Texas Warrior Dash

Warrior dash 

Texas Warrior Dash is this weekend and there will be no classes nor open gym session on Saturday and Sunday.   The following are ACF's warriors:

HeatherD, G, Silverback, BB4, H the B, Heather, Toddzilla, Bravo, Sharon, Beast, Gatekeeper, C-Note, Jack Rabbit, Judy, Admiral Nate, Macho Ranger, April K, Gracie (spectator) and Tristan (spectator).  Hope we didn't miss anybody.

6 Responses to “Texas Warrior Dash”

  1. Silverback

    For those of you that won’t make the Dash, let me give you this visual…I’m wearing nothing but a fake beard during the run.

  2. G

    Weather forecasted there is rain, high 75 degrees and low 54.
    Stop the shananigans Silverback!!

  3. Macho Ranger

    screw the loincloth…
    Jungle Boots and light coat of oil….

  4. Silverback

    I am so bummed! Just found out that something blew up at work. I’ll be at the office all day tomorrow instead of at the Dash. Everyone going pls have fun for me (and lots of alcohol)!! Maybe I can still wear my fake beard and go naked to the office, hmmm…

  5. Jared

    Hey guys ran it at 1030. The water is deeper then I thought. And the shallow crossing watch out for the middle part of the stream. And the national guard is there with a pull up bar. Mashed out 24. Kill it guys!

  6. Beast (aka JA)

    No kidding Jared! I expected waist deep water as mentioned in the website, but right after the first log, I couldn’t feel the bottom anymore. I had to swim to the other end. The fire was higher than I expected too.
    Sorry we missed you! We missed Silverback too! Gatekeeper and I had a great time. Half the challenge for us was getting to the venue…the United Colors had a little difficulty navigating. ;o)