“Straight Bourbon”

10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

  • Pull-Ups
  • Push-Ups
  • Sit-Ups
  • Burpees
  • Squats
  • Shoulder Press (95)

Post results to comments.

Deborah Lee Push Up 1Deborah Lee Push Up 2

Happy Birthday Deborah!!

The training effect of full range of motion push-ups on your knees is optimal if you don't have the standard version yet.  This is the preferred method as opposed to doing them on a full plank position with very short range of motion.

39 Responses to ““Straight Bourbon””

  1. Jack Rabbit

    19:25 (55#)
    Happy Birthday Deborah!

  2. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Happy B-Day Deborah!
    Knee pushups are my buddies for while.

  3. Summer

    Happy birthday Deborah
    20:15 (35#,black band, last 3 all kips) Great job t-cats.

  4. Morris "Sledge"

    As Rx’d
    Droppin the Hammer
    Thanks Ray Ray for the extra push.
    G-Glad to see you changed “Burbon” to “Bourbon”. I love that stuff.

  5. Chad Blaylock

    28:14 with band and 45 lbs on shoulder press

  6. Sheryl

    23:16 (i think) First week of CF complete – LOVE this, it is just what I need! Thank-you Grace. Moving to the Noon workouts next wk. thanks 8:30 gang for the inspiration & help!

  7. Jack Rabbit

    Arnold, remind me never to play dodge ball with you. hahaha

  8. Macho Ranger

    Nate, did you see the guy who was trying to catch him on the second to last lap? That is how I feel everyday when working out with C-Note.
    This dude is a Badass! but can he bench his body weight 15 times?

  9. ingrid

    Happy Birthday Deborah
    22:30 I love ring rows
    I’m starting to love Burpees
    Squat is my favorite
    Sit Ups is a chore I have to do
    Push Up is always my challenge
    Thanks Toe and Nicole for the push and happy to meet the Athletes I have not met before.
    One day I will be able to remember everybody’s name,for now Pardon if I miss.

  10. mario c

    mario c 21:59
    SCALED to 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1; #45 SP.

  11. Chubby Bunny

    Arnold you are my hero!
    19 and change. RX.
    That was a burner. I’m still not quite right.

  12. Chubby Bunny

    Sharon, I am down with the Mud Maxx! I just can’t decide whether i want to dress up as a smurf or the jolly green giant. Better yet, we should all dress as Roman soldiers! The ACF legion will descend upon Humble! or something like that…

  13. Chubby Bunny

    Gab and Ian, you guys aren’t human.

  14. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    19:15 (75#)

  15. Gab

    Think I’m still human Chubby Bunny, because I felt pain and fatigue at the end this 16:43 minutes. Whathever I felt, it was nice and I was proud of me by getting through 😉

  16. Noel (SKIPPY)

    23:00 (2″ band/RR; 65lb)
    Was pooped early in the WOD, but then around the 5th round, I got my second wind and did pretty well.

  17. 007

    I didn’t get to go at a full pace today. Been a bit under the weather this week. Still ended up with a 19:59(RX). Was going to start at 8 but did the whole thing. Felt good to get a workout in.

  18. Kid Chianti (J. Dolenga)

    Graduated to the black band today, but that’s all the good there is to report. The rest was a disaster. 27 something. 65#. Thanks G for the push. I needed it. Bourbon’s not my thing.

  19. G

    Thanks for the link Admiral Nate! I think its the magic of the high socks 🙂
    Good baseline today, Sirun and Chad M.!
    Chris B, Marlon and Abbye did their first WOD today!
    Welcome Dylan, visiting from CrossFit LA!
    Blueberry and Mike B, hang in there….stay consistent.
    Good to see Ben C, Wingman, Jack Rabbit, 007 and Kenny back in action. Also, Tank from the other day.

  20. G

    19:33 (55) – shoulder press is my achilles’ heel so I really didn’t want to miss this WOD! Thanks for the push Jim and Silverback. It was good to work out with the 5pm Friday Fight Night Crew.
    Way to finish Mike B and Blueberry!
    Laney needs to start posting.
    Sledge, my missing enzyme was responsible for misspelling “Bourbon.”

  21. Mike B

    Uhh didn’t get my time (We were timed?? LOL)(2″/RR, 65#)
    Thanks for the push during yesterdays WOD everyone.
    I am happy to report that I am still alive even though I was told that I had the color like a smurf combined with Casper the friendly ghost.
    I’ll get you next time “Straight Bourbon”

  22. chrissy C

    (35# SP; black band rounds 10-5, no band rounds 4-1)