Perform the following each minute on the minute for 30 minutes:

  • 5 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 15 Squats

Score is number of rounds completed.

Compare to 090410 results.

Post results to comments.


Regina is a regular at the 6pm class.

40 Responses to ““Chelsea””

  1. G

    Just wanted to chime-in really early today after the pacemaker crew ….
    C-Note, WOW, you are somethin’ else!!!
    Way to work hard Pacemakers!

  2. the "Gris"

    Great work pacemakers – C-note killed it. Well done all.
    10 – stopped about midway through as my hands were getting shredded. Will wear gloves next time.

  3. 007

    Great job C-Note. They didn’t actually mean for people to do all 30 minutes. You’re just SicFIT!

  4. Billdozer

    23 rounds(RX) I’m pretty sure that’s a new personal best for me on this one, just haven’t been feeling it here lately.

  5. Ramrod

    30 rds
    Thanks summer! Great work today by the thundercats and the 930 class. Freakin PR and speedy J way to go the distance! And Andi, all I can say is welcome 🙂

  6. Miles Bandalan

    that was a workout.
    miles 21 (RR KPU/wall push up)
    joe b 25 (2″ BAND/RR, KPU)
    We still have to work on our range of motion,
    but getting there. good to scream on the last round.

  7. Caci

    my arms could take no more after 18 rounds. thanks G for the encouragement. (KPU/RR)

  8. Speedy J

    30..tough stuff today..thanks for the encouragement 8:30 group. See you guys Sat – Andi we will make the schedule work..it will be fun!

  9. Sarah

    Good advice Toe! Billy stop being so hard on yourself! Wish I could do this one today!

  10. Andi

    26 – OMG did I suck it today.
    Thanks for the pep-talk T-Cats!
    Daniel, Billy & Janet, don’t know what you guys are getting me into………..

  11. 007

    23 – RX
    Billy, your body needs beer and golf. That is your paleo. Suck it up, play an emergency 9 and down a beer a hole. You’ll be back to yourself in no time.

  12. T.C.

    Good evening my fellow ACF members my name is Ron Burgundy and in tonight’s news we will be discussing a problem plaguing one of our own. Yes that’s right our own Billy AKA Billdozer seems to be in an existential funk. Now I don’t know about the rest of you but when I am in an existential funk I like to buy a new suit and the suit store. So Billy if you think that will help I am in….
    In other news it was recently reported that Texas is home to 5 of the fattest cities in the US. Upon hearing this it really dawned on me why I come to ACF day in and day out, and that is because I used to be and may still be a part of this statistic. However since becoming a part of ACF I have realize that, this is not a statistic I want to be a part of. So with the help of people like Billy, G, Coach Jim, JB, Teach, Spec, and the rest of you at ACF who push me as well as yourselves everyday, I feel as G says,” Crossfit make you look sexy naked,” but more than that it have given me an over all better quality of life!!! As well as the potential to introduce other to not only a gym but a way of life, just as G has done for so many of us.
    This is Ron Burgundy saying,” You Stay Classy Atomic Crossfitters!”
    22 with 2″ band on pull-ups

  13. Billdozer

    T.C., you know how to cut to the core of me. Thank you all for your support, it is tough making changes, which is probably why I have gone this long without giving a crap, but I’ve had it with doing bodyweight workouts at 205 so i’m trying to slim down.
    I knew it would be difficult but I didn’t think eliminating beer would hinder my performance, I guess i really was fueled by miller lite. Thank you Bitchy Eggroll, Fam, all the rest of the 8:30 crew and everyone else at the box for your support in these lonely and difficult times without miller lite. And Toe, I will stop being a debbie downer at 8:30.
    P.S. It’s so damn hot, milk was a bad choice.

  14. Schubert

    22 rounds
    Green band/jump after the first 5 rounds
    4 of 5 in the books this week.

  15. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    27 rds

  16. Silverback

    25 Rds (C2G). Last time I did 23 rds, the time before that, 17. I guess I’m making progress.

  17. Babs

    30 Rds (ring rows)
    I know I’m going to feel this WOD tomorrow and all weekend!

  18. Ximena

    Chelsea was definitely a tough one today. I did 22 rounds of RR, some bench and most wall push ups. I was feeling the pain in the first minute, weak, i know. I was making evacuation routes just in case pukie came for a visit.

  19. chrissy

    Holy Crap!
    27 rounds (thin white band on pull ups; 21 of the rounds I did push ups on my knees)

  20. 007

    Billy, Bud Select 55. 55 calories, 1.9g carbs and .5g of protein. It makes Michelob Ultra seem like Guiness. It’s almost Zone Diet perfect. You don’t have to be all or nothing to make it work.

  21. Heather

    25 rds (black band, knee PU after rd 6)
    This was my first Chelsea. I ripped both hands 🙁 Need to work on ROM on squats when I’m fatigued

  22. H the B

    24 rds (5 rds C2G, rest KPU)
    Wanted to keep moving but couldn’t do it on my toes. Hats off to all the 30 rd people.
    Billy I have to say your goal is admirable. You kick ass at a solid 205 I am afraid what you will accomplish at 195.

  23. Jack Rabbit

    26 Rounds
    This was my first meeting with Chelsea. OUCH! My hands got a little beat up.
    Thanks G for taping my hands while I was squating! haha Those pull-ups got me good!!
    Beth, I love ya girl. Thanks for keeping me going.
    Awesome job today all you 30 peeps!! You are animals!!!

  24. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Sorry for being super late. I actually went in to the 05:30 class, but then went straight to work and school there after.
    17 rds (RR, KPU)
    TC: I don’t even know who Ron Burgundy is, but well said sir.
    Billy: Well….I can’t say much about beer. I don’t drink beer often, I hate the taste of most beers, I hate what its done to my father and uncle, and I’ve seen the end result on what it does to the liver.
    But, without revealing too much of my skeletons in the closet, lets just say that I know what you’re feeling in your “detox” state. Believe me, I’ve been there and trust me when I say STAY STRONG! I saw old the videos of you swinging hammers and flipping tires, you were pretty slow. You didn’t get into the awesome condition you are now overnight (I say you’re in awesome condition because I admire you [as well as others] and hope to deadlift as much as you can). So, give it time, stay focused and consistent, and I’ll assure you that you’ll wonder why you didn’t cut out Miller Lite sooner.

  25. Teach

    30 rounds
    once I got past round 18, I couldn’t stop, so I did all 30 rounds. Thanks for the encouragement 5:00 group, G, and the peanut gallery!
    Night classes all worked hard! Jack rabbit- there is no shame in using plastic bags on your hands in the shower 😉
    G- way to pound that one out!!!

  26. ian

    Billy how about some Choco Martini instead of Beer?

  27. Freakin' PR

    A little late posting, but here I am
    30 rounds
    I thought I was not going to make to 30 after about the 3rd round.
    Thanks Ramrod, Fam and Toe for the support! Janet you also kept me going for sure!! Awesome!! and of course G…

  28. G

    30 Rounds
    Taping the hands helped avoid ripping the calouses. Last year I did 23 rounds with ten of those rounds with C2G push-ups. This time push-ups were just enough to break parallel or parallel due to the high volume.
    Thanks for the push when I felt like quitting, Teach and Toddzilla! Having Silverback in the corner of my eye was also a big push :). I am pooped! Chelsea wore me out!
    Good to see Gris, Dble J, Monique, Ximena, Nick, Shawn V, Miles and Caci back in action.
    You’re welcome Katie…I didn’t want you to stop since that minute goes by so fast.
    Fam, you still did a load of work. Keep working hard!
    Andi – you’ll do just fine! Show ’em what you got now. You are crossfit strong!
    Gab from Quebec, I know you are reading this…you ACF shirt order was shipped out today. Thank you!
    TC, isn’t that charater portrayed by Will Farrell? You are funny!
    Billy, you already know what I’m gonna say, so I’ll save it. You’ll thank yourself in the future. Stick with it.
    Good work by all!

  29. Pepper

    29 rds (rr, kpu)
    Attending daughter-in-law’s college graduation on Saturday. Won’t be able to walk. Chelsea’s a bitch.

  30. JUDY (ACF groupie =)

    30 rds, 1/2inch white band, KPUs, work on ROM for squats (note to self, low filipino squat!) those on beyondthewhiteboard.com, do you know what color is equivalent to the 1/2inch band? or what the other colors are?
    tc – you have dropped so much, you are already out of that stat for sure! hernan, i was trying real hard not to kick you, sorry if I did! chelsea…until we meet again (insert evil stare)

  31. Gab

    30 rounds and after lunch I did 30 min of interval on the elliptical.

  32. Kate

    24 rounds (tan band,KPUs, work on ROM)