“Achieving Greatness”

3 Rounds

200m Sandbag Run (70)(40)

15 Pull-Ups


2 Rounds

10 Squat Clean and Jerk (135)(95)

20 Ring Dips


30 Push-Ups

30 Wall Ball (20)(14)

Post results to comments.

Silverback and Bravo CF Level 1 Cert Apr2010

Photo above was from the CrossFit Level 1 Certification in Dallas, TX, this past weekend.  Congrats to Silverback (Scott P) and Bravo (Michael B)!!  They are in the back on the right half of the picture.  (photo courtesy of CF Main Site)

2010 CrossFit Games to be held in L.A.

BB4 is in the photo at the CF Mainsite Affiliate Blog.

39 Responses to ““Achieving Greatness””

  1. Jack Rabbit

    Yeah Juan!
    Congrats Silverback and Bravo!
    (85#, Box assisted RD RX-WB/SB)
    By the time I got to the wall balls my arms were toast!
    G…thanks! Also, will you let me know when we’re having the next barbell clinic please?;)

  2. Macho Ranger

    24 and change RX
    I hate 20# wallball
    I hate 135# overhead
    I hate 70# sandbag runs
    I like Pull-ups
    I like Ring Dips
    I like Push-ups (although I didn’t like them today)
    Hard day today. Very conflicting emotionally.
    Great work today. Nice to meet you Todd and it is always fun to watch Arthur take off with Juanito!
    C-note literally ran into bad luck today…get a tetanus shot dude…. I’m sure he will explain.

  3. Stephen

    21:09 (Scaled)
    70# Bag
    115# SC&J
    Box Assit RD
    Knee PU
    14# WB

  4. Macho Ranger

    Not real thrilled about the LA move for the games…BB1 and BB4 what do you think? We went last year to Aromas, and it was amazing.
    CrossFit is growing and this is good, but I was really looking forward to a perfect weekend in Aromas this summer.
    Reevaluating my trip now.

  5. Bobo

    I don’t like the change either. It’s a shift that is not needed(in my opinion). I think they are trying to make the games seem more ‘legit’. A few small additions could have been done to accommodate the dramatic increase in attendance that is expected this year(ropes and a couple more sets of stands). Aromas is a huge location that can definitely handle the event. The gritty ‘in the thick of it’ feel that the event had for the spectators was awesome. I don’t think that will be possible with the new venue. We shall see. I hope HQ returns to its roots next year.
    16:14 (40lb bag, 115#c&j, 14#wb)
    Ring dips and push-ups were nasty. Wanted to go fast today. I am already seeing a difference in my gas tank.
    Great work pacemakers!

  6. heatherd

    A couple of notes:
    Warrior Dash people–Please go the the warrior dash website, print out the waiver, sign it and have it ready when you check in. You can still do this when you check in, but they have asked that we have it ready to save time during check in. Remember to bring cash–no checks or credit cards are accepted at the event. No outside food or drinks are allowed.
    As most of you have seen by now, the CrossFit Games have moved to Carson, CA at the Home Depot Center. I’m going to help as much as I can in making sure all that want to go have hotel and travel accommodation options, but I want to start getting a list of your names-please let me know if you plan on attending. You will be on your own to get your own spectator tickets through Ticketmaster–I suggest you get them as soon as you can.
    I will be getting with the coaches in the very near future to go over some exciting summer events/box ideas including the Games event so stay tuned!!! This is going to be a fun summer.

  7. Billdozer

    18:32(RX) Juan was too much to handle today, nice working at 5:30 for a change.
    Shouldn’t HQ have decided this last year instead of the end of April, just a thought but I’d be pissed if they cost me money to change a plane ticket. Which makes me think this move has less to do with the permit process, they just figured out they could make more money by having it in L.A. and probably eventually get the games on ESPN Ocho, which will be cool when Team Ramrod comes to dominate next year!
    Congrats Silverback and Bravo and Juan!

  8. Jackrabbit

    It is interesting the games are in Carson, CA. I grew up 20 minutes Northeast of Carson and you are in the middle of a big city and right next to the 405 freeway and 110 freeway. Well at least you’ll only be about 20 minutes from the beach.
    Heather-I am very excited to see what you have lined up. Let me know if you need any help.

  9. Teach

    very strange move to Carson…the site said it was because of permits?? Had USATF Nationals there one year, Katie is right, it’s in the middle of a big city. It’s a nice facility, but not what I think of when I think Crossfit…

  10. Schubert

    Grace made me scale to a 40# sand bag since my knee is still sore from the MS150 ride. I wasn’t complaining. I’m still struggling with pull-ups and have to use a combination of jumping and kicking my legs frantically to get my chin over the bar. My bar was 75# and I used a 14lb ball. Going for 5 WODs this week. One down!

  11. mario c

    mario c
    100m walk with #25
    green band pull ups
    #65 SC&J
    front box assisted ring dips
    C2G push ups
    #10 wall ball.
    congratulations to Scott and Mike!

  12. Aida

    Tough one today with the heat…It took me a while to recover, but I feel much better now…
    20:30 (Rx, except wall balls 10#) really trying to work on not going so deep on the squat.
    Congrats to Scott and Mike!

  13. todd

    19:54 RX. Was glad to get sub-20 time.
    Yay, thanks Team-mom, Heather, for takin good care of us…

  14. Jack Rabbit

    Teach- I agree with you…when I think big city I don’t think crossfit.

  15. Bravo

    The cert weekend was great absorbed as much knowledge as possible and got drilled mentally and physically had great instructors and fun people to do the WODs
    Not to be bias or anything I’m happy games are in Los Angeles but not so much the venue I wish it was in the LA Coliseum

  16. Jen

    22:10(black band,65#,box rd,10#) tough one! Thanks Teach for the cheer.

  17. Sarah

    22:31 (25#bag, 65#, box ring dips, 10#wb)
    Grace encouraged me to do 65# on sq clean and jerk and I am glad I did! It wasn’t bad at all compared to those darn ring dips! 20 ring dips was just cruel and they were not pretty towards the end. Good times

  18. April

    22:25 (40# SB,65#, BA Ring dips,10#WB)
    It took me more than 20 minutes to stop shaking and know that pukie was leaving. This was brutal–

  19. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    23:48 (95 scj)

  20. Nisha

    23:06 (40#,RR, 65#, elevated par dips, 10#WB)
    Good WOD, enjoyed it….think I want to try box-asst ring dips next time 🙂

  21. Teach

    Thanks for being there with me T.C.! You kept me going for sure! Next time you are running, watch out for moving vehicles…or should I say, they should watch out for you 🙂
    The ring dips to push ups were especially cruel…thanks Jim!!

  22. Babs

    18:18 (25# sand bag,green band,45#, parellets,6# WB)

  23. Genie

    21:11 (25#, 65#, heel on Box Ring dips, 10#WB)
    Can I now say “OUCH!”
    Congrats Scott and Bravo!!!

  24. Brandon W.

    Great workout today, going to feel it tomorrow!

  25. chrissy c

    #50 sandbag
    white band pull ups
    #55 SC&J
    box assisted ring dips
    #14 wall ball

  26. Ximena

    I think I may have seen light at the end of the tunnel about 4 times during the WOD.
    Super Scaled

  27. Sarge

    26 plus 40#sand bag, 75 clean and jerk, 10 pound WB.
    Thanks Grace for pushing me, bout killed me though 🙂

  28. Ximena

    And much Thanks to Sharon for getting me through the Squat Clean and Jerks =)

  29. G

    Awesome Baseline WOD tonight, Chris D and Kristyn!
    Welcome Alice on your first WOD (830 class)
    C-Note, good to see your sense of humor despite your mishap on the sandbag runs.
    Brandon W is now regularly posting – YAY!!!
    Great to see Sunshine, Nathan C, Racing Ray, Schubert, Sarge and Mikey back in action!
    Monique is coming in consistently. Nice!
    Ruel, the gas tank will come. Ask JohnnyB; he had to go through it during his early days at the box as well.
    Sarah, glad you went higher on the weight.
    No WOD for me today, intros ran over two classes and Dozer had a meeting. I’ll do this one Sunday Open Gym Session.
    Awesome job everyone! The box was full all day!

  30. Beast (aka JA)

    Missing the box and my peeps :o(
    I was glad to read my favorite Coach Jim quote though: “The coaches at ACF have the difficult challenge of taking an average person and turning them into a competitive, hard charging, gut busting, lung burning, lactic loving BEAST.”
    Yesterday home WOD: After Gatekeeper practiced and PR’d on his OHS, I put away his plates doing OH lunges with 25# x2, 15# x2, 10# x2 for 25m each.
    Today’s home WOD is nothing compared to the box. With less than 15 minutes before dinner time, I did 150 singles, 50 squats, 50 push-ups and 50 situps 9:38. Then practiced my pull-ups enough to rip my hands.
    Hopefully to get back in there soon. Wrapping up 3rd grade with my baby boy and doing house business is making us crazy busy!Did I already say I miss you guys?

  31. Blueberry B Monster(J. Dolenga)

    (70# sandbag, Green Band, 95#SCJ, box assist, 14#wb) Came awful close to a DNF in the middle of the workout. Need to clean up the diet and stay off the airplanes.

  32. Mimi Tadesse

    25#sandbag, green band, 65#squat clean jerk, pp, 10#wb.
    It was fun hahhahahha