“Spread The Wealth”

5 Rounds For Time

  • 10 KB Clean & Press (53)(35)
  • 20 KB SDHP (53)(35)
  • 20 Push-Ups
  • 10 Pull-Ups

Post results to comments.

G2 Bday

Happy Birthday Gracie (aka G2) !!!  We still remember her very first WOD on one of the earlier "CF grassroots wod-get-together" at Kempner back in the Spring of 2008, right Gracie?!  You have come a long ways, girl!

58 Responses to ““Spread The Wealth””

  1. todd

    feliz cumpleanos bonita! Que Dios te bendiga!!

  2. Rosie

    Happy Bday!
    Arthur 21:03 (lst 4 rd bnd PU)
    21:49 (26/18 KB, RR)
    Good to see some familar faces bck … Josh & Lopez!
    Good Job Everyone!

  3. Pat

    Happy Bday Gracie!15:45 rx 1st round I was still asleep and forgot the clean part of the c&p.Picked it up on the backend of the WOD.

  4. heatherd

    Happy Birthday, Gracie–I’m honored to call you my friend. Hope you have a great day!!!!

  5. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    Coach Jim (aka Mad Money) – I just realized I will have to miss yet another one of your Barbell Clinics, as I’m required to “work” at a three day music festival that weekend.
    Guess I’ll just have to get stronger at the “Reverse Curl Power Clean” until I learn the right movement 😉

  6. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Happy bday and God bless you Coco!
    Enjoy your special day.
    Juan, you need to make sure it is special. 🙂

  7. Summer

    Happy Birthday Gracie!!!
    21:49 ( black band) Great Job T-Cats. Thanks Arnold for making me go heavy 😉

  8. JohnnyB

    20:51 (4 rounds)
    Happy Birthday Gracie!!
    It was tough on my part being off for a month!
    Thanks Coach G!
    Missed the box & nice seeing all T-Cats peeps!!

  9. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Happy Birthday!!
    18:33 (?)
    (35 KB/KPU/2″ band)
    Thanks Tony for being my partner in this WOD, it was insane and fun all in one.

  10. Jack Rabbit

    Happy Birthday Gracie!! We need to celebrate!!

  11. josh p.

    Happy Birthday Gracie!
    Good to be back, but what a doozy this WOD was. two weeks off is like starting anew.
    19:26 (44# KB, green band).

  12. Beast (aka JA)

    Happy Bday G2! Did your nice boss give you a day-off? ;o)

  13. ingrid

    Happy Birthday Gracie
    16:40 (26#,RR,KPU)I cannot wait to do away w/ KPU.I wonder how long it’ll be before i could carry my own weight-patience is just not my virtue…looks like i have no choice.
    thanks Dianna for buddying me.It was fun.

  14. Billdozer

    18:59(RX) My vote is for less push-ups next week, more barbells. Couldn’t stay moving today, but fortunately Bitchy Eggroll was there to yell and me and supply me with water.
    Excellent power lunch today as well!
    2 more days til Team POW! destroys the team WOD. I can taste that victory beer already

  15. Pepper

    So bummed I’m missing another wod this week. Spiked a temp last night and have been in bed with sore throat, body aches. Not a good idea to infect the vamps with this. Chrissy, see you all tomorrow.
    Happy Birthday Gracie!

  16. Gina Walker

    Happy Birthday Gracie!! Miss seeing you at the box lately.
    Sorry to be missing this one today – I need the work on the push-ups & pull-ups!

  17. Billdozer

    Arnold, You can’t stop the Team POW! train, just step aside and let us go on through.

  18. ray

    happy bday gracie!
    19 and change, scaled to 4 rounds. left arm is still swollen… should let it rest a few days.
    full house at 830, great meeting all the new people

  19. RamRod

    16:06 rx
    Good to be back after 5 days away..billdozer screw pushups you are my hero. Good job everyone.

  20. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Happy bday and God bless you Coco!
    Enjoy your special day.
    Juan, you need to make sure it is special. 🙂

  21. G2

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I am lucky to have great friends! 🙂

  22. H The B

    21:17? (44)
    Thanks for keeping me going G , Billy and Silverback.

  23. Easy Rider (Robert Hammond)

    27:?? (40)
    Accidentally did 20 Pull Ups in 1st 3 rounds and 12 in the forth when G told me only 10 per. I was wondering why everyone else blew thru their pull ups so easily.
    Good to see Jen and everyone else.. good to be back.. way good.

  24. Speedy J

    15:46 (Rx) forearms fell off on my pullups, could not hold on any longer..POW!

  25. Nisha

    22:32 (26KB,Green band)
    That was a nasty arm combination…no matter what mojo I tried to come up with, I couldn’t get my chin over the dang bar on that last round…had nothing left to pull up with…
    Happy Birthday Gracie!!!!

  26. Morris "Sledge"

    As Rx’d
    Droppin the Hammer

  27. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    18:08 44kb

  28. the "Gris"

    18:19 RX. Was at it with the 5 pm crew; Way to work TC, JB, Heather and Regan. My hats off to the afternoon and evening crew. I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack (more so than my normal thinking I am going to have a heart attack) due to the heat.

  29. Julia

    17:42 (18#kb, knees, and ring rows)
    This was a very challenging WOD for me after all the pushups on Monday. I honestly quit before I started the WOD. The KB C&P and the SDHP were new moves for me and intimidated me. Sorry 6:00 crew for my bad attitude and general crabbiness. More importantly, Sorry JB. I don’t really want to hit you. I’ll give you the burpees for saying “I can’t” next week. Just put them on my tab.

  30. Abbye Mac

    15.56 (18#kb, kpu, ring rows)
    No injuries today!

  31. Jared

    22:48(rx) Wow this wod had me curling up in the fetal position whispering to myself I don’t want it. Happy birthday Gracie.

  32. G

    Welcome Megan! Great baseline and awesome gas tank! We have a another sprint swimmer in the house!
    Jacqueline’s 1st WOD was today. Also, Meg and Jacque will be joining the 830 crew (tcats). Logan, no more excuses not being able to post your results now!
    Planet of Thundera is growing…time to expand. Currently, we have 930 on Tues and Thursdays. There will be more 930 classes here soon…
    Welcome back JohnnyB! Thanks for the “pasalubong” or the island treats! They will make up my 5% non-paleo this week 🙂 Your kips look good like you never left for a month.
    Hazing siting with the 6pm crew! Abbye met CrossFit’s mascot tonight!
    Good to see Gris back in action. The heat slows you down but then you get used to it.
    Julia, never seen such fierceness come out from a small package! You actually channeled it towards completing the WOD. Well done! Yes, you have a balance of 20+ burpees in your account 🙂
    Easy Rider, it gets confusing once that clock starts. Try to set your station closer to the whiteboard next time. Being mentally acute while under stress is part of our training at CrossFit. No worries, you’ll get a hang of the WODs again very soon.
    Rest day for me. My run on Sunday was day 1.
    Thanks for the tips on MU, Billy and Juan. Got to the top with head through but didn’t tighten up to extend from the bottom of the dip. So close! Thanks for the tip again tonight Admiral. I will get this elusive muscle-up soon.

  33. G

    Pepper, hope you feel better soon and we appreciate your thoughtfulness.
    Thanks Midge…Andre’s has good salad selection…paleo and zone friendly!
    Gracie…hope you are enjoying the italian dinner.

  34. Chrissy

    Bryan-thought you were 18:01…
    22:09 (26#KB, Thin white band on pull ups)

  35. G

    Almost forgot, today was also Stephen D’s first WOD! Great job on moving with the 830 crew1

  36. Jen M.

    19:38 (30#, black band) no upper arm – bruises thanks G!
    Nice to see Easy Rider back in action.

  37. T.C.

    This one was a killer on my hands and shoulders.
    Good work everyone, Gris it was nice to work with you tonight!!!
    16.22? RX

  38. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    21:45ish (44#, black band for first 4 rounds, yellow band jumping pullups for last round)
    Thanks Chrissy for letting me have the black band, even though it felt like it may have added 3 minutes to the time. I didn’t want to ever go back to yellow after “graduating” last friday, but the pull ups literally disappeared in round three
    Also thanks to Natalie and Joey D. for managing my water and towel. And awesome to see them doing their own WOD in the midst of ours! Good form on the overhead squat (PVC) Joe. You look better than your dad.
    First time stringing three WODs in a row. Feeling good.

  39. G

    One more, if you ordered from Yonder Way Farms, please be sure to bring a cooler tomorrow morning and put it in our air conditioned section. Jason’s ETA on the delivery is 3pm tomorrow, Thursday, and he said you all will be invoiced tonight for payment via paypal.
    HeatherD is putting together our CF Centurion and SummoWrestling Event on June 12th at 6pm. Stay tuned for more…
    I will be emailing all the teams/team members tomorrow to get shirt sizes. More details to follow….

  40. Caci

    15:43 (18#KB, KPU, RR)
    Had a great time today. Surprised even myself. Nice to meet Jackie. Welcome back John, good to see you.

  41. G

    Jen M, glad to be able to help avoid bruises on your shoulders this time. That method of cleaning is the way the Kettle Clubs do them especially during the competition when they do it for max reps and time…imagine all the bruises if they did it the old way you were doing it 🙂

  42. Sheryl

    19:23 26 lbs, RR, 1/2 PU on knees – ouchy

  43. Bobo

    17:45 RX.
    ouch. Felt like i could never catch my breath, and pukie was nocking the whole time.
    Had a funny split on the whole wod. 1st round, 2 minutes. 2nd round 2 minutes. 3rd round 4 minutes. 4th round 5 minutes. 5 round, somebody please release the holy hand grenade!
    Thanks G for letting me sneak into the 5pm class.