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Due to the fantastic turnout at the most recent team competition from our community, we are super excited to announce the Atomic CrossFit Team WOD League (ACTWL).  The coaching staff was so amazed at the community's response that we have created the league in order to continue the energy and fun.


  • Sign your team up by Friday, May 7th, for a Summer of competition! 
  • Prizes are awarded to the top 2 Teams in Rx and Scaled Divisions. 
  • Each team will comprise of 2 men and 2 women. 
  • Rx or Scaled division must be identified at the beginning of the season. 
  • Substitutions are only allowed due to injury and must be approved by Coach Jim. 
  • There is a $100 entry fee per team due on May 7th.

Regular season (May 8th – July 31st) will determine the seeding in the WOD Tournament to be held in August with the finals of both divisions (Rx and Scaled) to occur at the 3rd Annual ACF Labor Day Beach Bash – September 5, 2010.

Regular Season:

  1. Beginning May 8th each team will have to complete the weekly Team WOD.  Ideally, the teams will compete Saturday mornings head-to-head during the weekend warrior session (7:30-9:00am).  This will drive competition and scores higher.  However, if your team cannot complete the WOD during the Saturday session, the team can "make-up" the WOD during an open gym session that week.  Team scores for the week will not be published until the end of the week, so no advantage can be gained by knowing point totals of previous competitors.
  2. All "make-up WODs" must be supervised by a non-participating coach.
  3. Teams do not have to complete all team WODs since it is summertime and people go on vacation.  However, missing a WOD significantly reduces the total number of points available to each team.  The penalty for a missed WOD will be a score of the lowest scoring team that week in the same division…minus 10 points.
  4. Teams can only compete the WOD assigned for the current week.  No "make-ups" after the next WOD is posted.
  5. All regular season WODs will be point based scoring.


  1. The tournament will be seeded according to point total from the regular season, highest to lowest…
  2. The tournament will be head-to-head match-ups only (no "make-ups").  Each match-up will be 2 events.  The dates and times of the head-to-head match-ups will be agreed upon by coaches and team members.
  3. All tie-breakers will be at Coach Jim's discretion.


  1. Awarded to 1st and 2nd place in each division.   The prizes are the same in each division.
  2. 1st Place – each team member receives a $75 gift card to Sports Authority, 1 month Free Unlimited CrossFit and a beer. 
  3. 2nd Place – each team member receives a $25 gift card to Sports Authority and a beer.

25 Responses to “ACF TEAM WOD LEAGUE (ACFTWL)”

  1. Billdozer

    This will be a lot of fun for the summer, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it until I saw that one of the prizes is a beer, and that sold me on this idea.

  2. Freakin' PR !!!

    OK…I vote for team skullcrushers just like it was at Bayou City.
    I will be out of town from July 14th to August 1st, but otherwise I will be here all summer!!!! Let the games begin!!!

  3. Silverback

    My only question to Billy is that if we commit to this league (keeping in mind the beer at stake), are we still allowed to sign up for the beer/pull-up WOD?? I’ve got to make sure my priorities are in order…

  4. Billdozer

    Silverback, the beer/pull-up wod should be at the top of your list!

  5. sean

    I think I’m in as well. Don’t think I could do Sat. morn, but with the new open gym times I shouldn’t have any problems. Is that one beer for the winning team or per person?

  6. mimi

    This is going to be fun and i am ready…if anybody wants a scaled teammate please let me know. I am in!!!!!!

  7. Crazy Carl

    This sounds pretty fun… anybody needing a male crossfit underachiever on their team let me know…i would love to contribute what reps i can to the cause.

  8. heatherd

    When all is said an done, and IF a scale-C team still needs a female, holler!!

  9. Jolecelle

    If it’s not too late…I’m IN.
    Ian, do you already have your team?

  10. todd

    i will do scaled. Although I am in it for fun, I want to win. So, if you are serious about competing on the scaled division, i’ll do it.

  11. Silverback

    Arnold, you’re right. According the Geneva Convention, Team Badass can only be used for/with the original team members.

  12. Silverback

    Team Redrum – Standard Division:
    Freakin’ PR
    Jack Rabbit
    Don’t know if that will be our team name, but wanted to be sure we signed up before deadline.
    Todd, scaled? Come on…

  13. heatherd

    I was hoping not to have to ask this and would just casually find out, but who is Freakin’ PR? Just when I thought I knew all the names…

  14. RamRod

    That One Team – Standard Division
    Janet (insert nickname here)
    We still need a girl. And her name is Andi.

  15. Jared

    If anyone is looking for another dude, I am down.

  16. Silverback

    HeatherD – that would be Aida…

  17. todd

    Honestly, RX would be nice to try and do. If JDS, Sarah and Jolecelle are down with RX, we’ll do it. At this stage, it is a democracy, so all team members have a say…