“Surf and Turf”

4 Rounds For Time

  • 500m Row
  • 50 Squats

Post results to comments.

April 021

The Honey-nooners (Left to Right):

Sugahara, Chief, Ben C, L.A., Holly P and Freakin'PR

45 Responses to ““Surf and Turf””

  1. todd

    open gym
    1500 m run
    then 3 rounds:
    15 x 135# BP and 15 GHD
    1500 m run. Good, fast WOD

  2. Ximena

    Totally bummed i won’t be able to make it to the box today to do this one. Maybe I’ll try it tomorrow during open gym.

  3. Macho Ranger

    Interesting how form suffers with a tired lower back. Time for a rest day.

  4. Andi

    Thanks for keeping me on track Khara! You did a great job today!!!

  5. Loco Moco

    Bob, it looks like Arnold needs servicing….

  6. Freakin' PR !!!

    I’m so sad I missed this one!! 🙂

  7. Khara

    Andi, thank you for pushing me today, I hard a harder time getting through that than I thought I would.

  8. Billdozer

    15:11- Too many airsquats, my rowing times were cancelled out by them. Silverback was playing mind games with me again, by doing 360 degree air squats.
    Arnold, you shouldn’t get Bob too riled up on the message board, I’ve seen the way he tosses around the kettlebell

  9. Taz

    17:54 Way to go Sugahara! You were fast and your form was just awesome from start to end both in rowing and squats. I know you said it was killing you but you made it look so easy. Thanks for the pointers and counting my reps. Great job to all 4pm crowd.

  10. Chad Blaylock

    2nd WOD ever.
    Time of 15:52.
    Tried to keep up with brother (Contra) but he still beat me with a time of 15:47. Next time brother!

  11. Silverback

    TC, the peanut gallery enjoyed your strip-tease mid-heat. That picture may just end up on the website.
    And thanks Sarge for counting my reps and resetting the rower!

  12. H The B

    Thanks for the counting and push at the end Billy.

  13. Jen M.

    18:15 not happy with my time but happy with the depth of my squats. My quads were just tight. Thanks Coach G for all the pointers and for putting me up with the big boys – i’ll probably be much slower if I didn’t have that extra push.Thanks to everyone who cheered me on my last squats.
    Ate Chi, you are an awesome partner! you are even handing me my water bottle…so sweet. You did great too. Your squats were unbroken. Sugarhara – you are on fire!
    Welcome Marlon 😉

  14. Julia

    Thanks JB and Regina for support (and the rest of the 6:00 p.m. group)!

  15. 007

    Thank God I got a sinus infection!
    If it wasn’t for the antibiotics I would have had to admit that the reason I didn’t workout today is because yesterday and Monday kicked my ass.
    So my official reason for not working out is a sinus infection.

  16. Nisha

    Julia: I think your time was actually 18:30 cuz I know that you had me by 4 seconds 🙂
    Damn 200 freakin squats….I still can’t string more than 10-15 at a time without my quads catching on fire….Great job Regina, you blew right thru those squats!! Also, way to go Sledge, you “pounded” those damn things

  17. Speedy J

    Missed it due to work..need a new job that fits my ACF schedule…Out tomorrow too 🙁

  18. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Thanks Tony for partnering.
    And…..I passed my last exam today! I passed nursing school!!

  19. Gina

    15:40 – 1st round of squats killed me since I’m still recovering from yesterday’s one-sided SB get-ups. Next time I think I’ll make sure I even it out some!
    Nice job Kari – thanks for the push & for counting for me!
    Way to go Noel!!! That’s awesome news!

  20. ray

    tough one to come back to after a week off. great job to all at 5pm
    congrats noel!

  21. Mister Magnesium (J. Dolenga)

    WOD name is same as tonight’s episode of Top Chef Masters. Nice!
    17:04. Good clean fun.

  22. G

    Welcome Marlon, Chris B, Michael Pettigren and Abbye M.
    Good to see Rosie, Tank, RayRay, Efren and Dble J back in action.
    Jen M, I figured you could use the push since your relationship with the rower is still a work-in-progress. However, today your technique is looking really good.
    Congrats Skippy!
    Way to push through your last set of squats Fasil!
    Speedy J, too funny!
    Aida, you should crank the reps with your team for the make up wod tomorrow night since you are well rested 🙂
    TC, you live in Houston now and not in Ohio. I can’t believe you’ve been wearing three layers all this time.

  23. G

    BTW, Jenny S, it’s good to see you squeeze a WOD in today. Working on getting consistent will pay off later.

  24. G

    Worked out with the 7pm crew tonight. Thanks for the push JB! Way to bust those last set of air squats Nate!

  25. Kari

    24:08 rx finally!
    Gina, thx for pushin & countin. Thx G & JB too!
    Congrats Noel!

  26. G

    One more, Happy Hour this Friday at Lopez Restaurant to celebrate SLPD Academy graduation of Ray and Sledge (Morris).

  27. mikey

    18:29 now the lower half of my body is as sore as the top from yesterday and Monday…

  28. TC

    15.53 I thought the squats would have been the time to catch my breath, well I was wrong!!!
    Silverback as for the strip tease the first one is free, the next one will cost you!!!

  29. Bob

    15:50 Great partnering with Tim. JB thanks for staying on me about my squat form. I will continue to work on keeping my freakin knees out!!

  30. Bob

    Also, learned the correct form on the rower and it made a huge difference.

  31. Steve

    14:35. Thanks, Mikey, for pushing me.
    I can barely walk today; no leg strength.

  32. sharon

    Congrats Noel on Nursing School (although I really think photography is your real calling)
    Also congrats to Ray and Morris who are both licensed peace officers
    19:59 man that sucked – my legs are still jello. Guess that is what I get for taking over a week off 🙁

  33. Sheryl

    18:36 (500m row / 50 SQUATS – 4 ROUNDS)