bday Contra!
    Results for the crawfish competition scaled division are up on the BCCF site.

  6. Andi

    65# (last set OHS unbroken – yeaaa me!)
    As always…thx G!

  7. Nicole Disco D

    28:16 (35#)
    tough wod today
    Steph,I cannot remember what I said but your welcome. I lack blood in my brain during wod’s.

  8. Andi

    Fam I think you were 21:20 – why do I know this? ’cause I was chasing ya the whole time GF!

  9. Noel (SKIPPY)

    27:12 (65#)
    – Those runs are still kicking my ass.
    – Left hip area still in excruciating pain but noticing the pain goes away with increasing reps/weight.
    – Thanks everyone for the awesome support. Don’t forget to say howdy to my buddies who are new to ACF, Khara & Michael Breeden. (Ha! Now they can’t hide in the shadows)

  10. Crazy Carl

    18:15 (75#) 1st & 3rd rds. Unbroken
    good times were Rollin this morning with the T-cats. They even let two nooners sneak in with them this morning, 😉 happy birthday Contra.

  11. HeMan

    15:49 (65#) welcome to the world of scaling. That was a completely different workout than it would have been @ 95. Battling with Billy and trying to get all 30 reps unbroken is tough!
    Nice work 830. Steph – you’re muscle up is closer than you think.

  12. Janet

    18:23 (75#) Thanks for the push Grace…”if Beth was here, I would give her 75#”..love the pre-WOD gitters, competition with myself…pushing our limits!!

  13. Gina

    20:33 (45#)
    The runs are definitely getting easier, but have a long way to go!!
    Grace, pls keep yelling at me to lower those squats!
    Happy birthday Contra!

  14. Jen

    24:36 35#:(((( my OHS SUCKED! i thought i graduated from 35# when I did a WOD with 45# a month ago – NOT! my form was awful!Oh well!
    Thanks for helping me with my weight Jason when it came off my bar on the last OHS rep.
    Good job Taz for tackling 55#…im jealous:0)
    Happy bday again Reagan!

  15. Hernan The Barbarian

    19:14 (65)
    Tried to keep up with Todd and Janet the whole time. Didnt happen. Logan nice push at the end couldnt keep up on that last run. Good work today from all the 4PM class. Stacy thanks for keeping me moving. Unbroken reps suck. G thanks for the push.

  16. todd

    17 something at the “ladies RX.” Eh, was going for sub 16.
    Good work janet.
    The original t-cat will be there tomorrow… (that’s me, by the way).

  17. Kari

    Happy birthday Reagan! I can’t wait to get back to the box! Even though I love the beach! HeatherD – we should organize a Sargent beach ACF weekend warrior or Sunday sandbox….Meet&greet

  18. Heather

    21:14 (35#) Jen, I feel your pain…45# just wasn’t working for me either. Thanks for watching my form G and Stacy.

  19. Z

    18:54 (65#)
    love crossfit. this killed…in a very good way. 🙂 thanks, jb and g!! …and nate, too!

  20. Taz

    26:28 (55#)
    got to work on my runs…and Jen, you know you keep me going.

  21. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Awe, thank-you very much Midget1. A little secret………I also get discouraged when I see “run”, too. My driving force? Better lungs!! (….and cool weightlifting shoes)
    “The body can only do what the mind allows it to do….the mind is just like the body, it has capacities, and just like the body, it can be trained to become stronger.” -Miguel Garza, Crossfit Austin.
    Take those 800m trails 1-meter at a time! Don’t worry about what you can’t do but rather focus on what you WILL CONQUER!

  22. G

    Welcome Khara! You did good on your baseline today.
    Welcome back Racing Ray!!!!!
    Jen and Heather, hang in there on the OHS; shoulders maybe a bit tight for your usual load today. This WOD was tough and you guys made it through.
    Fam, at least you looked very sicfit with your blades oakleys on while doing the WOD!
    Andi, good thing we annotated your binder from last time.
    Janet, 75lbs was just right for you today.
    Gina, I will yell away from the fan next time. Keep working hard on the depth. Your running is getting faster each time!
    Good to see Z back in action.
    Kari/HD… Meet and Greet at the beach sound like fun. We do have our 3rd annual Beach WOD at Surfside on Labor Day weekend. But we can always plan on a Beach Meet & Greet before that!

  23. RacingRay

    Happy Birthday Reagan! Thanks G 🙂
    What a workout to come back to? A grinder with running. My favorites, not really. I think I paid for being off for two months with about a 20% slower time.

  24. RacingRay

    On second thought, it was only a grinder for me because I kept stopping, lol

  25. She-Ra

    Alyssa’s birthday WOD:
    9 rounds
    2 bw backsquat
    7 Pull-ups
    27 double unders
    Murder is all she wrote: RX 13:25

  26. ingrid

    26:30 35# the mind is willing but the flesh is weak…just glad i did not quit

  27. TC

    20.23 Rx Running was the killer for my but I managed to stay with in striking distance. I must admit the running was a lot easier today then it was on my first WOD. JB thanks for the push at the end!!!

  28. 007

    reagan, I just realized the post of me saying Happy Birthday didn’t get posted. Happy Birthday

  29. G

    Snatch Balance 3 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1
    45 – 55 – 65 – 75 – 85 – 90(miss)