“Data Driven”

(WOD Courtesy of CrossFit Fenway)

3 Rounds For Time:

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Roger air squats
Check out Roger's air squat!  Nice work!

35 Responses to ““Data Driven””

  1. Gab

    Cannot complete the yesterday WOD because of a natural gas leak call. Even though, I have done the 3 rounds of sandbag run + PU and the 2 rounds of squat clean and jerk + ring dips in 23 min.

  2. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J.)

    12:54 (Clapping Push; 45#)

  3. Jack Rabbit

    12:5something?? (55#, 1 round clapping pushups)
    Great to have G working out with us! Great job!
    Josh-Great job today partner.

  4. the "Gris"

    10:54 (I think) Great to back in the box with the pacemakers after being away for 9 days looking after a newborn. Was also great to see my Army buddy Todd Hendrix as we had not seen one another in two years. This workout was a burner for me as I had not done much power snatches before and a nine day hiatus always slows one down. Great work all!

  5. Janet

    11:35 (Rx)..thanks for the count and encouragement Jared! Glad to be Rx’ing more WOD’s.

  6. Billdozer

    10:46(RX) Tried to get under ten min. but just didn’t have it in me, good WOD though. Great work Thundercats, Summer you’ll be doing kips in no time and Arnold muscle ups are on their way for you. Toe, I will forgive you for being mean today, even though I gave you a hug.

  7. caci

    Had a great day and I felt really good about the WOD. 13:27(35# power snatch,knee push-ups).

  8. Noel (SKIPPY)

    14:12 (65#; KPU)
    -Yesterday was a stark reminder that I haven’t developed enough upperbody strength for push-ups. Oh well, its a work in progress.
    -Had fun today doing the power snatch and rowing….Thanks Freddie for being my partner.

  9. heatherd

    News posted on their webpage:
    “Kaufman County in Texas has enjoined and prohibited Warrior Dash Texas from being held as advertised.
    It was advertised as taking place mostly in Dallas County with only a small portion in Kaufman County, but now we know that even that small portion of the event can not be held in Kaufman County. We didn’t know it, but a court order was obtained without any notice to us to prevent the event from happening there.
    We are doing everything in our power to comply. So, look for an update on Tuesday after we have our day in court, because we may have to give you new directions to the event.”
    I don’t know what is going to happen yet, but will update you as soon as I know something!!!!

  10. Silverback

    If this weekend’s Warrior Dash is indeed canceled, could we hold our own obstacle course dash in your backyard C-Note?

  11. heatherd

    If we do still go this weekend, I now have an extra room if someone needs/wants it. My clan has done some rearranging and I ended up with an extra one. I have to cancel by Thursday, so let me know before then.

  12. todd

    Good grief. thanks for that article, c-note. i guess all we can do is just hurry up and wait…

  13. Gab

    15:04 I ran 250 m instead of rowing. Another great WOD.

  14. Ian

    11:20 RX
    Thanks Gatekeeper for the push. That one only look easy on paper

  15. Joe Bandalan

    my 12th workout on crossfit.
    12:28 45#, 1round regular floor push up
    2rounds elevated push up
    thanks brandon for pushing/partnering with me, that was tiring but good afterwards.
    way to go.

  16. Miles Bandalan

    my 11th workout at crossfit.
    9:23 15# Knee pushup
    thank you kate for partnering/pushing me.
    thanks for my daughter ivannah for cheering me up. that was a good workout.

  17. Jason J

    Work WOD FRAN
    Two of my co- workers and I did fran today.
    Robby 12:28 RX a member of P3 crossfit.
    Me AKA Double J 13:45 RX
    Justin 9:38 RX still tryin to talk him in to coming to Atomic!

  18. Freakin' Puertorrican (fka sweet potato)

    12:56 Rx
    I felt like crap today before I started….amazing what a good WOD can do….I actually felt much better after.
    And I really do hate rowing….
    Thanks Dennis for counting my reps and pushing me!! needed that!
    G…as always…thanks for being such an awesome coach!!!

  19. ray

    12:20 Rx
    my snatches got ugly real quick. good work 6pm group

  20. Noel (SKIPPY)

    If someone can delay my exam Monday, I’d love to go to the Warrior Dash!!

  21. T.C.

    12.20 RX Good working with Rich, I dont know what my deal is this week I just feel slow!!!

  22. G

    13:10 (Rx) First time doing a WOD with the pacemakers in a long time. Thanks CNote and Jack Rabbit; it was fun working with you guys!
    Good to see Gris, Natalie, MadMax back in action!
    Misty’s Milestone: all regular push-ups (on-toes) for today’s WOD….yeah!
    Good to see Miles and Joe B posting!
    WARRIOR DASH is on!!! Thanks Nate!

  23. G

    Hang in there TC…perhaps your body is saying this should be your unload week.
    Aida, looks like your settling in to that alias! You didn’t use your allergies/sinus as a handicap…it was easy to push you 🙂
    Almost forgot, Jim and Gris …thanks for the push during my battle with snatches this earl morning!

  24. G

    Double J, good work there. Please have Justin call or email me.
    Welcome Carla and Jeff! You guys did good on your baseline this morning!

  25. ingrid

    12:29 (35#,reg PU)
    Thanks Tod for pushing me to finish and helping me improve.You’re an awesome cheerer.More Power!!!!

  26. G2

    Latest update on Warrior Dash:
    Update at 8:51 p.m.: Cramer says that “obviously, we don’t know where parking will be yet — this is brand-new to us. The court wants excess, or overflow, parking somewhere offsite. But we want something within three to five miles within the event, and have people park there and hop on a bus and be brought in that way.”
    I tell him that some comments suggest that while participants are happy the event’s a go, they’re disappointed that the snafu will result in the lack of a post-race scene — some folks’ reason for attending Warrior Dash.
    “But we didn’t have a choice,” he says. “That’s the only thing the judge thought could potentially create an issue on a two-lane road with no improved shoulder with the mass number of people coming out there. We had to take care of that. But it’ll be close. It’ll be less driving for most, because they’ll park closer to the highway. They won’t have to drive down that road.”
    E-mails are forthcoming on the Wen site within the hour, save for specifics about parking, which will not be available till the judge signs off on the final court order, due to her office at 9 a.m. A final update from Red Frog will go out “once the judge signs the order that the event can go on,” Cramer says, “so long as we have a plan in place for parking.”]

  27. 007

    Great job today Joe. You really pushed yourself hard.

  28. Schubert

    A horrible 15:48
    65# bar
    Monday’s WOD managed to sneek up on me today and I was smoked after round one.
    That is two this week.

  29. Bob

    12:00 (75#, Reg. Clapping Pushups)
    Should have gone a little heavier (85#), and for whatever reason, could not manage to do the clapping pushups on the paralette (psychological thing).

  30. Andrea / Genie

    12:42 (45#)
    1st round I actually did the Paralette Clapping Push Ups.
    2nd & 3rd round went to regular push ups.
    I def hate rowing, proved it after seeing all the long legs and long arms get on after me and finish before me!
    But I still love all my vamps!!