“All Things Considered”

Power Clean 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1

Compare to last time we did 1 Rep Power Cleans 090407

MetCon:  AMRAP in 10 minutes

  • 10 KB Swings (53)
  • 10 Box Jumps (24")
  • 5 HSPU

Post results to comments.

Fam May 2009
Fam May 2009 KB Farmers Carry

Fam Apr 2010 
Fam Apr 2010 3

Fam (aka Famelicious) started with us a year ago.  A year full of milestones and consistent hard work has turned her into an athlete who has now been generally going as prescribed on WODs at Atomic CrossFit.

44 Responses to ““All Things Considered””

  1. Speedy J

    Wow..great work Fam, you look great!!

  2. JUDY

    I’m always looking at your time or weight you lifted (even though I shouldn’t), and try to catch up to you! =) Go Fam!

  3. Miles Bandalan

    way to go Fam…you are an inspiration to us the newbeeis…
    joe b and miles

  4. Taz

    The product of hard work and dedication. Luv the transformation Fam. You inspire many (including me,of course) to keep going. Keep it up. Nice to know you got Marlon on board as well.

  5. Jolecelle

    I agree….you look faaaabulous :)!

  6. Summer

    Great Pics Fam, thank you for introducing me to ACF.
    65,75,80,85,miss,85/ 7+2 (35kb,pike) great work t-cats. Thanks Heather and Ingrid for being my partner during the power cleans.

  7. Macho Ranger

    5 Rounds +7 RX
    Fam…you are the Beast From the East.

  8. Kari

    Fam, I can’t believe you have been with Crossfit only one year. You look great. You are an inspiration.
    G, thanks for sharing this motivation and celebration for Fam!

  9. Chubby bunny (aka Bobo)

    Rockin it Fam!
    metcon: 7 rounds RX.

  10. Chubby bunny (aka Bobo)

    oops that was 210 on the last three.
    still delirious from the metcon.

  11. Macho Ranger

    Silverback can read Lady Gaga’s poker face.

  12. todd

    215 PR, baby! no misses.
    Famelicious, you EVEN have a nice personality. Keep it up. Happy Annie!

  13. HeMan

    Fam, it’s been great getting to watch your progress over the past year!! You’ve turned yourself into a hell of a crossfitter and I’m glad you’re on Team Commando!!

  14. Jen M.

    Happy 1 year Famelicious!!! you’ve come a long way! I admire you consistency and progress!
    6r + 4reps (20″,pike,35#)

  15. Sarge

    Fam, you are looking great!! Congrats on the results from all of the hard work in the box!!

  16. Kate

    Hey C-note and other parents: I work at Stafford High School and could connect you with some very trust-worthy seniors and a few college students. Let me know and I can collect some phone numbers.

  17. Crazy Carl

    Congrats Fam, Sky’s the limit…Glad to have you as part of the badass ACF team.
    I’m takin today off because my body is trashed from the last 4 wods this week. Gotta let the bod recover. See yall Next week in the Box!

  18. Silverback

    The Reservoir Dogs did last Sat’s Team WOD tonight. Good work teammates! Don’t know any other team’s points total, but very happy with our performance. Only two more days until we have to do another team WOD…

  19. ingrid

    Fam,you are an inspiration!!!!
    4RDS+20 REPS(30KB,20BOX,20#DBs)
    Thanks G for the push

  20. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    6+15 (2 abs mats)

  21. Freakin' PR !!!

    Great Team WOD!!! We did awesome!!!
    Ready for Sat once again!!!

  22. Nisha

    Power Cleans:
    55, 65, 75, 85, 95 (PR), 100-miss
    85 was my previous PR for power cleans so am happy about the 95 but really wanted the triple digits 🙁
    6+14 (30KB, 20″, 2 abmats)
    that was a sweaty ten minutes!!

  23. Babs

    Just couldn’t do two 80’s in a row
    8+12 reps(26#KB,18″ step-ups, 15#DB)

  24. Freakin' PR

    Thanks C-note…and thanks G!! you rock! Katie…miss ya!!

  25. Julia

    65-65-65-75-75-75, I really tried to work on technique. Thanks Stacy for the “open gym” session during my WOD!
    6+11, (26#kb, 20″, Pike)
    I agree with Nisha….it was a very sweaty 10 mins!

  26. HeMan

    7rds + 6reps (pike)

  27. Princess Slaya

    8 rds (35#, air squats, 20# db)

  28. David "Chalkman" Henley

    metcon: 5 rounds RX.

  29. Pepper

    First time doing power cleans…frustrated with the difference 5 pounds makes.
    7 rounds +20 reps (26#, 18# step-up, 12#db)

  30. sean

    6rds + 20 reps (2abmats)
    Fam, that is awesome! I actually thought that was someone I hadn’t met yet, until I read the comments.

  31. JP

    6 rounds + 17 reps (44#, Pike)

  32. Teach

    So the vamps made me do yesterdays WOD after they finished…
    4 rounds
    500m row
    50 squats
    Time: 13:03
    Thanks G, Nate and all the vamps for pushing me!! That was definitely an interesting one 🙂
    Everyone worked hard tonight! Lots of PRs set tonight- SOS, Jen C., Julia, Monique, Bryan, Matt…. I’m sure I missed some more in there somewhere! Way to go you guys!

  33. Nicole Disco D :)

    Congrats fam!! You inspire me and proud to workout with you……
    65,75,80,85,90 pr,95*
    6 and 11 reps
    35#kb,20″ stepups, pike 1 abm

  34. G

    New PR = 125 lbs!
    (FYI for the newbies, PR is also known as best personal record)
    Thank you Nate for reviewing my power cleans. It was very helpful!
    Resevoir Dogs, you’re welcome! I love the WOD, Fight Gone Bad!!
    It was a nice change of pace with Spec judging and keeping score with his work clothes on.

  35. G

    Welcome aboard Chad Mitchell and great baseline! Small world!
    Good to see Double J, April K and Monique back in action!
    Teach, you crushed yesterday’s WOD!
    Yonder Way Farms is taking orders for a special delivery day next Thursday at the box. Ian, Ingrid and Dianna have placed their orders. Anyone else interested, please go to our Nutrition Blog on the left side bar. They will email the invoice after you have submitted the order. For those who are ordering, be sure to make arrangements to leave your cooler in the box by next Wednesday night. They will drop off the order and they will be stored in your cooler. Just make sure to pick them up that day.

  36. G

    Fam, you make it worth every effort we put forth into the box day in and day out. Keep working hard!

  37. Kari

    Ended up at 85# PC. Thx 2 Beth!
    6 rounds+14 (18#kb, 18″stepups, 12#db)

  38. TC

    Way to go Fam!!!!
    6rounds 53lb KB, 24 in box, 2 abmats.

  39. JUDY

    hey C-Note, my daughter is 15, and will be 16 the end of this month. I can bring her w/ me and she can watch the kiddos in the air conditioned part of the box. She is really good w/ kids since she helps out w/ my 4yr old all the time. I’m sure a little change ($) can get her out of bed in the AM. I’ll send you my ph# on FB.
    PC 85-95-100-105(miss)-100-105. 6 rounds + 15, (40#KB, 2 ab mats). oh and my first KPU! YEAH!!! =)