“Weighted Kelly”

5 Rounds For Time

  • 400m Sandbag Run (70)(40)
  • 15 Box Jumps (24")
  • 15 Wall Ball (20)(14)

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Alright, let's do this Warrior Dash Showcase one last time!

Muddy ACF crew

Seated:  Gatekeeper

Middle Row:  Admiral, HeatherD, G, Jack Rabbit, Beast, Sharon

Back Row:  C-Note, Toddzilla, Bravo

Crazy ACF warrior dashers Pistol squats

On the ground, Left to Right Clockwise:  Bravo, Admiral, HeatherD, Jack Rabbit, Hernan The Barbarian, Josh K and Gatekeeper

On the Tire, Left to Right Clockwise:  Macho Ranger, Beast, BB4, G and C-Note

In the middle of the tire:  Toddzilla

Check out more photos from the Warrior Dash Set under Pix N Vids.

31 Responses to ““Weighted Kelly””

  1. Jack Rabbit

    20:17 RX
    Love the muddy photo!!!
    Good to meet you Jared and Ed. Ed, way to finish strong today!
    Jen my bud, great job on your first WOD!!!

  2. Rosie

    Grrreat pic=looks so much F U N!
    27 & change (#25SB 20″BJ #10WB)
    Tough run w SB! Alot of new faces this morning… Nice to meet everyone.
    Great Job! 🙂

  3. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Awesome photos!
    Sucks I haven’t been to a WOD today and yesterday. Crunch time for school! Hate school, GRRRR!

  4. Jen C

    Today was my first WOD ever! Tough for sure but I will surely be back for more! Great meeting everyone!
    15:52 (3RDS, 25#SB 18″BJ #6WB)

  5. Stephen

    Hey I was reading something on another CF website and a comment was made regarding “tasting copper” I experience this after some WODs. To me it’s more like an iron taste… What is it and why does it happen?

  6. Billdozer

    22:36(RX) Those sand bag runs were no fun at all, couldn’t keep up with Juan. Way to work 8:30.

  7. Nicole Disco D

    19:47 (25# 200m,20″stepup,#6wb)
    every part of me was hurting today. Great Picture!!!!!!!

  8. sean

    18:48 (rx) I thought OHS were my least favorite, but now I think sand bag runs have just taken their place.

  9. RamRod

    23:43 rx
    Holy. Hell.
    great job though to everyone at 830 it was rockin this morning.

  10. Speedy J (Janet)

    24:16 (Rx) HOT!! Running with that bag was a first – different for sure. Thanks for the nickname Grace and the coaching on the pull-ups…more fun tomorrow!

  11. Jen M.

    29:55 (20″Box,10#WB) BRUTAALLY HHOOOTTT!!!! felt like im getting fried alive! Glad to finish under 30min. Thanks Coach G for not doubting me that I can do 40#sand bag! Great job to the the 4pm group. Speedy J – thanks as always for the push (luv your name:)

  12. 007

    27:15 (RX)
    I didn’t get in a hurry.

  13. H The B

    30:06 (RX)
    Great job keeping a strong pace today Sugahara and Janet. Sand bag running is tough. Thanks for the push at the end G

  14. Taz

    Way to go Speedy J…you truly earned the nickname. Great job on that 40# SB run Jen, woohoo! I’m so proud of you. ‘need to work on filling up my gas tank. Running and I will have to develop this love for each other and we’ll bring SB along… the more the merrier :o)

  15. Jared

    27:40(rx) man 7 o’clock was hauling. Nice rope climbing session after. Good to met Mimi and Fasil. Manuel good to see you. Looking for a team if anyone is interested in forming up.

  16. Julia

    31:00 + or – (25sb, 20″ box, 6# wb)
    Today was tough and hot!! Thanks JB for encouraging me to keep running with the sandbag!

  17. Pat

    25:23(rx) Mid 90’s running w/ a sand bag great combo!

  18. Jen M.

    Btw, it was so awesome to walk in the box watch Coach G finished yesterday’s WOD. Loved how you get mad at those HSPU! It was so motivating! You are truly an inspiration (I know I said it over and over)
    Also, way to finish this tough WOD April and Taz!

  19. Bob

    28:43 Rx
    I was just happy to do all rounds with the 70# bag!!

  20. chrissy c

    200M with 40# sandbag/20″/10# WB

  21. Sarah

    25:37 (25#sb, 20″box, 10#wb)
    Good wod, just had to zone out in order to power throught the heat.
    Jolecelle: Can you make it Friday for the team wod meeting, not a wod, just a meeting at 7?

  22. Jolecelle

    (24″, 10WB, 40#) 28 something…somewhere around Mad Max’s finish.
    Max & Bob- you guys did great today!
    Hernan- you’re the best. Thanks for counting my reps.
    Jackrabbit- awesome time.

  23. Jolecelle

    Sarah/Todd/Jason- see you Friday, 7pm.

  24. G

    Great baseline WOD today for Kenny Ochoa!!!
    Jared Rossi did his short intro and got into today’s WOD with the pacemakers.
    Michael “Lani” and Katherine did their first WOD today as well. Good job guys!
    Welcome aboard guys.
    Jen M, thanks for the encouragement today.
    Hang in there Tess!
    It’s so good to see Tuff girl and Steve W back in action.
    Speedy J – you are fast!
    Three musketeers (Ruel, Fred and Tony) were workin’ it with the tcats!
    I see Morris posting….awesome!
    Jack Rabbit and Sean…this WOD wss definitely meant for you both.
    Teach….we miss ya!
    I’m playing catch-up, so I did “Hades” this afernoon. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s WOD…one of my favs!!!
    Thanks for the Warrior Dash photos Gracie (aka, G2).

  25. Schubert

    32:00 RX
    Felt good doing an RX today. That sandbag got heavy. Amazing how light the wall ball felt compared to the bag.
    That’s 3 of 5 this week

  26. G

    Almost forgot, this was also Jen C’s first WOD.
    Milestone: Summer 1 kipping pull-up!!!