“Speak To Me, Julio”

5 Rounds For Time

  • 200 Jump Rope, Singles
  • 20 Burpees
  • 20 Sit-Ups

Post results to comments.

May 15 017

Stephen A (aka, Surfer) shows us hows it's done with good posture.  The full extension of a Summo Dead Lift High Pull requires that the bar is pulled to areas between the clavicle and chin with elbows up high.  Full extension also requires that hips are fully open.  Locking the knees guarantees that one's force of production stays on the heels, therefore, putting less strain on the lower back.

46 Responses to ““Speak To Me, Julio””

  1. G

    Milestone: Dennis the Gatekeeper got the elusive Muscle Ups! Congrats Dennis!
    Toe, I forgot to thank you for your organizational skills. The new filing system for our athletes’ binders is a great idea. So, everyone, let’s file them away to your regular class time or the time that you attend majority of the time.
    Way to push hard this morning Chris P and Byron! Jen C had the 200 singles down! Good job pacemakers!

  2. Pepper

    Both of my sons and daughter-in-law are in town for today only, so I will miss the burpees. Darn. 🙂
    See you vampires tomorrow!

  3. Orange Crush (J. Dolenga)

    Congrats Dennis. I saw you doing those muscle ups last night, but it looked like child’s play for you. Couldn’t have imagined that those were your first!

  4. Speedy J

    15:21 (Rx) Jump rope played in my favor…Team POW, will get work schedule figured out ASAP…POW!

  5. heatherd

    Not going to be able to make it into the box today, which is unfortunate, because burpees on my garage floor tonight are going to hurt something…

  6. Billdozer

    24:32(RX+GHD) That got old real quick, Speedy J is unstoppable, POW! That POW! was for Silverback

  7. Silverback

    Hey Billy, don’t forget about the team WOD strategy session that I wanna hold with you guys just before you go. I have some mental exercises that I think will help out a lot 😉

  8. Miles Bandalan

    burpees are always a killer…
    Ivannah 23:22 (Rx)
    Joe B 24:53 (Rx)
    our first Rx in this Crossfit Journey(2 Months) and counting.
    Miles 27:14 (4 rounds,100 singles)
    worked hard today.
    da bandalans

  9. the "Gris"

    is that a Catalina winemixer POW for Silverback?

  10. Silverback

    18:47 (Rx)
    Always fun to workout with my teammate, AIDA. We were even lucky enough to experience an inspirational visit from Billdozer (who was drinking an ice cold diet soda while we were sweating profusely).

  11. Silverback

    Gris, I think Billy meant it to be more of a “POW!” from the Batman TV series. Any way you look at it, it’s a disparaging remark directed towards me. All the while here I am trying to help his team be mentally prepared for their team WOD this week…

  12. Dustin

    20:18 rx, ghd
    good to be back in the (sweaty) box.

  13. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    29:45 (Rx) Abmat first round. Good to get one in with the Noon Crew.

  14. mario c

    mario c 17:45
    SCALED to 5 rds of 100/10/10; abmat sit ups.

  15. Z

    21:42RX (Rnd 1 GHD, the rest regular sit ups)
    Great job, Nooners! Thanks so much for the push, G! 🙂

  16. ian

    21:37 RX
    Single or Double doesn’t matter I just stink at Jump rope

  17. Nicole Disco D :)

    27:25 RX
    I believe Janet is a Cyborg, she was a flash of light. Great job T=Cats!!!!!

  18. Gab

    Grest job everyones. I had expected to hit Julio around 20 minutes, but I’ve made it in 21:39 min. Burpees were rude after yesterday squat.

  19. Morris "Sledge"

    As Rx’d+GHD
    Droppin the Hammer
    I don’t know what was worse. The GHD’s making me dizzy and giving me a headache, or Grace never slowing down which kept me from slowing down.
    I couldn’t let her beat me.

  20. Gina

    that was a great one – going to feel this one!

  21. Noel (SKIPPY)

    31:23 (Abmat situps)
    It was fun! My soccer jersey was soaked though.

  22. Freakin' PR !!!

    It was great working out with you too Silverback!!! Wouldn’t have been the same without your presence…I was actually secretly trying to beat you today but since you’re my teammate I thought I should let you get the glory today!! Lol
    20:11 (Rx, GHD)

  23. D-Mena

    G you were right on… 24:31 or so (Rx). Good WOD today. Felt like I lost about 5 lbs of water weight. Day off tomorrow then its go time for the Buck Furpees!

  24. H The B

    27:54 (RX, GHD)
    Don’t know where the time went. Maybe it was having to start over on the count. Hard counting to 200 after the first round. Thanks Silverback for the help.

  25. Sheryl

    25:11 – raw butt!! nice…hardest WOD for me so far (only #6) Loved it!

  26. G

    20:45 (Rx, GHD – full ROM) – I appreciate the push Billy and H the B.
    First round was the LULU-Outfitters Coed Burpee Battle with Toddzilla. Ignore the peanut gallery Toddsky, they’re just jealous you have those stinky-free shorts on!
    Then, turned into pacing with Sledge, he did drop the hammer on this one. If it wasn’t for my “retarded rush to the GHD twice and the two reps with them” – would have done it under 20 min. That was the goal. Great push Sledge!

  27. G

    Welcome on your first WOD, Sirun!
    Also, welcome back Easy Rider and Dustin!
    Speedy J and Vince were jump roping like Muhammad Ali! Nice!
    You’re welcome Z! I will miss you when you leave for Cali 🙁 …. but happy that you are pursuing your dreams!
    D-Mena, glad I could help out!
    Admiral, thanks for the help on my post WOD bonus work.
    Duly noted on embracing your least favorite exercise, Tim 🙂
    Holly L – way to push through til the end.
    You guys showed up despite the heat and humidity…and knowing that there are 100 burpees (a CrossFit Staple of being hardcore)!

  28. Chrissy C

    27:01 (RX + GHD)
    Pepper – you missed a good one!!

  29. Teach

    18:37 (Rx) in my garage tonight. Had the baby all evening..if she would sit still longer than a half second, then i would attempt to bring her up there, but the chances of that happening are slim and none!
    Z – moving?…sounds like fun 🙂

  30. caci

    34:?(RX). I think this is my first Rx? Thanks to Toe and Summer and everyone who was cheering me on. Burpees will be the death of me. We have a love/hate relationship going on. I felt really good after this one.

  31. G

    Teach – nice time! Hang in there! See you maybe tomorrow and Thursday for sure.
    Way to go Caci!

  32. G

    Sheryl, squeezing in WODs at lunch is admirable! Keep up the hard work!

  33. ray

    24:46 Rx
    Thought about doing GHD but decided against it…I want to be able to move the next few days. Great job to all at 5pm

  34. T.C.

    22.16 sit ups with an abmat.
    It was all I could do to pace or should I say try to with G, Chris, and Sledge u guys were flying! Good work everyone!