“Fundamental Movement”

Back Squat

3 – 5 – 3 -  5 – 3 – 5 – 3

Post results to comments.

Overhead Squat Off Stilleto vs Lift Shoes

Summer and Coach JB – ACF Stiletto versus Lift Shoes PVC Overhead Squat Off

26 Responses to ““Fundamental Movement””

  1. Heatherd

    I’m just catching up from the 5000 posts yesterday….Silverback, I’ve already been scouting out restaurants/bars and will a list and maps tomorrow.
    On another note, I have room in my car for 2-3 more people if anyone wants to ride with me and a friend to WD. I am leaving sometime around noon Friday and returning Sunday afternoon. There will be booty music, laughing, and probably smack talking–driver’s rules:)

  2. Macho Ranger

    Light, C-note? Ok.
    19.44 Rx
    30 HSPU
    40 Pull-ups
    50 KB Swings (53)
    60 Situps
    70 Burpees
    Nice Rx BB4! Way to stick with no abmat hspu!

  3. ray

    started too light but 3RM BS went up 20# since December.
    have fun this weekend at the warrior dash, wish i could be there

  4. 80s Girl

    Great to meet some newbies this AM. Great job Ivannah and fam. Aida and Janet…incredible! William, when are you signing up?

  5. JUDY

    hey warriordashers, who is leaving Saturday AM? I might go up w/ Heather D on Friday, but much rather leave Saturday so I can save on 1 night hotel cost. Let me know by today so I can adjust my hotel reservation. I am fine either way (HD- please don’t smack talk too much if I ride w/ you, I have a sensitive heart) 🙂 hehe

  6. Billdozer

    Did the mainsite WOD
    30 HSPU’s(2abmats)
    40 Pull-Ups
    50 KB Swings(53)
    60 Situps
    70 Burpees(Just Plain Stupid)
    17:24, I know it wasn’t RX because of the handstand PU’s but not bad for me, no one should ever have to do 70 burpees, but fortunately I had the Bitchy Eggroll on my ass, she is quite a hard ass, thank you for yelling at me the whole way Toe!

  7. Ramrod

    couldnt make it to the box this morning so did it on my lunch break at work

  8. Janet

    115-125-140-145-160-175..something like that (PR)- first time. Fun to make it happen with ya Aida.

  9. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)


  10. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Went in today for the Open Gym. Practiced squat cleans and push press (95lb) and OHS (65lb), Stacy helped me find my depth with the medicine ball, fanciness.
    Did 4x500m rows, fastest time was 2:02. And….did 50 UNBROKEN situps! Woo-hoo! Working my way up to that fancy GHD!

  11. Freakin' PR !!!

    Great working with you too, Janet!
    115-125-135-140-145-155-165…PR! I failed at 155 at the end of March for the 1RM, so way to go me!!!
    Nice meeting the new guys this morning!

  12. Chrissy C

    Then and extra 3 @ 125 🙂
    everything over 115 was a PR

  13. Blueberry B Monster (J. Dolenga)

    An honor to work on the same rack as Manuel the Man Machine (this is his nickname as of right now – use it). That is a strong man.

  14. Ximena

    I ended up doing Open Gym with Stacy and did Wednesdays WOD. I enjoyed the pain as always. Stacy, thanks again for all your help.

  15. T.C.

    I think I could have done more, but this felt good!!!!

  16. G

    Welcome Veronica and MJ! Great baseline WOD tonight ladies!
    Good to see folks wearing their lift shoes or neutral/flat shoes. Congrats guys! Lots of PR’s today and a couple of guys were back squatting a tractor. I wish you all would start posting. Thanks to the ones who already do.
    Toe, yes…start heavier next time.
    Glad to see William (Janet’s hub) visit the box again. He will be joining us soon.
    Nate, thanks for all the links to Kelly Starrett post.
    Looked like a few folks were using the Open Gym session well. Crazy Carl, we couldn’t tell what WOD you were doing from the Strength Room. You seem like you were doing a really long chipper.
    Good to see Pepper back in action.

  17. Teach

    Did Wednesday’s WOD today..
    Thanks Stacy for believing in the science 🙂 I didn’t think I would get under 10min for this one, but you told me I would…should have just believed you!
    Fun times tonight with all the night classes! Great work done by all 🙂
    Manuel is the Man Machine! Nice to meet you tonight!
    Mike – great job working on your squat depth. We have the APE connection!!
    Chrissy – I knew you could do 125…stop letting that little voice inside your head mess with you.

  18. G

    Afterward, felt like I should have gone 90% of 1RM on the last 3 reps. Next time!
    The bunny hops for warm up was fun Teach!

  19. pepper

    Good to be back after a week on vacation. Thanks Teach for the push. Good job vampires.

  20. Crazy Carl

    Did Mondays WOD during mad professor stacy’s open gym session since i missed it do to work schedule…
    3 rds
    200m sandbag carry
    15 pull-ups
    10 squat clean and jerk- 135# 1st rd 95# 2nd rd
    20 ring dips (box assisted)
    30 pushups
    30 wall balls (20#)
    Finished in 20:38