Team WOD “Championship Fight Gone Bad”


Team WOD with only 1 person working at a time per team with a continuous running clock in 25 mintues.

5 Rounds of 1 Minute Per Exercise and NO Rest Between Rounds

  • Wall Ball (20)(14)
  • SDHP (75)(55)
  • Box Jumps (20")
  • Push Press (75)(55)
  • Rower (Calories)

Scaled Men/Women:

Wall Ball (14)(10)

SDHP/Push Press (55)(45)

Box Jump height will be same for standard and scaled.

April 30 016

Seated (left to right):  Heather, Ximena, Teach, HeatherD, Sunshine and Kim

Standing (left to right):  Hernan The Barbarian, MadMax, Coach Stacy, M.Schubert, Aaron, Toddzilla, D-Mena, Silverback, Nick, Brandon W and Racing Ray

May 8 CF Orientation or Fundamentals 001
May 8 CF Orientation or Fundamentals 003
The CrossFit Orientation class followed the weekend warriors.  Coach Stacy lead our newbies through the fundamental movements and exercises.  Left to right:  Tony, Natalie, Mike B, Khara, Joe B, Miles, Ruel, Julia, Fasil, Fred, Alice and Chi.

11 Responses to “Team WOD “Championship Fight Gone Bad””

  1. Jim

    GREAT JOB TODAY! Huge crowd! Great energy!

  2. Bob

    Had a great time today. Nice meeting you Theresa and Darlene. Great working with Tim, Theresa and Darlene. Go Potluck Team!!!!

  3. Arnold

    That was awesome!! Never done “Fight Gone Bad” before.
    Goin’ Commando was on today, stay free and easy guys 😉

  4. Pat

    First time in the box on a Sat. doing a competition like that.Really fun in a sick kind of way!Thanks to the coaches for organizing and putting this together.Can’t wait until next week.

  5. G

    Way to push yourselves weekend warriors, especially with the strict judging and tough coaching. Proud of you all!
    The CF Orientation attendees were definitely a coach-able bunch and were very eager to learn. Way to go on the box jumps! There were some ninja-like box jumpin’ today. Great job Stacy!

  6. She-Ra

    Guess who can now
    DL: 230
    SP 100 and
    BS: 175 (but could do that before)!
    THIS GIRL!! DL PR by 25 lbs and SP PR by 10!
    New CFT: 505

  7. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Cool looking bunch of newbies. All of those links are very helpful.

  8. Bravo

    Free n Easy great job Goin Commando!! Way to Do Work!!

  9. Miles Bandalan

    thanks Coach G and Coach Stacy for a great saturday session.