What is Forging Elite Fitness? And why don’t we do more
strength days?

Forging is using fire to make metal malleable.

Elite by definition is “Best of a class or
Super Achiever” 

Fitness by CrossFit’s Definition in “the ability to do more
work faster” Work is equivalent to weight multiplied by distance and faster is
self explanatory. This is simple.

When we apply these definitions to “Forging Elite
Fitness” it yields the meaning. 

Create, through extreme force, one who can do more
work faster than his or her peers.

If you train at ACF will you achieve elite fitness?
Probably.  If you are consistent and
committed to range of motion you will achieve fitness levels much greater than
in the past, and certainly much greater than your peers.  Your ability to do more work faster will
improve and you will develop skills you never knew possible. 

If you train at ACF are you going to be an “elite
athlete” one day?  Probably not.  The word athlete significant reduces your
peers and thus impacts the meaning of the word elite.  Elite athletes can be created in a CrossFit
Environment, but it is not common because elite athletes are not common.   That is why the saying is not “Forging Elite

Some train at ACF with aspirations of competition.  While competition is an important piece to
the CrossFit recipe, it does not drive programming.  It is a tool used to increase one’s speed.  It is a tool used to build camaraderie.  However, if implemented improperly, it, like
any other tool, can damage the end product. 
Make sure you understand how you use competition and don’t let it drive
your programming.  

CrossFit works because of the nature of the combination
of exercises, weights used and emphasis on speed.  This has, and will, continue to make you
stronger.  Strength bias programming is
for a special population, usually those who are untrained and need to develop
the basic strength to successfully navigate a scaled WOD, and those seeking a
competitive edge.  When I say competitive
edge, I am talking about those who aspire to the highest levels of CrossFit
competition, not just those seeking the local challenge of competition.   Most of us are not in either category.  Stick to the programming on the white board,
go heavy every now and then (provided your form stays within tolerance) and
supplement with cardio and strength during open gym time and you will get
stronger.  PRs are set every “strength
day”. Stick with it, and you will continue to PR (aka, best personal record).

Coach Jim

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  1. Janet

    Great break-down…all the reasons why I love it! A balance of fitness like no other…

  2. todd

    19.29 RX Annie+Fran+Helen WOD w JB.
    Good work, JB.

  3. Nicole Disco D

    Worked on running: